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Nevertheless She Persisted kindle ´ eBook 9781788450256 ´ mbjuk Õ Clara and Nancy two sisters working in Holloway Prison in 1913 find themselves face to face with imprisoned suffragettes women fighting for the same freedoms they want for themselves Soon Nancy is drawn to one inmate in particular the enigClara and Nancy two sisters working in Holloway Prison in 1913 find themselves face to face with imprisoned suffragettes women fighting for the same freedoms they want for themselves Soon Nanc Nevertheless She Persisted by Jon Walter is a uick interesting look into the lives of two uite ordinary yet very different womenIts publication is uite timely as 2018 marks the centenary of some women in Ireland and Britain getting the right to vote It took until 1928 for women to get eual voting rights to men in Britain and Northern Ireland while women in the Republic of Ireland acuired full suffrage in 1922In this novel we follow Clara a prison warden who deals with jailed suffragettes every day in work who claims to disagree with what they stand for yet who wants to continue working and earning her own money on her own terms without having to give everything up for marriageOn the other hand we have Clara's younger sister Nancy who is by nature uite timid and shy yet decides on a whim to join the cause for women's rightsPersonally I much preferred reading Nancy's chapters to Clara's I found her growth and enlightenment away from her father's home to be a most wondrous thing I found Clara to be uite selfish She was happy to reap the benefits of the suffrage movement without pledging her support With Clara it wasn't a case of Deeds Not Words it was a case of neither deeds nor words as she refused to even commit verbally to the causeWhile I did feel that the writing lacked the passion of the women of the time I actually really enjoyed this book and I'm incredibly thankful to Carolyn at dfbstoryhouse who suggested I read it and who provided me with this beautiful ARC

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Y is drawn to one inmate in particular the enigmatic `Duchess' and decides to follow her into the fight But Clara is torn by the very laws her sister has chosen to try to change She's fallen i Deeds not Words is the rally cry of the suffragette movement and in 1914 two sisters put this motto to the test as they each become caught up in the organisation in very diverse ways One will take the idea of deeds not words very much to heart whilst the other although wanting her independence is not persuaded to join the causeClara and Nancy are two very different young women and yet they are bound by the secrets they share about growing up in a small terraced house in London The young women are disadvantaged by the constraints that society and their upbringing have placed on them and both Clara and Nancy have some difficult choices to make before they can become comfortable with the hand that fate has dealt themSet partly in the all female prison of Holloway where those suffragettes who have been imprisoned for their beliefs are force fed doesn't make for comfortable reading and yet the author has made the situation very plausible without ever over sensationalising the disassociation of the prison warders as they go about the grim task of keeping the women alive Nevertheless She Persisted brings this momentous period alive in a very readable way and the author has created in Clara and Nancy two very different personalities and yet both are totally believable I enjoyed watching as their characters progressed throughout the story particularly Nancy whose early start in the novel belied her later strength I read the story uickly not because it's light on content far from it it’s all very interesting I found the parts of the story about the suffragettes very enlightening and enjoyed seeing how Clara’s and Nancy’s story played out within the wider scope of the novel The ending I felt almost lends itself to a continuation and I would love to know what happens next for both of these young women as they live with the choices they have made particularly as the country is fast approaching the onset of the First World War

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Nevertheless She Persisted N love and yet marriage would mean giving up the job she loves and losing her independence forever How can she possibly choose between the two sides of her heart and not lose a part of herself Click here to watch The Gin Book Club's video review