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Broken Promises Past Imperfect Mystery Book 1Her new life begins to unravel as she is named a prime suspect Now left with few clues and a past not willing to let her go Julia works to solve the mystery and the murder Infidelity through time and a curse that only she can break once she figures out h. ‘the mystery around an unexpected package always brought out childish curiosity’Minnesota author Anne Willow lives in the locale of her debut book – the north shore of Lake Superior near the story’s Grand Marais Anne takes advantage of her knowledge of the area in painting a picturesue small town that serves as point of reverie and a site for murderThe uality of the prose is nostalgic even in the opening lines ‘Julia tapped ‘Save’ closing her spreadsheet with a satisfied smile Leaning back in the well worn floral patterned desk chair her sapphire blue eyes fell on the silver frame to her right Collecting it she sighed “Well we did it Aunt Sadie Two months and the shop is still going strong” Her finger traced the older woman’s face in the picture Julia shared the same copper hair as her favorite aunt though without the silvery gray streaks Kissing the picture with a fingertip Julia returned the frame to the desk “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you Though I’d rather have you” Beyond hair and eye color Julia also shared her aunt’s love of the past When Julia was just a young girl she would venture off with her aunt to auctions and estate sales looking for bits of treasure Sadie didn’t have the antiue shop then but she enjoyed connecting with the past through items they found With each fin Sadie made up a story bringing the objects’ mysterious past to life’There are seeds of the mystery that forms this fine book in the opening lines but that comes gradually and is well presented A tale of a young lady in a new setting who nurtures her artistic preferences runs the Past Imperfect antiue shop and comes across an antiue letter opener that later is found in the chest of townsman The mystery of the letter opener and the murder serve as the plot of this novel and in Anne’s sure hands it is well revealedFor a debut novel this is a strong work Yes there is room for growth and polish but the moods and character building are in fine hands – suggesting that Anne Willow has a solid future in writing And since this is titled Book 1 there appears to be the possibility of a series Worth reading on a winter evening and worth watching a young artist’s growth

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Erfect Everything is just starting to go right when a mysterious package arrives bearing an antiue letter opener arrives Julia's natural curiosity is piued but before she can untangle the mystery it's found embedded in Tom Peterson's chest The tapestry of. I found this to be a fun light read and a good start to a new series I really enjoyed our main character Julia  She seemed very well rounded complex and even grew a bit of a spine in this book which is good because while I myself am not the greatest at standing up for myself I like the heroines in the books I read to be strongWhile she did take some risks in this book they were thought out and not just off the cuff who cares about the risk moments Also a good thing because I really hate heroes or heroines who are too stupid to live and are reckless with their sleuthingThe setting seemed nice I will admit to being slightly confused at first I missed the little detail that we were in Minnesota Michigan where I live also has a Grand Marais and it's also on the shore of Lake Superior However it's nowhere near Thunder Bay like the one in Minnesota so when I read that people were passing through on their way to Thunder Bay I knew I'd missed something I like the town and the store For the most part I was able to imagine the settings A tiny bit detail would've been nice but I'd rather an author err on the side of too little detail rather than too muchThe plot line was well written and moved along at a decent pace I did have some idea of the villain fairly early in the book but the rest of the story kept me intrigued so it didn't really spoil it to know so earlyAll in all it was a fun read and I'd recommend it to cozy mystery lovers I'm looking forward to the next one in the series

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Read Broken Promises (Past Imperfect Mystery Book 1) ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Julia needed a new start The unexpected death of her favorite aunt sends Julia to the artist town of Grand Marais There she starts to weave tattered threads into a new tapestry while rediscovering her love oJulia needed a new start The unexpected death of her favorite aunt sends Julia to the artist town of Grand Marais There she starts to weave tattered threads into a new tapestry while rediscovering her love of sketching and running the antiue shop Past Imp. I really loved reading this cozy mystery Not only could I relate to Julia at times I felt like she was me I was engrossed in the story from the beginning and I really loved the setting and the overall vibe The antiue shop the small town by the lakeit sets a great scene and I can imagine that it's what the town is really like I look forward to reading from Anne Willow and can't wait for book 2