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’s true emotionsuntil she meets a guy she just can’t readAlec is a mystery to Ella a handsome enigmatic young journalist who makes her feel normal for the first time in her life That is until he reveals the real reason why he sought her out he wants to learn the truth behind her parents’ deaths the parents that Ella had always been told died in a fire Alec turns Ella’s world upside down when he tells her their deaths were definitely. The Color of Lies relies heavily on its interesting characters not so original plot and captivating writing to keep its reader but as for the thrill it just doesn't sizzle enough YA novels don't tend to be too wowing in the thrill department and while this one is not so different what works is how engaging and captivating the story is writtenThe writing is beautiful and really draws the reader in it just took a bit of time to get there The most action happens in the very latter half of the novel If you are a patient reader this won't be too much of a bother Ella or Nora depending on what section of the novel you're in has synesthesia which is a fancy way of saying she can read your auras based on what you're feeling which is interesting in and of itself and not used too often giving the novel a boost in the uniue department Ella's parents died in a fire and she's believed that her whole life until the charismatic yet shy Alec comes into town blowing up her entire world And he does that indeed He shakes up her world and readers get to come along for the journey of self discovery and also to find out what really happened to her parents What is a freak accident or were they murderedLyons does a good job of dangling the mystery over our heads but for the wait though it was sort of shocking it also was predictable in that it made the most sense to happenend the way it didThis is a better selection of the YA mysteries available but it just doesn't wow but it gets major points for originality interesting characters and a decent endingRecommended for readers who like a realistic mystery with the cant put this down factor

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The Color of LiesNot an accidentAfter learning her entire life has been a lie Ella doesn’t know who she can trust or even who she really is With her adoptive family keeping secrets and the evidence mixing fact and fiction the only way for Ella to learn the truth about her past is to find a killerPerfect for fans of Caroline B Cooney Ally Carter and Jennifer Brown The Color of Lies blurs the lines between black and white facts and the kaleidoscope of realit. I received a copy of THE COLOR OF LIES on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you to the publisher and authorFive stars and here's why This book is riveting I simply couldn’t put it down The pacing is fantastic the concept is uniue and the suspense nearly killed me I had to drop everything to finish this story in one nightElla has a special gift called synesthesia I had no concept this was a real thing until I Googled it She can read people and this ability is both a benefit and detriment to any relationship she encounters because of her gift Ella sees right through people and their intentions; either bad or good Ella is not the only one gifted in her family as her uncle can taste every word and her grandmother can see every sound Until one day Ella meets Alec He’s an enigma to Ella because she can’t read him for some reason This makes Alec intriguing and for the first time ever Ella wants to get to know him better After all he’s a hella hot young journalist who wants to learn everything about Ella Soon after meeting Alec Ella discovers that her whole life has been a big whopper of a lie She doesn’t know whom she can trust Ella doesn’t even know who she really is as her life has been upended after her discovery What happens next had my head spinning and I dropped everything until I read the very last wordCJ Lyons does not disappoint If you love fantastic writing a plot splattered with color and infused with mystery then this book is for you Highly recommend

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The Color of Lies Read Ô eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ì From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author CJ Lyons comes The Color of Lies a world drenched in color and mystery High school senior Ella Cleary has always been good at reading people Her family has a rare medical condition called synesthesia that scrambles the sensesFrom New York Times and USA Today bestselling author CJ Lyons comes The Color of Lies a world drenched in color and mystery High school senior Ella Cleary has always been good at reading people Her family has a rare medical condition called synesthesia that scrambles the senses her Gram Helen sees every sound and her uncle Joe can literally taste words Ella’s own synesthesia manifests itself as the ability to see colors that reveal people. I love it when a YA thriller doesn't read TOO YA There's some romance but it's so limited it doesn't prove to be a huge part which is nice Thank the lord for no love triangles Ok so there's a little bit of instalust but hey it's a YA book after all What we get is a story about a girl who lost her parents at a young age to a fire Her world gets turned upside down when Alec shows up on her 18th birthday with uestions about her parents murder screechy brakes excuse me MURDERElla and her family are gifted with synesthesia Ella's particular talent are seeing people's auras or the colors they emit as they emote How interesting would THAT be There's always good with the bad but when you meet someone who has no color how do you know if he can be trustedYA thrillers are surprising me and these days I'd say this reads contemporary for me over thrillersuspense A fast enjoyable ride Nothing convoluted but a great read in its simplicity as well I found it a bit easily predictable and the ending seemed to out pace the first half While the book did read fast I was surprised to notice that halfway through we're still only into day two of the entire timeline Just something I noticed not something that took away from the enjoyment Those who like the lighter side of a thriller and the YA genre will take a liking to this 35 stars rounding to 4 for GR