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SUMMARY í Fliers By Laura Mae ✓ Rang du Fliers Pas de Calais code postal Rang du Fliers Moyenne des villes; Population hab hab Population rang national n Densit de population habkm FLIER | signification dfinition dans le dictionnaire flier dfinition signification ce u'est flier mainly US spelling of flyer a small piece of paper with information on iDelines for the usage of flyer and flier vary from one style guide to another; A flyer a circular a leaflet a pamphlet a handbill so many words for one simple thing Horaires train Amiens Rang du Fliers OUIsncf Consultez les horaires des trains entre Amiens et Rang du Fliers ainsi ue tous les arrts et changements ncessaires pour votre trajet Infos horaires train Amiens Rang du Fliers Nombre de trajets par jour Dure moyenne d’un trajet Dure du trajet le plus court Premire heure de dpart Dernire heure de dpart h h h h Horaires train Amiens Rang du Fliers Jardinerie Rang du Fliers Le Figarofr Horaires d'ouverture de Jardinerie Rang du Fliers Pas de Calais France LE SMAPHORE Rang du Fliers Menu Prix Restaurant Avis Rserver une table Le Smaphore Rang du Fliers sur Tripadvisor consultez avis sur Le Smaphore not sur sur Tripadvisor et class sur restaurants Rang du Flier. I found the story concept intriguing as it was unusual and keeps a good pace full of action there were a few good twists to the story and was overall easy to read and follow The story did have it's funny moments and I liked how each character who joins Sydona on her uest if different but was slightly disappointed with the introduction of Silas view spoilerwho I found to be a typical smug male know it all but Sydona 'can't help' but find him attractive and everyone appears to find the whole ting funny I hoped there wasn't going to be a love interest as I preferred Sydona as the independent woman who had looked after herself for half a century hide spoiler

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Fliers By Laura MRang du Fliers Pas de Calais code postal Rang du Fliers Moyenne des villes; Population hab hab Population rang national n Densit de population habkm FLIER | signification dfinition dans le dictionnaire flier dfinition signification ce u'est flier mainly US spelling of flyer a small piece of paper with information on it about a product or En savoir plus Rang du Fliers Wikipdia Fliers vient du flamand Vliet ui signifie Petite Rivire D'o le toponyme Rein Vliet Rang du Fliers ui a uelue peu volu dans le temps Ainsi on trouve Reng du Fliez dans un aveu de Beaurain chteau dat de Lerang Deflier sur une carte de et Le Rang d'Effliers sur carte d'tat major de Histoire La collectivit territoriale de Rang du Fliers locations vacances et locations Rang du Fliers Deux Baies en Montreuillois rservez votre location de vacances Abritel vous propose locations saisonnires pour ac. Sydona is a flier that is to say she is basically a human who can fly and who has eyes that change colour from purple to green or brown which is really cool She lives alone with the fairies grows her own crops and only interacts with humans when she needs to buy food and other supplies she can't provide for herself One day she reads in the newspaper that some scientists are experimenting on fliers like herself and she panics She decides that after 50 years it's now time to look for her parents in the camp mentioned in the paper The beginning of the story was promising enough it only started to go downhill when I learned that Sydona was 60 years old The way she talked and behaved made her sound like a teenager or a young adult and later on this resulted in so many inconsistencies in the dialogue that I now have a file full of parts that just didn't make any sense or were outright contradictory to something said or done before As an example Sydona is said to be deeply mistrustful of humans but lo and behold Sydona’s heart skipped a beat and she gulped air “A bounty hunter” Giovonna stepped back into the kitchen silently and looked at them with worried eyes “Yeah NFA hires people to bring the fliers to them at any cost” Willow said leaning back on the short counter and wringing a towel between her massive hands “Bounty hunters But the article I read said it was encouraged to have fliers come and even bring family members Why ”“O’course the article said that You thank they gonna post in national news that Eagle Lake is like a concentration camp Hell no” Willow yelled angrily and almost tore the towel upIf I were Willow I would've punched Sydona in the face for being so stupid But it doesn't stop at that While she's extremely naive and at one point she actually entertains the idea that her captor who has done atrocious things is a decent guy underneath classic Stockholm syndrome she displays deep mistrust at other times of humans so you are left with a uestion mark on your face Her character is so inconsistent that I just stopped being surprised at anything she did “We should ask Willow to come with us” Giovonna said “Absolutely not” “She has a car Syd” Raoul threw his arms up “I don’t care I don’t know her”And then she trusts Maverick 5 seconds after she meets him with their most important plan She always thought she looked very similar to other humans Was it her blonde hair her fair skin her purple eyes “My eyes” she whispered to herself She never thought of her eyes always being a different color than other people’s No purple eyes are perfectly normal in humans This bit was really funny she felt like she was the only one being smart and rational Yeah right Besides the inconsistency in Sydona's character there were several gaping plot holes and contradictions like Gia knowing that a flier got a fairy when they turned eight years old while Gia herself was raised by humans and supposedly didn't know anything about fliers Unless this was public knowledge Perhaps This leads me to my next point which is world building We got an origin story to my great delight as I was waiting for an explanation of how fliers came to be But my happiness was short lived as it was the most cliched origin story in history I don't know if this will be considered a spoiler so I won't go into any details which is a shame because I could've gone on a proper rant Origin story aside we didn't get much of a glimpse of what people thought about fliers how governments dealt with them how the Sparrows came into existence and why our hero had no idea they existed Was she living in a hole what were the reactions to experimentation on fliers why wasn't there any group trying to spread awareness about these experiments and so on and so forth It's like there was no one else in the world but fliers mad scientists the Sparrows and bounty hunters But in a world where humans populated ninety nine percent of the planet she was bound to run into them at some pointGlad she at least acknowledged that The writing had an awkward flow to it It was very unnatural sometimes and it never managed to suck me in I was always a detached spectator never fully invested in what happened to the characters How they expressed grief anger joy or fear never touched me The dialogue was very painful to read most of the time because it was either corny awkward or didn't make much sense “I think we should stop soon” “Why Do you have to pee” he yelled back “Ew no We need to talk about stuff” Sydona said and rolled her eyesI don't know what's disgusting in peeing She is 60 years old and she says ew when she hears the word What is she Six In the same vein view spoilerher fight with Silas was so ridiculous and unnatural And her reunion with her parents And Silas's reaction to Raoul's capture oh no hide spoiler