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Wild Flowers (Triple Diamond, #2) review ï eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ When it comes to the two very tempting search and rescue survivalists Lily Hollis is all about getting in touch with natureFive years have passed since her fiancé’s death and Lily Hollis has had enough She’s done with the self pity and the guilt Appeal to them It’s a shame Lily’s fool heart can’t seem to get the idea because the time she spends with the two men the she finds herself caring that is until one damning uestion could bring everything to a crashing haltLily knows deep down that there’s to whatever’s between them but the uestion is can she ever get Dec and Micah to believe it and what might the future hold if they doReader advisory This book contains scenes of anal sex and double penetrationGeneral Release Date 4th September 2018. An excellent next installment in this menage suite Lily's story is endearing and courageous plus the bit of adventure with Dec and Micah only enhance this MFM love story and is sure to have you on the edge of your seat Gemma's books always make me want to move to these vivid locations with these succulent dudes This one is no different A uick punchy read that delivers on so many levels

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E form of the very sexy very dangerous Dec McCormick and Micah Ellison two search and rescue specialists who run a survival camp near her sister’s ranch When they suggest she stay with them to complete her fieldwork Lily is shocked to find herself agreeing After all she hasn’t wanted a man in a very long time and now she finds herself wanting twoWhich iscomplicated Because while some of the folks in Wolf Creek don’t mind unorthodox relationships Dec and Micah are clear from the start that it doesn’t. While this is book two in the Triple Diamond I read it as a standalone title and never felt lost That said I saw just enough hints at the contents of the first book that I am putting it on my want to read list on Goodreads and that I understood how Maddy and hence Lily got to this point in their livesLily Hollis’s lover died five years ago and she has been trapped by grief and sorrow But on the fifth anniversary of Daniel’s death she makes the decision to return to her master’s program and finish her research Her sister Maddy has a ranch in Montana and it’s the perfect location to do research on how different conditions affect tansy to make it either helpful or toxicDec and Micah are best friends and a search and rescue team They share a cabin on the border of the Triple Diamond land where they train search and rescue dogs and train people to have those SR skills There’s also a ton of tansy growing all over their property So they invite Lily to come stay with them to be closer to her researchThere is instant chemistry between Lily and Dec and Lily and Micah But can she choose Does she want toWhen Lily confesses that she’s attracted to both of them they decide to try her dating both of themSnow does a good job of setting up the story–why would Lily ever even consider dating two guys what about her draws both men and why is she there The reader also understands the limitations and stakes–with Lily’s two week research window why make her decideLily is a well developed three dimensional character It’s disappointing that the men aren’t as well fleshed out–there are tantalizing hints at their pasts but while I have some idea of how Dec came to be who he is I know almost nothing about Micah However all three character’s voices are distinct so I never lost track of whose point of view we were in The dialog is well done I’ve never been to Montana but Snow paints a picture that makes me wish I had beenThe climax of the story pun intented is satisfying and believable within the constraints of the world that Snow has createdIf you like mmf stories this is a satisfying one As a heads up though it’s not a triad where the men interact and there’s a bit of mild homophobia from the men when setting up the ground rules

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Wild Flowers Triple Diamond #2When it comes to the two very tempting search and rescue survivalists Lily Hollis is all about getting in touch with natureFive years have passed since her fiancé’s death and Lily Hollis has had enough She’s done with the self pity and the guilt and putting the brakes on her own life She’s going to visit her sister Madison in Wolf Creek Montana and she’s going to finish her master’s research finally graduating like she never did all those years agoBut Wolf Creek holds temptation specifically in th. Wild Flowers Triple Diamond #2 by Gemma Snow5 starsMFM RomanceI was given this book for an honest review by Wicked ReadsI really enjoyed Lily She was stronger than she believed but realized that she could finish her degree and be satisfied I like that she was spunky with her sister but a calming influence on Dec and MicahFor the men they each had their own baggage but when they met Lily both realized that they could have deserved Their chemistry is off the charts and their interactions are sexy without being gaudy I can't wait to see who gets the next book