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The realm’s darkest secret is out The cruelty of the capital and the power hungry King Arden have scattered Bleak and her companions across the continents On the run in a foreign land Bleak finds herself tied to some unexpected strangers When the answers she 5 STARSI don't know what it is about this series but I am hooked there isn't another book to add to my goodreads shelf and not to be dramatic or anything but I NEED ANSWERS Bravery is doing something despite being scared”I finished Heart of Mist and I knew that I needed to pick up the second instalment ASAP the story picks off exactly where it left off The majority of the characters had gone off in different directions for multiple reasons and I was worried about what was going to happen and how the story would progress I am so happy that it didn’t disappoint meOnce again the story is building and building and we get a lot information in this and on some occasions I was completely shook in particular those last few pages I couldn’t believe it literally my jaw was on the floor and I was left screaming at my book that it couldn’t end like that in all of the best possible waysWhat I enjoy so much about this series is the Characters some in particular really stand out even though I hate some of the choices they make but the depth of them really does make me so happy not only that but new characters are thrown into the mix and some of the older characters from Heart of Mist developed so much and I loved every moment of itIf you haven’t read Heart of Mist and are planning on reading the series you may not want to read below as there will be some form of spoilers from that book ”Scars are proof that you survived something That’s why they looked They were impressed that you’d overcome something so horrific”CharactersGoing into this I was so worried about Bleak I didn’t know where we’d end up We see a complete shit storm unfold in Heart of Mist and that’s a lot to come back from We see her go from strength to strength which I didn’t even think could happen We see her bond with new people and her relationship with Rion had be GAGGED I loved it It was interesting to see her come into her own and I’m weary once again of what’s to comeThen we have Henri and Sahara now going into this I just knew there was to this than what met the eye There was no body it just couldn’t be I enjoyed seeing these two they’re both strong characters but at the same time it was nice to see interactions with bleak and other characters There’s an interesting conflict going on with Athene and I like that Henri can sense something going on We see their similarities and differences and them finally reuniting which I was low key scared aboutHands down my two favourite characters of this series are Fiore and Swinton I can hold my hands up and say that Swinton is not a nice character He does morally horrible things however he has SO many layers There’s a purpose for why he does what he does but you can sense his despair at times It’s difficult to explain but at times Swinton really made me feel so angry but I’d rather have a character bring some of emotion out of me than them being meh Then we have Fi he’s just so lovable and likeable There’s a lot to his character that we still don’t know yet and that makes him even appealing It’s as though he’s got lots of connections and how he got them we don’t know but I’m hoping we get to find out the way he talks to people and interacts I could just gush all day about Fi he’s just so loyal Even though Swinton is awful he still trusts his friend and tries to show him and steer him on the right pathWe have the sweet sweet Olena and Nazuri In such chaos it’s always good to have just “nice” characters Lena has been sent to marry Prince Nazuri I was so worried for Olena because I didn’t want things to happen to her but Nazuri clearly cares or so I hope about her Things happen and Nazuri is always there for her and I just didn’t expect it but I was low key thrilled at this pairingA character tha

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Reign of MistYearns for are finally within reach she must face the hard truths of her past and take her fate into her own hands before it’s too late Meanwhile secrets and magic unravel as a dark power corrupts the realm Bleak’s friends are forced to decide where their l You know a book is good when it has your heart racing your palms sweating and you fighting the urge to read ahead because you just need to know what’s going to happen Reign of Mist is one of those books I finished it and just sort of stared at my kindle trying to digest everything that happened Warning this review is gonna contain a shit load of gushingWhat Happens?We pick up right where Heart of Mist left off with Bleak arriving in a land that holds the key to her forgotten past But the land hides than just Bleak’s secrets; it hides a false ueen who resides in a forgotten castle and an underground rebel movement determined to save their prince from the ueen’s clutches While Bleak is trying to figure out her place in the upcoming war we also follow Henri Swinton and Dash as they all move into their roles in the war Henri journeys to the winter land of Havennesse where she employs the help of the ueen Eydis after King Arden’s threat against Henri’s kindredSwinton journeys with Princess Olena to Battalon where she is to marry Prince Nazuri who is ten years her senior Swinton has been tasked with gaining the prince’s confidence and getting him on the King’s sideDash is still at Heathon learning to live with Olena’s absence He still writes letters to the princess still helps his dad around the stables but Heathon is thrown into panic when a plague hits the capital Characters Old and NewI loved these characters in Heart of Mist but I love them even now The chapter POVs are the same but we get to find out lots about Bleak and Swinton’s pasts as well as being able to see different sides to all of the charactersI particularly love Bleak’s addiction battle; while in the first book she was doing everything possible get her hands on some alcohol to uiet the voices in her head in this book she embraces her magic and fights her addiction I love the way that Bleak decides that she wants to stop drinking but she still struggles a lot with her cravings While Bleak is definitely my favourite character I absolutely adore her relationship with Henri Their relationship has grown so so much and it’s absolutely beautiful There’s a scene where Henri and the kindred stand with Bleak drinking water instead of wine during a meal because they say they’re stronger in numbers and it gave me so many chills I love how Bleak has gradually wormed her way into the kindred’s lives how they support her I live for strong female friendships and Helen’s books have them by the bucketloadSwinton and Fiore’s friendship is still going strong too and Swinton finally opens up to Fiore about his past; about his son about his lost love and about his magic While I do love Dash I’m not really gonna comment too much on him because his storyline is something that I totally didn’t see coming so I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone I will say however that I’m desperate to see where his character will go to in book threeAnd we have new characters ueen Eydis is one who is an absolutely fantastic character and there are a few who I’m not going to name because I don’t want to spoil anything but rest assured; they’re awesomeHelen’s female characters are incredible; a lot of authors seem to think that in order to be a strong character they just need to be able to kick somebody in the face but that’s definitely not the case here They have so many ualities they’re so realistic; they argue and they clash and they have their faults but that just makes them all the charming “Not all wars were fought with blades and shields Not all courage was found in the heart of a battle”The WritingSo I warned you at the beginning of the review that I was gonna be gushing a hell of a lot through this review and this section is gonna be no different because I love Helen

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Reign of Mist reader ¾ 553 pages Download ä Helen Scheuerer · The realm’s darkest secret is out The cruelty of the capital and the power hungry King Arden have scattered Bleak and her companions across the continents On the run in a foreign land Bleak finds herself tied to some unexpected strangers When thOyalties lie and who if anyone they can trust But one thing is certain war is coming and they must all be ready when it does Intriguing and action packed Reign of Mist is the second installment in Helen Scheuerer’s epic YA fantasy series The Oremere Chronicle Someone who has the ebook can check my math but I am pretty confident the word 'What' was used around a billion times Every other word out of well any of the characters mouths was WHAT Honestly it was all I was thinking about throughout the first half of this book I cant even really remember what happened it was so distracting Im a little confused about the magic system Im a little confused about Bleak's new powers Im confused how she is able to sometimes ignore peoples thoughts and other times she is desperate to get rid of the power its so unmanageable But if you let all that go if you read this book like a light fantasy its pretty entertaining I still like all the same people as I liked in the first book and dislike all the same people Although Henri is growing on me The ending was good enough to make me impatient for the next installment