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FREE PDF â BOOK After Always × Lydia Li’s life ended when Tristan died At least that’s how it felt Sure they had problems and he could be a littleintenseat times but he’d loved her He was the Romeo to her Juliet And now he was goneWhen her parents get her to agree to a summer across the country with a music teacher who runs an inn Lydia agrees A lot like Tristan But that’s impossible right? Then there’s Michael Malone the uiet guy who’s Tristan’s opposite in every way And Lydia can’t help but be drawn to himand whatever the house is hidi I received an ARC copy via NetGalley and Entangled Teen in exchange for an honest review This does not effect my review whatsoeverWith YA Thrillers they seem to be a hit or miss for me especially if romance is tied into it as well This book holds a strong in every department I look for in a thriller Despite a couple weak spots here and there it's a great tale of romance healing growth and contains a compelling mysteryLydia is mourning the loss of her boyfriend Tristan We listen to her tale of what her and her past relationship was through what we initially perceived as a perfect romance but in reality it was abusive and full of darkness What is initially painted by Lydia to what seemed an overly obsessive relationship on her part turns out she was a victim in the end Lydia is used to a relationship filled with fear from Tristan's physical abuse and manipulative ways while remaining devoted all because of her personal views on loveHer parents finally believe Lydia needs a change of scenery and allow her to go away for the summer to stay in a mansion Upon arriving she meets Michael who is basically the healthy compassionate opposite of what Lydia is used too Their relationship begins as co workers to friends and leads to however Lydia is not used to a healthy relationship Her self growth and healing in this story is wonderful Michael is a love I could not get enough of himThe paranormal aspects of this novel were an added bonus to this story On the sole plot foundation it read as a Contemporary novel then next thing you know you're faced with a supernatural mystery tied into it All in all all elements come together in the end to keep you on your toesI could not get enough of this book and it was beautiful to see a broken character like Lydia find the power within herself to grow and pursue forward in a healthy manner with someone else who truly feeds her soul with love and kindness

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En her parents get her to agree to a summer across the country with a music teacher who runs an inn Lydia agrees But it’s different than what she expected There’s something else there Something that feels See this review and by clicking the logo Content Warning Story has mentions of previous physical abuse and manipulation I initially came across this book on NetGalley but wasn't too sure I wanted to put this on my shelf at the time because I'm pretty much swamped at the moment but when it came up in my e mail as being part of a tour I looked further into the book and browsed some other reviews I found on Goodreads One review talked about how eerie it is and decided that since it's Spooptober I might as well get into the spirit of Halloween with a thrillerAs always let's start with Lydia She's your average girl nothing really stands out about her except for her past which is pretty much the sole focus so it's not that big of a deal Her past clearly defines her having been in the type of relationship she was in previous to going across the country She's confused and in between feeling relief and guilt after everything that has happened At first we're not sure why she's relieved but the the book goes on the information is revealed about her past and why she feels the way she does Much like anyone who has been through what she has she's extremely hesitant to confide in anyone The story itself was well written with a creepy vibe with enough details to give you a sort of chill when reading Honestly though you wouldn't have really guessed it would be paranormal by just reading the summary When I first read the summary I thought it was just a bit of mystery and thought nothing of it potentially being a thrillerparanormal book Overall I enjoyed the book and the story it had to offer I was pretty much attached to the pages but it lacked something I can't really get a grasp for what it was missing but there was just something that made it from being a full 5 stars Either way this book is a great Halloween read for anyone into the paranormal thrilling aspect of books

