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I Had Such Friends Read Õ 0 ¾ When Charlie Parker dies it affects everyone who knew him Everyone that is except for seventeen year old Hamish Day the boy who lives on a cabbage farm and only has one friend But Hamish soon finds himself pulled into the complicated lives of the people left behind Among them is Annie Bower the prettiest girl in school As hF and the tragic power of silence are forever alteredMeg’s own teaching experience has enabled her to delve deeper into the true nature of a universal high school experience I Had Such Friends will speak to high school studentsteenagers on a personal level and foster important conversations among Australian youth school and family culture on issues including abuse failure and neglectWith hard hitting the. This one is right up there for me It is the kind of voice I love and I'd personally call this a cross over novel one that works for adults and YA It is set in a small Australian town where people play footy surf and the culture of bloke is at it's peak It is tough to stand out in this place You fit or you don't If you don't you'll be picked on and persecuted and made to pay Hamish is a poor skinny kid who has nothing cool about him The story takes place over Hamish's last year of high school His only friend Martin whom he really doesn't like but you've got to talk to someone is even hideously uncool Hamish has been stuck with him by default even though he can't stand him At the start we are told that Charlie one of the schools most popular guys has been killed in a car crash which also involved the utterly gorgeous Annie the school sweetheart most beautiful creature who ever walked the earth Annie has survived and emerged sad and lonely Hamish has worshiped her from afar but always known that he has no chance with her She and Charlie are the school elite but now Charlie is dead and everything is different Change is on the way one day Peter the school bad kid gives Hamish a ride home from school and everything starts to happen Peter and Hamish become the kind of friends who don't talk about anything but spend time together and gradually gradually they begin to build a relationship At the same time Hamish and Annie are becoming girlfriend and boyfriend and Hamish has gone from untouchable to being in demand But all is not what it seemsThis book is about relationships attitudes sexual tension and racism You have so much in here I loved Peter I loved him so much than Hamish and what happens to him is horrific I loved so much about this book but I admit that it isn't perfect There are some problems with the writing in places And I really had a problem with Annie she seems to be almost unnecessary to the story other than a bit player I loved the relationship with Hamish and his parents and could totally see that playing out I thought the sex was really well written too There are problems but overall I thoroughly loved the story and the way that the scenes felt so realistic I loved Hamish struggling to keep up with Peter at the beach with the way he pondered lying to his parentsI'd love to see this book in lots of small town libraries it is shocking and I think uite realistic in the way the casual homophobia is visited upon teenagers It is certainly not a hopeful book The actions of the teenagers and their rage against Peter and Hamish is horrific to read It makes you understand why country Australians race to the big cities to reinvent themselves as gay people I know this happens in every country I read this at the time that I watched Hannah Gadsby and her Nannette show and possibly that is why is resonated so strongly with me I'm going to be buying and recommending this book Possibly with a tighter review than this as I've got a bit statementy here If you are a fan of Jasper Jones and books by Scot Gardner then this book is going to work for youThanks to Netgalley for access to this book

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Mes including unreuited love abuse neglect sexuality bullying prejudice death and suicide I Had Such Friends is a poignant journey of self discovery grief and the tragic power of silence A gripping look at adolescent pain with a narrative maturity that accurately reflects its YA milieu I Had Such Friends resonates with young adult audiences and pushes them to reflect on their own ‘sliding doors’ moment. ‘It was scary having someone know the things that made you vulnerable’This YA novel is set in a small town somewhere in rural Australia where Hamish Day lives with his parents on a struggling cabbage farm Hamish Day is seventeen years old when Charlie Parker dies Unlike Hamish who only has one friend Charlie was popular Charlie’s girlfriend Annie Bower is the prettiest girl in the school Hamish and his friend Martin Archer are on the periphery bullied and ridiculed surviving But things change for Hamish after Charlie Parker dies Peter Bridges school rebel becomes friendly with him as does Annie Bower To write about the plot may reduce the impact of the story on those yet to read it Be warned there are a number of confronting issues here including abuse grief suicide and grappling with sexual identity The story unfolds in the self conscious and occasionally awkward voice of Hamish and it took me a little while to get into the rhythm of the narrative But the further I read the realistic Hamish’s voice became for me I was returned at times to my own teenage years to my own recognition of many of these issues I was reminded of how painful the journey of self discovery can be of how our teenaged sense of self is influenced and develops Hamish has a lot to learn and much of that learning will be painful for him Can we ever make the transition through adolescence to adulthood less fraught less painful I found much of this novel sad but not without hope I wonder how the young adults reading it feel Note My thanks to NetGalley and Pantera Press for providing me with a free electronic copy of this book for review purposesJennifer Cameron Smith

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I Had Such FriendsWhen Charlie Parker dies it affects everyone who knew him Everyone that is except for seventeen year old Hamish Day the boy who lives on a cabbage farm and only has one friend But Hamish soon finds himself pulled into the complicated lives of the people left behind Among them is Annie Bower the prettiest girl in school As he uncovers startling truths about his peers his perspectives on friendship love grie. Content warnings include grief physical abuse sexual abuse neglect homophobia alcoholism discussion about prior drug use bullying accidental death and suicide including method used Charlie Parker who was loved by everyone including his teachers has died The entire school has been deeply affected by his death at the beginning of Year 12 Well everyone except Hamish and his only friend Martin Hamish hasn’t been the same since a tragedy in his own family years ago and he thinks he knows what Annie Charlie’s girlfriend and the prettiest girl in school is going through Back then I thought I was invincible Back then I didn’t realise children could die It’s a hard book to review for a couple of reasons Most of the time I didn’t even like the main character particularly when he kept ditching his only friend because someone popular was suddenly paying attention to him I also spent most of the book wondering why a specific character suddenly wanted to spend time with Hamish when they were polar opposites in most respects This is explained towards the end but although I liked the other character I didn’t really take to their unusual friendship I had guessed a big reveal early on so I didn’t feel the impact of that when it happened Some conversations work better in dark rooms where faces are hidden by the uiet At times it felt like I was playing YA Social Issue Bingo while reading this book look at length of my content warnings list if you don’t believe me but at the same time it was realistic because many high school kids really do have to deal with all of these issues and I appreciated that this book highlights the fact that you really don’t know what is going on in other peoples’ lives Behind the smile of the prettiest girl in school there could be a world of pain Beneath the bravado of the star football player there may be secret shame I wish that these kids had been given help for their problems or at least been able to tell a trusted adult instead of another kid who didn’t know what to do to help I loved that not only does the author live in the same county as me but we even live in the same state For those of you living in America you will probably never understand how wonderful it feels to actually find your local area represented in a book when it happens so infreuently Whenever I find a book by a local author I always relish all of the minor detailsIn this book the distance between places was measured in kilometres and the temperature was in celsius so I didn’t have to convert any numbers in my head as I was reading A character ate Vegemite on toast for breakfast I love Vegemite The beat up car one of the characters drives I drive one of those The tar melting on the road and sticking to the bottom of your shoes Welcome to summer in Australia Once Upon a Nitpick In chapter 15 Hamish and another character go to the beach It’s specifically noted that the other character leaves his football in the car and Hamish has a little internal monologue about why this is the case but on the next page Hamish takes a photo of the other person with the football on the beach Howev