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review Empire of Sand è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ A nobleman’s daughter with magic in her blood An empire built on the dreams of enslaved gods Empire of Sand is Tasha Suri’s captivating Mughal India inspired debut fantasyThe Amrithi are outcasts; nomads descended of desert spirits they are coveted and persecuted thrMystics she must use every ounce of will subtlety and power she possesses to resist their cruel agendaShould she fail the gods themselves may awaken seeking vengeanceEmpire of Sand is a lush dazzling fantasy novel perfect for readers of City of Brass and The Wrath the Dawn. When you dance with the Rite of Dreaming you dance with the gods Mehr’s got it made I guess There were perks to being the Governor of Irinah’s daughter—even an illegitimate one People obeyed you Servants rushed to your bidding Even the ones who loathed you—and there were many—were forced to veil their contempt and keep their loathing eyes lowered All people faced hatred All people suffered Few had the cushion of wealth and privilege to protect them as Mehr did nice wardrobe plenty to eat time on her hands but it comes with downsides Her father’s grounds constitutes a golden cage And mom’s side presents a whole other problem Tasha Suri image from her Twitter pagesWhile dad is a member in good standing of the Ambahn clan the ruling caste in the empire Mehr’s mother was a member of the oppressed Amrithi clan Not your usual ethnic minority The Amrithi began ages ago when a magical being called a daiva djinn like with both a physical and a ethereal nature got jiggy with a human making the Amrithi not entirely our sort The magical side DNA comes with some benefits though for some Amrithi anyway An ability to communicate with the daiva who still roam the world And how do they communicate you may ask Here is the genius of the book Amrithi communicate with the daiva via physical movement specifically through dance and sigilssomething between magic spells and prayer If you have ever seen the TV show The Magicians they do a lot of hand sigils there and not all are of the middle finger variety They also have dance rites that are the euivalent of the prayer rituals common to many religions Mehr keeps up the rituals she learned from her mother and from a mentor her mother asked to look after her when she left The rituals give her a sense of connection not only to her heritage and her mother but in a very real sense to the magical events in this world Suri took some inspiration from her own upbringing Kids in Indian dance training make abundant use of hand symbols She also wanted to incorporate that signaling with an element of martial arts Her characters’ hand sigils are no mere form of artistry They have real world impact They kick ass Author Suri likes Anneika Rose for the role of MehrMore family enters into it Mehr has a little sister she loves and wants to protect and whose safety can be used as leverage against her and then there is the evil stepmother Maryam a true bloom of Ambhan womanhood who does her best to hiss and sneer her way across the page whenever she shows up She is particularly eager to keep Mehr from continuing the practices of her Amrithi heritage There’s In this fantasy world which is inspired by a Bollywood version of what the Mughal Empire might have been reality is not the relatively consistent universe we have come to know It is a product of the dreams of the gods Only sometimes those dreams get disturbed generating hurricane like storms that dump a whole new type of precip a thing called dreamfire Way beyond oobleck The dreamfire was everywhere now It was in the air she breathed in the sweat at the nape of her neck She could feel the strength of it churning the city into a storm The buildings were drenched in light debris flying through the air as if the world had tipped on its side and sent everything sprawling Even the earth felt like it was moving beneath her feet It was dizzying terrifying Exhilirating Dad who clearly loves Mehr and evil step mom who clearly doesn’t may have Mehr’s best interests at heart in keeping her confined to the grounds Seems the talent she has for things magical is in high demand by dark sorts So when Mehr slips out and puts her skill to the test word gets around and she is in a whole mess of trouble Way worse than being grounded I like a young Oded Fehr for the role of Amun – image from GirlsAskGuysom Yeah I know Amun is supposed to be dark skinned but this guy’s face just kept popping into my tiny mind The religious leader of the empire midway between Thanos and the High Sparrow has sent a delegation of mystics and a not so subtle demand offer for Mehr to marry one of them a dodgy seeming character called Amun Like so many other of the other mystics Mehr had seen in Lotus Hall his face was swathed by cloth Only his eyes and bridge of his nose were revealed but his head was lowered hiding his gaze The little of his skin she could see was dark She couldn’t tell if he was young or old ugly or handsome He was simply male broad shouldered and intimidating with footsteps that were soft too soft He had a predator’s tread It is an offer she cannot refuse No mani pedis for you dear Mehr hits the road with her new associates and the game is afoot No really No saddles or palanuins They walk across the desert to the evil leader’s oasis centered temple His name is Maha and the similarity to mwahahaha cannot possibly be accidental Ok entire world fantasies can