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Mal human but a rarity even among her Fee peersShe is hunted by scientists keen to exploit her extraordinary abilities as well as other beings far dangerous whose plans for her she cannot fath. 45 out of 5 starsFull review soon Heir of Ashes was a pleasant surprise Even tho is not something completely new and there are some slow moments the story itself the characters and the world building were just amazing I loved it totally recommend and I can't wait for the second book

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Heir of AshesRoxanne Fosch had a perfectly normal life at the age of twelve Cool popular pretty smart Her dreams of a perfect successful and prosperous future seemed well within her graspBy the time she wa. How can a monster tell if he's a monster if he's never known anything else After spending ten years trapped within the clutches of the PSS paranormal scientists society being caged experimented on and abused Roxanne Fosch has finally freed herself This story begins about a year after her escape but Roxanne no longer goes by that name or the name given to her by the PSS Subject UX 01 484 she's now Eliza Daniels Anything to help throw off the elite guards and mercenaries hired to drag her back to that wretched place from her tracks Unfortunately for her the PSS aren't the only ones hunting her down she can't seem to trust anyone whether they're human or even especially if they're preternatural like her So what's so special about Roxanne that she managed to get such a large target put on her back Well that's what she intends to find out She was ripped from her home as a child and imprisoned in a government lab where she learned the hard way that she was born with supernatural abilities What she is exactly and just how powerful her otherness is are what the scientists have been trying to figure out for years They have reason to believe that she's one of the most potentially dangerous creatures they've come across and they've kept Roxanne in the dark about everything There is only one other person in this world that can tell her who she is and why she was abducted by government officials and that's who she's headed to Being on the run is hard enough especially when she keeps being found by her enemies and has to fight them off When she meets Logan she can tell right away what he is by seeing his aura a born vampire werewolf He's just one of the many people that's been searching for her except he's not after the bounty that's been promised for her capture he needs her helpA close friend of Logan's has gone missing and he has reason to believe it's because of the PSS Knowing how valuable Roxanne is to them makes her even useful to him She's powerful at least that's what they say and she can provide him with information about the people who took his friend their layouts schedules the amount of security in their buildings etc He plans on rescuing his friend and in exchange for her help he promises to help her starting by getting her to the place she's been traveling to safely well alive anyway Slowly Roxanne begins to realize that basically everything she's ever known has been a lie Is Logan's story just another ruse to get her back in the lab or is he one of the only people she can trust And how far is she willing to help him when she swore to herself she would rather die than go back to that awful place Heir of Ashes by Jina S Bazzar is a YA action packed story with a uniue blend of paranormal and sci fi elements I would like to put a warning in my review there is mention of rape non graphic and abuse so read with cautionThe world building and character development in this story is good Everything is revealed to the reader slowly and in small portions which I enjoyed; no info dumping The mystery of it all plus all the action and plot twists really kept me in suspense I went into it not knowing anything so I did feel a little lost at first but the author gives you just enough to keep you interested and able to follow along I actually really enjoyed not knowing everything about the MC and getting to figure out her true nature right alongside her Her journey through Heir of Ashes leads her to the discovery of The Curse which is the preuel so I'm glad I read this book first I really love Roxanne's character Despite everything she's been through and she's gone through a lot of terrible things she's strong firece brave and never backs down from a fight She's a warrior and I can't wait to see how she grows through out this series Logan is great too although he is a bit too forward at one point He's loyal to those he cares about and he's definitely a man of his word My only issue with Logan is that I wish we could have seen of his vampire werewolf traits We get to see his strength speed and other heightened ablities but he never once let's his beast show I would have liked to see the characters relay on their paranormal ualities rather than their man made weapons I thought Rafael was really cool and I'm definitely interested in seeing from Archer the hunters and all of the others too Not to mention the other worlds involved in this story like the low lands they made everything so much interestingOne other small issue I had was with the romance between the MC's This is not an insta love by any means but because of how uickly everything happens their intimacy felt sort of sudden I just felt like there was a step missing between them meeting and their first kiss They spent so much time running for their lives saving each other and healing that they didn't really get a chance to open up Of course they bonded through