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Childhood's End Read & Download È 4 ´ The Overlords appeared suddenly over every city intellectually technologically and militarily superior to humankind Benevolent they made few demands unify earth eliminate poverty and end war With little rebellion humankind agreed and a golden age beganBut at what cost With the advent of peace man ceases to sTo those who resist it becomes evident that the Overlords have an agenda of their own As civilization approaches the crossroads will the Overlords spell the end for humankind or the beginnin. If you're into stuff like this you can read the full reviewThe Silent Ships Childhood's End by Arthur C Clarke“No one of intelligence resents the inevitable”In “Childhood’s End” by Arthur C ClarkeOne of my favourite long novel is `Childhoods End` but commenting on it without revealing the ending is difficult That is the whole point after all but still think the early 80`s TV mini seriesseries of `V` with Jane Badler as a seriously sexy sociopathic alien think they really were benevolent and took humanity to generations of peace and prosperity Well not exactly many `generations`

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The Overlords appeared suddenly over every city intellectually technologically and militarily superior to humankind Benevolent they made few demands unify earth eliminate poverty and end war. I've done a lot of odd jobs over the years At one point back before I got my degree and I was still working to put my wife through school I worked as a delivery driver for a company that sold construction supplies 50 lb boxes of powdered Kool Aid portable generators hammers safety harnesses 2x4's circular saws It was one of those barely above minimum wage jobs generally populated by people who for whatever reason find themselves unable to get anything else and competing against a large number of similar people where the decisive advantage is often no than you show up everyday My colleagues were an interesting mix an ex door gunner on a SOCOM gunship a teenage kid dreaming of rapping his way off the street the musician whose real job was Jazz and who’d played everywhere in N’awlins a bow kneed redneck that could still remember fondly when racism was acceptable but couldn’t manage to make his hatred stick because he didn’t really believe it and the black racist ex boxer would be preacher who once told me with an apologetic smile that white people couldn’t get into heaven because they had no souls One of my colleagues was an aging chain smoking gray haired country boy missing half of his teeth and so learning disabled as to need my help with basic additionHe probably knew about literature than many of the professors I've had or at the least he was interesting to talk to and his opinions were less rote I found this out after he came in one day aglow after seeing 'Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon' He absolutely needed someone to talk about the experience with and by that time I was unable to hide the fact that I was an egghead so I was probably the only person he knew that was ualified Turns out he'd lived a rather interesting life He was fluent in Spanish and had spent his youth working construction on hotels up and down the Central and South American coasts And he'd read everything As I came to realize that this redneck knew something about books despite as best as I could tell never completing high school I started inuiring into his tastes What I found remarkable was not so much that he'd read everything I'd ever read and then some but that on those things we'd both read he shared much of the same opinion At some point in one of the conversations Arthur C Clarke came up and he said Well I liked 2001 but I really think that 'Childhood's End' is his real masterworkNot only do I agree but I lack the ability to give a better recommendationI don't recommend the works of Clarke in general and certainly not to anyone who isn’t a fan of science fiction His works even the better ones always suffer from seeming to be short stories turned into novels He also displays a strange combination of fascination with but complete incuriosity towards religion and spirituality that can probably be infuriating at times to the religious and non religious alike But this work rises above its defects and is well worth your time

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Childhood's EndWith little rebellion humankind agreed and a golden age beganBut at what cost With the advent of peace man ceases to strive for creative greatness and a malaise settles over the human race. you think you're so fucken smart don't you mark ha think again all your little plans and goals your little community of friends and family and colleagues your whole little life what does it matter in the long run not a whole fucken lot grow uptake this book for example a classic of the genre written by a classic author you thought you knew what you were getting into; you've read countless examples of the type you sure are a well read little scifi nerd aren't you for the first half maybe longer you were right a well crafted central character flavorful supporting characters intriguing aliens a spicy mystery to solve it was all laid out as expected and the pleasures were of a familiar sort when the mystery of the aliens' appearance was solved you were a wee bit surprised but it was a comfortable sort of surprise it's not like it blew your mind it was clever but everything up until then was as you expected well fucking Congratulations chump your predictions came half true you want a medal you don't get one there aren't any half medals there are some fucking spoilers that followyou weren't expecting what came after those revelations came out of the blue for you didn't they you didn't expect to be made to feel so small to get a little depressed to have your expectations pounded all to pieces it was kinda beautiful in a way kinda mind blowing but mainly it was fucken sad oh you poor baby you have your own private little dreams of widespread empathy and the future of children and the future of humanity and our future place in the world and at the most secret sentimental heart of you some corny spiritual post life higher consciousness transcending type shit you didn't expect that to be a part of the novel did you you didn't expect it to all come out be laid out on the page like a body in a morgue your body and then just get eviscerated your dreams of some sort of future beyond this present where you are still you a wistful dream that you like to think is both delicate and profound like one of those origami things you like to do what's your favorite one a pinwheel well you get to watch that pinwheel of a dream get smashed and turned inside out and torn up into bits revealed as a typically naive and childish fantasy ha so much for that grow the fuck up chump