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After Always Lydia Li’s life ended when Tristan died At least that’s how it felt Sure they had problems and he could be a littleintenseat times but he’d loved her He was the Romeo to her Juliet And now he was goneWh I received a free e ARC through NetGalley from the publishers at Entangled Publishing LLC Trigger warnings death abuse abusive relationships domestic violence violence against women blood Spoilers will be clearly markedWhen Lydia’s boyfriend Tristan is killed in a boating accident it feels like her life is over too Their relationship was intense a Romeo and Juliet for the modern age and it doesn’t feel right to go on without him In the hopes that it will help her healing process her mother sends her to the Stonebridge Inn by the sea to mentor with a family friend and music teacher But Stonebridge has its own haunting history and there’s a painting in the sitting room of a man who looks disturbingly like Tristan There’s also a presence that feels a lot like her boyfriend as if even in death Tristan hasn’t been able to let her go Lydia is torn between past and present when she meets Michael the kind and gentle handyman who is Tristan’s opposite in every way If Lydia is able to forgive herself and move on will Tristan and Stonebridge let her or will she be another cursed chapter in the inn’s history?I’m a regular reader for Netgalley and I like to think I mix in a fair amount of small press titles in there Most of them are fine some of them are good and occasionally I come across a hidden gem In the paranormal romance genre After Always is one of those It’s been days and I’m still blown away by all the good things in this book I’ve read plenty of paranormal romance novels since I love ‘paranormal’ even if I don’t always love 'romance’ and Twilight Fallen and Hush Hush could learn a thing or two from this book I’m going to be upset if it never comes out in paperback because I need one for my library The Kindle version just isn’t going to do it this time Also that cover is so gorgeousThe writing is lovely and atmospheric and that alone will have me searching out of Hancock’s work in the future The setting at the Stonebridge Inn is haunting twisted and darkly beautiful and the presences of the ocean and the inn’s troubled past linger over every page It’s a top uality ghost story which is a surprise because paranormal romance so often focuses heavily on the romance side and lets things like world building or atmosphere slip to the wayside This book has a heavy dose of both and I was continually creeped out by the ways the dead make themselves known From ghostly fingers writing Shakespeare in the sand to Lydia playing her violin until her fingers bleed it’s clear that the world at Stonebridge is slightly off kilter and has been for some timeLydia is smart talented and sympathetic and her character development is top notch Her grieving process is lengthy and real and watching her transition from the girl who is never going to forgive herself and move on to one that is cautiously hopeful about a new life and a new romance is one of the major threads of the novel Her relationship with Tristan is complicated than she lets on at the beginning and the ghosts are inside as well as out More after the spoilers mark The slow burn romance with Michael is also well done Their progress is slow and never feels forced and there’s so much emphasis on how Michael never pushes her or tries to fix her He waits for her to move within her comfort zone and he accepts her as she is This kind of patient gentle and boundary respecting love interest is exactly the kind of hero fiction could use of Just kidding Lydia is totally her own hero There’s also a great female friendship with Hannah a psychic who helps Lydia navigate the paranormal happenings at StonebridgeThe pacing of the novel is spot on and the suspense slowly ramps up as the hauntings gain power There’s an utterly creepy backstory about the inn’s original owner Alexander Jericho and his wife that disturbingly mirrors Lydia’s relationship with Tristan The one major downfall of the book is that Jericho was a Vodou practioner and obviously evil While the book takes care to mention that Vodou itself is no evil than any religion it’s also perpetuating the stereotype at the same time by including it Personally I thought Hancock was doing just fine building the rules of her paranormal world without ever calling it by name The end scenes are tense and satisfying and I’ll definitely be reading it again in the future If you’re a fan of the genre I highly recommend itSPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS TURN BACK BEFORE IT’S TOO LATEIt’s a slow realization that Lydia and Tristan’s relationship wasn’t “intense”; it was abusive and Lydia’s grief is mixed with as much shame and relief as it is sadness Watching her forgive herself for not ending the relationship sooner is nearly as harrowing as watching her be haunted Personally I think it’s an excellent portrayal of the process a teenage girl in an abusive relationship might go through and I feel like Hancock handles it with the necessary sensitivity and ultimate hope Lydia knows she should have asked for help but she also learns that she can’t linger on her mistakes forever I like to think girls who find themselves in similar situations could learn from her courage and her recovery It’s not an issue that crops up often in YA fictionI review regularly at brightbeautifulthingstumblrcom