out everything but they never discussed their feelings or learned enough about eachother to earn the other's trust However I did enjoy the fact that even at the end of this book they weren't claiming to be in love and their relationship didn't go much further than that That made it feel realistic and leaves room for things to grow later on If you have a love for things like the Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries and the tv show Supernatural then I highly recommend this book This is a YA paranormal and sci fi story that's full of non stop action unpredictable plot twists and mysteries that will keep you turning the page It has badass characters other worlds magic hybrids and other paranormal creatures and tons of excitment On a side note I really wish I could have a Frizz of my own haha Thank you to Jina S Bazaar for gifting me an early copy of her book

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Heir of Ashes Summary Á 108 ´ Roxanne Fosch had a perfectly normal life at the age of twelve Cool popular pretty smart Her dreams of a perfect successful and prosperous future seemed well within her graspBy the time she was twenty two she had become a commodity A fugitive She was being huntedAs Roxanne embarks on the dangerous uest to search for half trS twenty two she had become a commodity A fugitive She was being huntedAs Roxanne embarks on the dangerous uest to search for half truths about her past she discovers she’s not just an abnor. ➳Full review now posted This review can also be found on my blog Note Thanks to the author Jina for sending me an e arc in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own and are not influenced by this factor “Time was so precious and it just kept ticking away” 35Heir of Ashes is a book with an interesting magic system – one that in my opinion is well developed I always appreciate fantasy books with proper world building and Heir of Ashes is definitely one of themRoxanne is a well thought out character too I love her independence her fierce fighting techniue and her ability to stand up for herself and for others For everything that she goes through in the book it’s clear she’d rather just give in and lose her mind already but she keeps it together and I admire that kind of courageOne of the best things about this book are the action scenes We’re thrown into one right from the get go and while every reader might not agree with me I often like that if it’s done right It grabs my attention immediately and in this novel showed me just how dangerous Roxanne’s life is If you think things can’t get worse from there then trust me they do Poor girlI think Roxanne is the only character I actually really like—her and Kincaid even if he only makes small appearances But Logan I can’t get myself to even like him Not at all and here’s whyAt one point in the book Roxanne and Logan get into a fight Throughout the fight Roxanne compares Logan to a predator and his anger scares her She’s wary of him is prepared to strike him down if he oversteps his boundaries and tells him to stay away from her “My talons were at the ready in case he decided to get physical” And then Logan actually kisses her during the fight And I’m not talking about the ‘I’m sorry I was wrong’ kiss either I’m talking about the aggressive forceful kind of kiss one that Roxanne really doesn’t want and yet he still does it even though she’s clearly against it Just look at these uotes “Before I could react his lips crushed mine with bruising force” “Terror choked me keeping my struggles feeble I tried to knee him but he blocked expertly” “—and my eyes were huge with terror – a response predators pounced upon” And then he expresses that he’s been meant ‘to protect her’ and that he won’t hurt her and won’t touch her if she doesn’t want him to even though he did just thatI will say that one good thing about this situation is that Roxanne calls him out on it I was so happy when I saw that because for once for once the female protagonist in a fantasy novel calls out the male protagonist about his violent ways of showing “affection”The bad partThey become a couple after thatI mean what How WhyI found the romance to be completely sudden and abrupt with barely any build up—and the scenario I just described only angered me further It feels as though Logan keeps forcing it to happen until Roxanne gives in Comparing a male to a ‘predator’ or a ‘wolf’ or some other ferocious animal is not ‘romantic’ It’s disgusting This is one trope that is especially found in fantasy that I really hope stops soon It’s not okay and young girls reading books like these should know that consent is a must and that it’s a basic human rightAnother male in this story who in my opinion is uite problematic is Rafael Whenever Roxanne wears anything revealing he gives her weird looks I’m not sure what that’s supposed to mean but I didn’t appreciate itOther than that this book is fairly intriguing – there’s than what meets the eye in this world that Roxanne has to live in and as you read on you discover that you can’t really trust anybody I think that makes the book surprising and thrilling having us trying to guess who’s friend and who’s foe Roxanne is a character you want to root for and every time she kills someone badass style I imagine some heavy metal music playing in the background She’s just that coolSo I’d say if you’re a fantasy lover you can give this one a go but please be aware of the problematic themes in it This book isn’t perfect but it’s got potential – I’m hoping Logan at least recognises his mistakes in the seuel and Rafael stops giving Roxanne those judgemental looks of his