really get you bogged down in describing everything like the above and then you lose track of the thread Ok We got all our words straight Daiva Sigil Amrithi Ambahn Jeez can we move on with it alreadyThe change of scene also signals a change in approach What ensues is not just learning what dark plans Maha who is entirely cruel and not entirely human has in store for Mehr and taking on that challenge but getting to know Amun Is this bad boy really so bad Why does everyone think he’s a monster What’s the deal with all the blue tats And what else will be forced on Mehr A challenge for sureThe book heads in two directions here First is getting the lay of the land and finding out who you can trust and where you can get the best figs Part of this is dealing with being invited to hang by one group when you really want to be doing something else figuring out who can be trusted deciphering the palace politics in her new town Very relatable particularly for the younger set The other major element is the reveal of what the Maha has in mind and how Mehr will cope But the major bit for what seems the largest chunk of the book is Mehr getting to know Amun They have to come up with modus vivendi in order to accomplish the tasks with which they are charged and not get you know murderedIt was not the fastest read I enjoyed the first 100 pps of intro to the world and Mehr’s situation and I enjoyed watching her face diverse challenges and overcome or not yet still grow in the process But I did not enjoy the pace or duration after that It was reasonably paced and engaging at first but settled into a slower drawn out tempo that was a bit frustrating The book might have lost about fifty pages maybe without suffering too much There are a few interludes when we see events away from Mehr from the perspective of other characters These offered a break from the central pillar of the tale and added in a few details Mehr could not deliver to us There was an element of romantic interaction that was appropriate and engaging but which took up way too much of the book detracting from the much interesting magical and palace intrigue elements You know I like a good romance Well I read a lot of romanceThat’s something that romance series do really really well they create books that draw on each other but they’re also kind of discrete stories in themselves You’ve got a beginning a middle and end You’ve got a satisfying conclusion You know if you pick up the next one you’re going to get the same thing So that’s what I’m trying to do with the series from the Reddit sessionNot the romance thing per se but the beginning middle end thing It was a bit unclear to me whether this was intended for YA readers or adults Certain tropes made me think YA Things like a sheltered girl being forced to face life’s realities and find out if she will face plant or be the stuff that dreams are made of We have certainly seen plenty of examples of kids or teens with hidden powers that emerge as they grow and confront danger of one sort or another Evil stepmothers are a dime a dozen in YA tales And Mehr has a little sister she is eager to protect like that Everdeen kid But then the challenges that Mehr confronts extend well beyond showing the world her stuff She has to contend with complex moral uestions Suri is also looking at larger issues relating to women She is interested in how women could exercise power in a heavily patriarchal society and not settle for invisibility She shows them choosing paths for themselves despite the external limitations on their freedom and sometimes having to hide their true feelings She managed to catch herself on her hands before her skull met the floor Then she bowed to the floor her forehead to the cool marble She allowed herself to tremble; feigned being a thing bent and broken by his cruelty She did not have her jewels or her fine clothes but she had this power at least she could give him a simulacrum of what he desired from her And hold her crumbling strength tight Let him think he had broken her As long as he believed he already had as long as she fooled him he would not succeed in truly doing so I very much enjoyed the extreme creativity that went into the literary construction of this world The magical concepts were impressive exciting and fit well with the story Mehr is an engaging character you will find it easy to root for particularly when she is faced with wrenching decisions The writing is beautiful and evocative I enjoyed much less what seemed a shift from the magical elements and court machinations to an excessive focus on the romantic But was brought back by the action twists and resolutions at the end I expect there are many castles to be made of Suri’s sands She has a second book in the series planned The Realm of Ash set many years later looking at the conseuences of the actions in book 1 Some dreams can be made realPublished – November 13 2018Review posted – November 30 2018EXTRA STUFFLinks to the author’s personal Twitter Instagram and FB pagesInterviews Definitely check out this audio interview with Suri on InkFeather Podcast Not really an interview Suri takes uestions on Reddit worth a lookOther The use of dance for communication reminded me of Spider and Jeanne Robinson’s award winning work Stardance

