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Any Second Pasts Maya and Eli know it takes only seconds for their entire worlds to change But time will tell if meeting each other will change them for better or wors This book hurt my heartThe author introduces us to two damaged people and oh we want the best for them These are two utterly uniue characters who live and breathe and you just find yourself crying for themReaders should note that so much of this is painful There is hope but it’s tempered with the fact that not only are our two main characters damaged they are surrounding themselves with people who may be even damagedWhat saved this from being five stars for me was the climax of everything It has two issues for mea It was preachyb It was unrealisticThe preachiness we went from a story and a very very good one to a lesson Suddenly one of our characters takes the stage and lectures for a very long time The lessons are good ones but when they break you out of the story that’s a problemThe unrealistic ending this was too easy The fact is that things in real life wouldn’t end this way It seemed like it was just a set up for the previously mentioned lectureThe ending notwithstanding this was still a very good book And I used tissuea lot of itARC Provided via Net Galley

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Ty holds her prisoner in its own way Whether it's chance or fate Maya keeps Eli from ending them all And now nothing is the same Drawn together by their dark This book was intense Here’s a boy who was kidnapped and is expected to blow up a building for his kidnappers Purpose A girl who self mutilates by pulling her hair out and causes herself to bleed on her fingers who notices him and tries to stop him Months later they find each other at the same school and they are told to stay away from each other so nobody will connect the two He makes a friend who possibly isn’t good for him She has a girlfriend that may not be so good for her Intense from beginning to end and definitely not for the faint of heart I had to take a break for a bit from this Whew

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Doc ↠ Any Second 400 pages Download ✓ Five years after being kidnapped Elian's captor sends him into the mall with a bomb strapped to his chestAcross the mall is Maya a girl whose crippling anxiety holds her prisoner in its own way Whether it's chance or fate Maya keeps Eli from ending them all And now nothing is the same Drawn together Five years after being kidnapped Elian's captor sends him into the mall with a bomb strapped to his chestAcross the mall is Maya a girl whose crippling anxie Razor sharp suspense paired with deeply emotional turmoil that keeps the reader on edge till the end “The man was only known as Gabriel Domestic terrorist Child abductor Tormentor And among his family Son of a bitch” It’s been five long hard years since Eli was taken Abducted Brainwashed and fed with delusional propaganda while nourished at times on dog food He slept on wooden floorboards and heard his sister being tormented upstairs The garden hose was the worst Miraculously on that fateful day the day that Gabriel sent him with a bomb strapped to his body and a detonator in hand into the mall to blow it up Maya crosses his path to interfere with only milliseconds to spare “My hand shakes thumb slick on the smooth button Arm twitching Will I have arms in paradise? Legs? A body at all?” Maya happens to be in the mall when she sees a boy walking awkwardly slow Sweating withdrawn and soiling himself This day could not get any worse so far Or could it? Maya’s parents are going through a divorce Hanging out with either one parent alone feels weirdly awkward and still hurts She is here with her dad and then there comes Eli Salvation or Detriment?“Tastes like chicken? Kinda bland actually But there was something satisfying about the rubberiness She considered the ruby of blood on her thumb Sucked that too ”Why yes I enjoy tearing myself apart and occasionally consuming my own flesh Wasn’t that on the same spectrum as I keep pieces of my neighbor in the freezer for special meals?”A year after that awful day Eli and Maya find themselves in the same high school Always on guard with undercover police hovering around to protect Eli the both of them have gone through hours and hours of therapy sessions apart and separated in order to move on No one knows that they are the kids from that incident in the mall and both Eli and Maya are working very hard to overcome their demons The day of the one year anniversary of the mall incident is approaching fast As Gabriel has never been caught and brought to justice Eli receives a threat at his door that unleashes panic among parents and students “So Elliott High I declare that I’ve chosen the date of your salvation and it is close at hand Your time has come” “My judgement will rain down upon you very soon now Very soon” Is Gabriel after him again? Has he been around the entire time and possibly infiltrated into his life without anyone knowing? An amazing suspenseful crescendo will lead you to the answers and put you on the edge of your seat till the very end This was truly very captivating and thrilling I am so glad I had the chance to read this novel I am slammed blindsided with its amazing prose and twisted mind games Very well written throughout with attention to detail Even the font by the publisher on the kindle was perfectI highly recommend it if you enjoy the kind of books that keep your pulse elevated for almost the entire read I loved it Enjoy  Trigger Warning This novel is rated for Young Readers grade 7 9 or teens and up Personally I would suggest it to the upper upper range on that using my own personal judgment safeguard by knowledge of its content There are some harsh downgrading or sexy words and situational references to sex drugs and alcoholism aside from the mental physical abuse that could be disturbing and trigger points to some The main characters are experiencing flashbacks with PTSD symptoms I received a digital copy of this novel from NetGalley in Exchange of an honest review All opinions are my own Thank you More reviews can be found here