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PDF Ü BOOK Memory Walker Å MBJUK ↠ Imagine having the power to view someone's past at the brief touch of their skinHigh school rumors are the worst In fact high school’s the worst At least as the school freak that avoids human contact Freshman year seventeen year old Thea Scott developed the suckiest burden ever At the brief touch ofImagine having the power to view someone's past at the brief touch of their skinHigh school rumors are the worst In fact high school’s the worst At least as the school freak that avoids human contact Freshman year seventeen year old Thea Scott developed the suckiest burden ever At the brief touch of a person’s skin she’s forced to walk in their memories She’d give anything to get rid of Thea is different She used to be popular and have boyfriends Now she can't stand to be touched by anyone She doesn't want to know their secrets and that's what happens if someone gets too close Cole is the new boy at school He is the first boy Thea has an interest in since she gained her ability When she touches him she doesn't see his memories Thea wants to learn and needs to know fast Thea lost her family and lives with her Aunt The doctors have already tested her condition but now she just wants to be left alone Cole is about to open doors to new possibilities Memory Walker is a mystery book which starts to unravel by about 20% but I feel I shouldn't give anything away I've read similar themed books and they seem to be a popular choice at the moment This one is full of twists and turns Thea has a secret she doesn't remember There will be dangers and redemption This book will leave you wanting An interesting read with some creative ideas The romance was ok in this book however I'm hoping it will heat up in the next instalment 35 stars out of 5 It has potential but the next book will make or break this story I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review as part of the YA bound book tour my date 20th June 2018

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This ability one she can’t control Well until the first day of senior year when breathtakingly gorgeous Cole Conway strolls through the auditorium doors and she faints making an utter fool of herself again He acts like he knows her secret and the last thing she wants is to end up in a lab with her brain in a jar To protect herself she decides to do the very thing she runs from use her ability 25 starsThe underlying premise for MEMORY WALKER was so uniue and interesting I loved the concept of the Inflexaen and their abilities and that they have been hiding here on Earth among us It was also smart for Carly Marino to have limited the types of powers the Inflexaen possess to just four or things could have become far too confusing And providing limitations gaving them a weakness that prevents them simply taking over was a very wise callOverall this was a very strong debut effort The writing was solid and mostly clean It could use one proofreading pass to pick up the few typos primarily in the second half of the book but the pacing and tension were both spot onThings fell apart for me a little with the characters Outside of the main character Thea there was not a lot of character development Most of the characters were fairly one dimensional However they were starting to grow and we were learning about them as MEMORY WALKER progressed so I think that Cole Logan and Nora will be fleshed out further in book 2 Possibly even Thea's friends Ethan and Wynter However the villains seem to remain one dimensional stereotypesMy biggest problem with MEMORY WALKER was the heroine Thea Scott was one of the most vapid vacillating vacuous MC's it has been my misfortune to read She rarely thought things through was prone to knee jerk reactions to everything refused to ask uestions to try to learn about the new world she was thrust into refused to train her abilities refused to do anything but angst and wallow and constantly long to be normal Which apparently meant nothing than being a HS senior going to dances getting a boyfriend and being able to touch and kiss him and others without being sucked into their memories And that dream that wish did not grow at ALL as she learned about who she was NopeHonestly Thea made the entire book unbelievably frustrating for me Which is a real shame because I loved the worldbuilding and the premise And even the fundamental point of the entire romance that all Inflexaens have a Yuenfan a soulmate was not problematic Yes that means insta love But all of the tribulations Thea and Cole must overcome and still need to overcome mean that the insta love had no impact than to tell them who their soulmate was It will take the entire series for their relationship to develop I expect So I was okay with a trope that normally drives me crazyNow if I could only give the MC a personality transplant

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Memory Walker Inflexaen #1 To enter his memoriesWhat she didn’t expect to find out of this world beings who have to “borrow” life essence from humans to survive Cole unveils dangers she never imagined existed and turns out her own past is her greatest fear The deeper she falls the turmoil and heartbreak crash into her Dreams of fitting in soon dissolve and she realizes it was way easier just being a high school frea I normally read romance books and when I found the blurb for this one I jumped up and down and asked to be able to read an early copy Despite it being a YA book not my usual reads the story really caught my attention and it was a breath of fresh air from my usual reads Perhaps I need to branch into other genres often There is romance in there so that side of me was satisfied but it's handled perfectly for the YA reader It was the 'memory walker' part of the plot that caught and held my attention the entire way through For me to showcase a young romance but keep us on the edge of our seats while a whole other predicament and story played out was so entertaining We are watching two young people find themselves find and hopefully fall in love with each other and deal with the usual teenage angst of growing up and realising the world is a big bad place where they have to look after themselves and each other Carly Marino has taken these coming of age lessons and showcased them seamlessly in her own fantasy world complete with though provoking uestions of soulmates and destiny and those who try and meddle in other peoples lives something I love in a book ; The plot of the Memory Walker was well thought out and than once I stopped reading and had a little conversation in my head where I connected x to y and see that yes the author really had thought of everything and made sure everything connected And to make it an easy to follow read is a tough task in a book this complex I was impressed by the uick flow of the book there's no hanging around the high school any longer than necessary its all action and things happening which is how I manged to read it so uickly I really fell for the characters despite being old enough to be their mother or perhaps a really cool aunt ; as well as the support characters who are all completely different and important to the story Even the ones you don't think are 'big' characters become central to the overall theme and how the book all ties together The ending really left me wanting to read and follow these guys through all their adventures as this one is far from over I've been opened up to a whole new world a Carly Marino world where she builds the rules and possibilities and by god it's exciting to be along for the ride Would high recommend this book and hopefully series if there is one planned to your teenagers and young adults but also to those grown ups who love reading about love and destiny friendship and adventure