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Download Incognito kindle Û 445 pages ¿ A new adult STANDALONE college romance from USA Today bestselling author Siobhan DavisA troubled popstar forced into hiding A sweet small town girl overcoming tragedy And the kind of love that only happens once in a lifetimeDakota’s dreams of attending Juilliard were shattered the night tragedy strA new adult STANDALONE college romance from USA Today bestselling author Siobhan DavisA troubled popstar forced into hiding A sweet small town girl overcoming tragedy And the kind of love that only happens once in a lifetimeDakota’s dreams of attending Juilliard were shattered the night tragedy struck her family It’s one year later and she’s now enrolled at a local university trying to piece her life back togetherShawn is one of the world’s most famous I really enjoyed reading Incognito by Siobhan Davis It wasn’t your basic rock star romance or your basic college romance It suished the two together in a blender and made a wonderful mix of sweet sexy suspenseful and had a really good twist at the end that totally bamboozled meThere were some wonderful characters Dakota’s circle of friends so different yet so caring and fun and the wonderful head of security Devin and his delightful family There were some tense moments and some moments when I cussed out the male protagonist but admittedly I have a soft spot for him There were a healthy dose of people that if this were a pantomime we would hiss every time they got on stageI really did love the ending of Incognito and felt like I’d been taken on a fabulous ride All in all this was a solidly paced interesting tense at times romantic journeyThanks to Siobhan Davis and Social Butterfly PR for granting me an ARC copy of Incognito This is my honest review

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Faces having lived under a spotlight since his star exploded when he was fourteen Now jaded by an industry forcing him to perform music he no longer enjoys he craves normalcy and the opportunity to rediscover his muse When a crazy stalker gets too close and death threats start mounting Shawn’s management team comes up with a plan one which will allow him to work on his latest album while staying incognito on a college campusRomance is the last thing on Dako Love conuers all pain from the past misguided lies of omission and an ever present danger lurking deep in the shadows INCOGNITO by Siobhan Davis the slow building romantic tale of a rockstar in hiding who has no time for love and a beautiful college student who gave up her dreams after a family tragedy that continues to haunt herPrepare for that romantic meltdown as one very hot very masculine rockstar finds he cannot resist the beautiful small town woman who has no idea who he is but is definitely that “soulmate” he never knew he was looking forShawn craves normalcy to be liked for himself not his fame He also wants to stay alive as he is stalked by thugs and threats of death Why not hide away on a college campus?Dakota has no interest in romance she is faced with giving up her dreams of dancing to fill the shoes of her sister’s ghost But every night she lives her dreamsHold on to your heartstrings because this one is pure romantic bliss with a touch of danger some definite suspense and a true test of what real love is through the good the bad and the ugly Siobhan Davis whipped up a delightful cast with a few twists to spice things up The result? A love story that will be challenged by human flaws human fears and human frailties High on romantic moments and low on angst I’m not sure Cupid could have told a better story than Siobhan DavisI received a complimentary ARC edition from Siobhan DavisPublication Date June 30 2018Publisher Siobhan DavisGenre New Adult Romantic SuspenseAvailable from For Reviews Giveaways Fabulous Book News follow

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Incognito Ta’s mind but after she crosses paths with a hot prickly cutie with rock hard abs and smoldering good looks she can’t shake him from her thoughtsShawn can’t afford to bring any girl into his fucked up life but the gorgeous blonde with the sad blue eyes captivates him in a way no girl ever has and he finds himself falling hard and fast But outside forces are conspiring against them When danger draws closer and secrets are revealed will their love survive? Since my first Siobhan Davis read she has been an author I will dive into the moment I get her next release on my Kindle In other words I’m a big fan Incognito screamed out to me than the average Siobhan Davis read though as rock star romances are some of my favourites In fact they’re probably my biggest weakness Unfortunately I was moving house when this came through to my Kindle I had wanted to dive straight into Incognito the first moment I could yet I had to hold off until I was able to update my Kindle and was done with moving things around It was a painful wait especially when I could see other people were reading and enjoying this one but it was worth the waitYou see once I started reading Incognito it uickly became another Siobhan Davis read that I had to complete in a single sitting Once I started I could not put it down The story sucked me in and left me wanting leaving me turning pages at a rapid pace as I ignored the world around meAll in all Siobhan Davis has given us another winnerIf I’m being completely honest of her first two books that are complete standalones I loved Incognito so much Sure Inseparable was an enjoyable read – yet it pales in comparison to Incognito This may just be personal preference because Incognito is in line with the storylines I like but I’m fairly certain a lot of people are going to agree that Incognito is an even powerful standalone than Inseparable Whilst I’m on the topic of Inseparable before I go deep into this fan girl review know you get a bit of cross over with this one Did you want to know what happened to the Inseparable characters a few years down the line did you want to know what comes next? Well the characters appear in this one You do not need to have read Inseparable to understand their role in this story but it is a nice little insight for those who wanted to see the ‘what came next’ Now onto the good stuffAs I’ve mentioned repeatedly I’m a big lover of rock star romances Mix a rock star romance with one of my favourite authors and I had extremely high expectations for this one Fortunately it than delivered Whether you’re a Siobhan Davis fan or a rock star romance fan I’m positive this story will grab you tight and refuse to let goYou see although I adore rock star romances I sometimes feel as though we’re not given anything new With Incognito we take a step back from the norm in the genre Sure we see some of the usual rock star romance tropes but Siobhan Davis brings her own spin to the story We have the usual abundance of emotion that you find in a Siobhan Davis read we have scenes that are in line with your typical college romance rather than your typical rock star romance and we have an overall refreshing storyThings are a little bit on the insta love side of things if I’m honest and it did take me a few chapters to fall completely in love with the romance building between our leads but once the story was going I was addicted I feel in love with our characters and the drama that surrounded their lives I feel in love with all the different emotions that came to light as we learned about the different situations and I feel in love with all the different events that played out There was plenty of everything to keep you hooked – drama some humour emotion action and plenty of the wonderful romance Siobhan Davis is known forIn fact I’m willing to put this down as one of my favourite rock star romances It really stood out as something different ensuring it will remain with me for uite some time Having read so many rock star romances and having some long term favourites it is hard for any new book in the genre to knock my number one spot down to second place but Incognito certainly earns a spot in my top ten Actually it earns a spot in my top fiveWithout a doubt Siobhan Davis has done it again I could wax lyrical all day long about how wonderful this story is or at the very least I could try but I’m dubious about my ability to sound like anything other than a mess of a fangirl but whatever I say will pale in comparison to the feels you will get throughout IncognitoAs I said if you’re a fan of Siobhan Davis or rock star romances you need to read Incognito