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St illusion seen by man for Thomas possesses something no other illusionist has real magic Many in the theatrical world are desperate to learn Wighton’s big secret One such magician is Paolo il Magnifico His apprentice Saverio Moretti is also seeking the answer He has a scheme to get close to Wighton by seducing Th All's fair in love and magic In a weird way this book reminds me of The Abyss Surrounds Us The two books are very different plot wise but they're alike in that although they both have interesting premises solid worlds and exciting plots we all know we're only here for the GaySo Let's 👏 talk 👏 about 👏 the Gay 👏 It's not the best romance I've ever read but it is still so adorable As the blurb says one of two main characters Saverio begins to romance the other one Thomas in order to gain information on Thomas' magician mentor's tricks Saverio is basically the bisexual not confirmed bi but pretty clear italian magician's apprentice we've all secretly needed in our lives Thomas is my adorkable gay poet son who just wants to be frickin' loved and then Saverio starts to actually fall for him and I'm just nonexistentFor some reason I really have a thing for magicianillusionist novels I love reading novels composed of clippings and diary entries and the seducing someone for personal gain turned love trope is that an actual trope? I hope so is an odd favorite of mine so this book was kind of just written for me Illusions is a pretty niche book for these reasons though so if those three things aren't your cup of tea I honestly kind of doubt this will be the story that converts youMy main critiue of this book would be the pacing I really enjoyed the beginning of the book but there was very little action the action really only picked up around the last third of the book and it happened a bit suddenly as if it hadn't been planned out in the first part of the book I think it might have been better if at least the dangers had been laid out ahead of time so that there was of a feeling of suspenseBut overall I really enjoyed this book Sometimes one needs some cute magic gays in one's life Or maybe that's just me I just want Thomas to turn me into a paper butterfly so I can be immortalized in a bookstore with my magician children Thanks But is it so naive of me to want the type of passion I so often read about? Is it foolish to want a love that is so wholly consuming that it causes me to ache? Fate is cruel that way showing you exactly what you want even when it cannot be yours

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Of Love and IllusionsOmas but seduction turns to real feelings Now the young men must struggle to keep the secret of their romance as well as the secret of Thomas’ magic as both of these things could cost Thomas his life Through journal entries posters letters and other documents ILLUSIONS is a story of love betrayal and of course magi I LOVED THIS BOOK THIS STORY WAS BREATHTAKING I mean that uite literally as a few scenes had me crying and therefore I had no breath This book sunk into my soul and made me feel everything I was meant to Illusions Is about two magicians apprentices one that is trying to steal a secret of the greatest trick ever done And one that wants love This book is almost fully written in journal entry format At first I love and hated that Loved because I always love when there are journal entries in books And hated because the scenes were so good I just wanted Thomas and Sav's voices are completely different in tone and style so you are never confused even though the name is there of who's entry you are reading The humor and emotion that was in this book was phenomenal I'm almost at a lost of what to say I loved this story so much and I adored Thomas sweet sweet Thomas and loved Sav funny Italian Sav This book reminds me of a fairytale In a way now that I've finished I'm just sitting here like man that was amazing that was so good that was a fairytale Only like a 1800 fairytale with magic and boys I don't want to talk about the over all plot or go into specifics because that would take away from your first time reading but man do I really feel like I just watched two peoples lives unfold I can't wait till this book is out in physical format because it will be mine to love to cherish Thank you NetGalley for allowing me to read this before its release all opinions are my own and my opinion is BUY THIS BOOK

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Of Love and Illusions kindle ò eBook 9781640635630 Free Õ Madeline J. Reynolds º Thomas Pendelton was born into wealth and prestige He has a sensitive heart and wants nothing than to write poetry Instead he is apprenticing for Neville Wighton the Great an aging magician who has become someThomas Pendelton was born into wealth and prestige He has a sensitive heart and wants nothing than to write poetry Instead he is apprenticing for Neville Wighton the Great an aging magician who has become somewhat crazed over the years in his pursuit of fame With Thomas’ help Wighton is about to premiere the greate It is always a good time to dissolve into a book about magiciansso excuse me while I flail for this one It felt like the Prestige that is such a good and super dark movie??? everyone should see it go go but softer and focused on the romance But afjskla I absolutely crave magician centric books pls universe ➸ So this is Historical Fictionbut with MAGICThomas is a magician but like a real one But his indentured to this asshat of a magician master It's set in 1899 and everything is very Proper and British and Tea Sav is Italian and the opposition's apprentice and his goal is to steal Thomas' secretsexcept he falls in looooove instead Look that's totally predictable but who even minds? It was adorable and heartwarming Their relationship was this excellent mix of slowburn x insta attraction And I love how Sav failed at HIS OWN PLAN to not get emotionally involved in this lol lol Sav ➸ It's told in journal entriesIt gives you a pretty close look into what both boys are thinking too ➸ The magical elements were simply splendidLike making enchanted gardens in bookstores and turning paper into birds and just I really loved how soft and sweet Thomas magic was Under his master he's forced to do things that are loud and showy while not being about HIM bc it's all about his master pretending the powers are his but on his own Thomas is the softest cinnamon son ➸ Thomas and Sav? WHAT A SHIPThomas is so soft and Sav is an absolute confident cocky waffle And I completely love that combo in any circumstance ok Thomas' arc is AMAZING though He really grows up over the book and I love it when he shows his unforgiving side mwahha It is very much focused on their romance which gives it good time to develop and didn't feel insta ybut I gotta admit I was hoping for magician and illusion shows and things but that really wasn't the focus➸ Ok but truthfullyi wanted a bit from itI think this is the journal entries format? For me it just kept me at such a distance The whole story is toldall in retrospect so the boys often spoil the climatic moments before they even happen because they have to recap 00 Being given an outline of events in this old fashioned posh tone just made me feel like I was always waiting for the story to get meaty and real Butyeah no I also don't think it's really YA? I mean Sav is like in his 20s and they're both living out of home for most of it independent and working and etc I just feel YA explores what it is to reach for adulthood but SavThomas were already there? Just musing ➸ OK BUT THE ENDING WAS HECKIN' WILDI actually lost my heartbeat ajfdklsa if u see it send it back to me WTF MAGICIANS AND THEIR SCHEMESThis is full of magicians and fake romances turning real and ueerness and heart pounding endings so so many elements I loved I just wish it hadn't been done in journal entries and felt like an outline of events Buuuut recommend? Yes for sure Desperate for books like this