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A nobleman’s daughter with magic in her blood An empire built on the dreams of enslaved gods Empire of Sand is Tasha Suri’s captivating Mughal India inspired debut fantasyThe Amrithi are outcasts; nomads descended of desert spirits they are coveted and persecuted throu. This was the perfect recipe of so many of my favorite things An original world with mythology and gods and dream magic Themes of love and bonds and vows and family A slow burn romance that is a major plot point but is woven into the plot so masterfully that it doesn’t distract from the plot A fierce powerhouse main character who is both fragile and strong Lines that brought me to tears Full review on my channel to come with lots of gushing and probably little coherence but just know I love this

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Empire of SandGhout the Empire for the power in their blood Mehr is the illegitimate daughter of an imperial governor and an exiled Amrithi mother she can barely remember but whose face and magic she has inheritedWhen Mehr’s power comes to the attention of the Emperor’s most feared. Mehr lives in a world where she is only half accepted The Ambhan people have conuered and destroyed the Amrithi and as a woman with parents from both worlds she struggles to find her place as a worshipper of the old Amrithi gods and traditions When the Emperor’s mystics take note of her Amrithi powers they force her into a marriage with one of their own and Mehr becomes a very important pawn in a deadly game of men gods and demons When I heard “Indian inspired adult fantasy” I was immediately intrigued; when I heard “angry vengeful gods” I was sold Empire of Sands has been one of my most anticipated releases of the year I feel like there isn’t a lot of own voice diverse fantasy in the adult age range so to see a story so interwoven with the author’s own heritage and experiences as a woman of color coupled with the inspirations she took from actual history made this an incredibly fascinating read → L I K E S She’d always understood that keeping even the barest bones of her heritage demanded a terrible price But she had kept her heritage regardless That was her gravest error Right from the start I loved the world Tasha Suri has built here It’s always tough to read stories about conuered nations knowing what an anchor those themes have in the real world but Suri goes above and beyond many authors I’ve read tackling similar plots by showing me how awful the Maha and Emperor are and how drastic their crimes against the Amrithi people have been It’s also incredible to see how strongly Mehr’s Amrithi traditions resonate with her on a daily basis and how much comfort she takes from her rituals and ancestry He had never hated her mother’s people He had just never considered them people at all They were the kindling wood that fed the fire of the Empire’s strength I also absolutely loved the daiva these demon esue spirits that appear in birdlike forms There’s an imminent threat present in them from the beginning but something about their design and the way they interact with Mehr hooked me right away and had me wishing to see even of them in the story Mehr knew what it looked like when another human being stared at her with hatred What she had seen in Amun’s face was a knife turned inward Finally there’s the relationship In the beginning of the story I wasn’t uite sure what to expect but I ended up rooting for Mehr and her love interest so uickly and absolutely swooning over their fleeting uiet moments by the end I also can’t help but feel like there’s some very valuable commentary in the story regarding arranged marriages and how they’re not always what western society views them as → D I S L I K E S How strange that the world still looked so normal when Mehr’s world was collapsing around her There’s only one thing I had an issue with but unfortunately it was actually a really big struggle I faced while reading Empire of Sand the pacing Take this with the knowledge that I love slow fantasy stories but something about the slow pacing of this book just does not work for me It felt too tame and like nothing important was happening most of the time; when something important did happen it was over explained to the point of losing its power “A choice like a knife at your throat is an illusion” Even though the writing itself was beautiful I think it could have been improved by being a solid 75 100 pages shorter I know that’s a harsh axe to drop but this book actually put me into the worst slump I’ve had all year with it now being November I had to put it down for a week to get over the slump but when I picked it back up to finish it it almost put me into another slump This never happens to me so despite how gorgeous the plot and characters and setting were I have to knock off a full star for how slow and meandering it was → F I N A L THOUGHTS Altogether I really enjoyed Empire of Sand despite struggling with the pacing It’s got this incredibly immersive desert setting these lovable characters and a backstory that drew me in and didn’t let go I only wish that I could have enjoyed it despite the slowness but I would definitely be happy to try Tasha Suri’s next release as I think she displays tremendous potential → RECOMMENDING TO If you’re someone who also loves slow fantasy—especially if you’re even patient than I typically am—then I don’t think it will be an issue but if you’re not one who can handle slow burning fantasy plots you may want to try this in audiobook format so you can tune out a little when the tedium kicks in All uotes come from an advance copy and may not match the final release Thank you so much to Orbit for providing me with this ARC in exchange for an honest review