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A Marriage Made in Scandal Rescued from Ruin #8Ut fearful Danger This match may be combustible After a series of vicious murders brings suspicion to Holstoke’s door Eugenia risks everything to be his alibi The only rational remedy is to marry the minx before she generates another scandal Yet the dangers don’t end at the altar A poisonous enemy coils ever closer threatening the woman who awakens his soul How far will he go to protect her That may be the greatest danger of all. 355 Lady Eugenia Huxley is a touchy feely sort of girl and not one to suppress her impulses which is how she got herself caught up in a scandal a few years ago while indulging her curiosity with a handsome footman Phineas Brand the Earl of Holstoke on the other hand is a proper sort a serious and studious man who generally prefers plants and botanical studies to people except for the time 6 years ago when he was courting Genie's older sister who ended up choosing another man Holstoke had a horrific time growing up his mother not only lacked maternal affection but had a diabolically evil mind using her botanical knowledge to poison numerous people in her path including his own father He has had to fight for trust and respect among his peers after it became open knowledge that his mother was a mass murderer Running into Genie was not part of his plans to avoid further scandal She has not toned down her behaviour one bit since the infamous episode with the footman despite her exile from polite society She is still too opinionated too bold and too free and indiscriminate with her touches Genie in turn enjoys her current freedom too much knowing that her scandalous past has removed all expectations for her to secure a match She certainly has no interest in marrying a man who pursued her sister previously However after providing an alibi for Holstoke to protect him from suspicion of recent copy cat murders in the style of his mother they have no choice but to wed to avoid further aspersions on both their names The writing is good as expected from EB with some amusing dialogue and one liners Genie really needed to keep her hands to herself It was unseemly for any female in those days let alone the daughter of an earl to be so tactile with random men around her Even if her intentions were innocent they could at worst be misconstrued and at best cause awkwardness for the man in uestion I like Phineas I totally get his jealousy given Genie's propensity to gravitate towards male staff members and his tactical reorganisation of his staff to counteract this was uite sweet Her apprenticeship in a milliner shop was a bit of a stretch The crime subplot was also a tad over the top but it was all solid entertainment I guess the next story will be about his sister Hannah and Hawthorn the Bow Street runner

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FREE DOWNLOAD A Marriage Made in Scandal (Rescued from Ruin, #8) î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Wanted A countess for the most feared lord in London With a family legacy tainted by murder and madness Phineas Brand the Earl of Holstoke is having a devil of a time securing a proper wife—oWanted A countess for the most feared lord in London With a family legacy tainted by murder and madness Phineas Brand the Earl of Holstoke is having a devil of a time securing a proper wife or even an improper one Society misses faint at the sight of him Matchmaking mamas scurry to avoid him Only one woman is bold enough to keep drawing near and she’s scandalous than he is Caution A lady’s brazen ways may lead to ruin Lady Eugen. 35 stars rounded up05 stars off for the hideous cover1 star off for the simplistic character interaction the writing is fine There are moments of wit esp with the start of each chapter But the interactions between the MCs are just too stilted at times What with the metaphor of the blackness and the rational man and how they are one and the same and Genie's attempt to get Phineas to see this that whole scene was weird and stilted AbnormalThere's also the metaphor of the griffin that wrestles with the snake and that mates for life and let's not forget the pet name Briaretc How many metaphors do we needOh the icy winter of the wicked mother's beauty How the frost will bring death etcOn and on like the author can't write a paragraph without some kind of metaphor I really hate the overuse of stylistic devices Makes me think the writing can't stand on its ownThis made me skip and skim which I hate to do when I paid for a bookI am kind of intrigued by the last book with Hawthorne and Hannah a wolf in disguise yet another metaphor 😒But I don't know if I'll read it

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Ia Huxley knows all about running aground in the marriage mart thanks to a scandal involving a footman and too much drink No matter She’ll gladly pursue millinery over matrimony But when her sister’s spurned suitor returns to London in search of a wife she can’t resist offering him a bit of courtship advice even if the chilly brilliant honorable Lord Holstoke does give her shivers heated head to toe shivers that are anything b. Phineas Brand the Earl of Holstoke and Lady Eugenia Genie Huxley met 6 years ago when Phineas was courting her sister Maureen When Maureen turned him down and the awful truth about his mother came out Phineas took his half sister Hannah and retired to his estate But now he is back and looking for a wife They reunite when Phineas comes into the shop that Genie is working in Genie created a huge scandal a couple of years ago when she was found in a compromising situation with a footman at ball She has spent the last two years in the country and has decided that she will learn to be a milliner so she doesn't have to be a burden to her family Phineas is surprised to see her in the shop and is upset that she is working but Genie ignores his outrage and can't help but tease him a bit The interchange is brief but it costs Genie her positionThey meet again later when he comes to her house to speak to her father about her work and finds her upset and intent on tracking down a co worker who was dismissed because of her Phineas is bewildered by her he is a man who has spent a lifetime repressing his darkness and yet Eugenia seems to be a magnet for the darkness He doesn't understand it and certainly doesn't like itWhen a series of murders similar to those committed by his mother happen Phineas becomes the prime suspect He is upset by the murders and wants to help find the true culprit but Genie with her sweet impulsive heart tries to help and ends up married to PhineasGenie is not the wife Phineas wanted she makes him a slave to the darkness and that will not do he tries to control it but ends up hurting Genie with careless words Genie is a bit of a Pollyanna she is not easily defeated nor does she wallow in self pity she is falling in love with Phineas but believes he is still in love with Maureen a belief that is amplified when finally reach his castle But she is determined to make the best of things and will make him forget Maureen She seems to be succeeding until a misunderstanding between them escalates and the murderer pays a call too close to homeThis was such a gripping story it is well written and fast paced has a very good mystery steamy love scenes delightful characters some laugh out loud moments some sweet tender moments a few terrifying situations a few twists some revelations a lot of hats and finally a very sweet and touching ending I loved this book and would happily recommend it I do think this book could be read as a stand alone but for the best reading experience I would highly recommend reading Book 7 Confessions of a Dangerous Lord and Book 8 Anything but a Gentleman before embarking on this story