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Heir of Ashes Download Ó 100 ´ Roxanne Fosch had a perfectly normal life at the age of twelve Cool popular pretty smart Her dreams of a perfect successful and prosperous future seemed well within her graspBy the time she was twenty two she had become a commodity A fugitive She was being huntedAs Roxanne embarks on the dangerous uest to search for half Roxanne Fosch had a perfectly normal life at the age of twelve Cool popular pretty smart Her dreams of a perfect successful and prosperous future seemed well within her graspBy the time she wa. Roxanne Fosch is a young woman full of potential and untapped abilities that everyone wants a piece ofIn this book you’ll read about her struggles and conflicts both within herself and against other beings – human and otherwiseThere’s a preuel to Heir of Ashes called The Curse however some readers have found that reading heir of Ashes first keeps the mystery growing and makes the reading journey enjoyable

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S twenty two she had become a commodity A fugitive She was being huntedAs Roxanne embarks on the dangerous uest to search for half truths about her past she discovers she’s not just an abnor. “Heir of Ashes” is one of the most fun non stop action paranormal thrillers I’ve read to date We follow along as Roxanne flees from a science facility that kept her nearly half her life performing barbarous experiments on her She’s been on the run for a few years and the scientists are still eager to catch her giving her no peace from the paranormal bounty hunters sent after her Roxanne has no idea why this is; she knows she’s different but not the full extent of it at least not in a way that would account for the escalating pursuit However most other people know what she is why she’s different and want to usecageunleash that thing in her but Roxanne doesn’t stop running long enough to truly get those answers Ultimately that was my only ualm with this book For as much as I loved the thrilling non stop action and plot twists as Roxanne tries to get away from everyone after her I needed the book to slow down for a hot minute so I didn’t feel as confused as Roxanne until about 67% into the storyBazzar has a wicked imagination when it comes to throwing supernatural baddies at the main character Everything from different classes of vampires mages humandemon hybrids dark sorcerers shape shifter doppelgangers werewolfvampire hybrids like there’s A LOT and that’s really cool except it all just flies right by In order to achieve the heart pounding pace Bazzar maintains the worldcreature building suffers and you don’t get to see much of these supernatural beings outside of Roxanne and the one guy actually trying to help her Logan You just get teased with hints of what they’re capable of and what makes them scary or forces to be reckoned with This is exceedingly true when it comes to Remo Drammen I won’t spoil what or who he is but needless to say he felt like a missed opportunity to showcase this preternatural world and make the reader go “whoa” or truly fear for Roxanne’s safety By introducing so many creatures and having so many of them want to harm Roxanne so she has to run from them I never got as drawn into Roxanne’s world the way I wanted to beI did like that Roxanne always felt relatable though despite her otherness She was scared and anxious and the author does a wonderful job of showing her emotions rather than just telling the reader that she’s terrified I really enjoyed that vulnerability and I loved how it balanced out with her abilities She is a tough lady and can stand toe to toe with some seriously bad dudes which when she faces the man who sexually assaulted her as a child makes the encounter all the satisfying because you know so deeply how she feels and she’s powerful enough to really kick some buttThere is a romance subplot to this that I wished I liked but that’s because the main characters don’t do a great deal of talking to one another just a lot of lingering looks that apparently “say” all they need to So the romance fell a bit flat for me but given this is a series I’m sure it’ll come into play again and it may develop into something I can really sink my teeth into no pun intended There are so many twist and turns in this book so many times where Roxanne gets caught gets free then gets caught again by a different group that the book didn’t end where I thought it should or with the conclusion I was expecting Usually that’s a good thing but this felt a bit too neat and tidy and therefore a bit flat It sets up the seuel nicely but I didn’t feel as satisfied as I wanted to be and maybe that’s because of the reader getting some explanation as to “why Roxanne” so SO late in the book A lot of my confusion about the creatures and their abilities still remain and while I’m sure will get explained come the next book I was hoping for a bit in the first installment so I had a better understanding of the creatures beforehand If some of those instances of Roxanne escaping from one person to the next were removed and we spent a bit time on just a few of those escapes and encounters so the reader got a better sense of these supernatural beings and their powers I think the whole wrap up at the end would have felt much betterThis was a very creative story and I really enjoyed the non stop nature of the action and how well the author writes in first person in order to make the reader feel what Roxanne feels But the fast pace did hurt the world building a bit and that’s really too bad because this would have been a perfect book otherwise So I’ll be giving this a 375 stars and am looking forward to seeing where Roxanne and Logan go from here and hopefully some of the bad guys from the first book make an appearance in later novels And thanks to the author for providing me with an advanced copy for review

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Heir of AshesMal human but a rarity even among her Fee peersShe is hunted by scientists keen to exploit her extraordinary abilities as well as other beings far dangerous whose plans for her she cannot fath. How can a monster tell if he’s a monster if he’s never known anything elseHeir of Ashes is a urban YA fantasy by Jina S Bazzar I got this book in exchange of an honest review via THE book ROBIN HOODS Check out their site for exciting upcoming releases 😀Oh BoyLets just say “I LOVED this book”Reasons – It was an amazing page turner There won’t be a chapter where you won’t feel something Let it be anger frustration or pure sadness There is so much happening all the moment The suspense was breath taking The writing style makes you feel like you too are stuck and looking for a way to escape with Roxanne– Great character build ups I loved the world Jina created The story is full of diverse characters I loved the way they matured and a lot of things got meaning as the story proceeded How at the beginning you will get annoyed at Roxanne at times but at the end you will learn to love her How a lot of things becomes clear with time I loved Fizzy 😉– Great Female LeadAs I told you earlier you will learn to love Roxanne Of course she too has flaws But unlike maximum of the YA female leads she is not insecure about her looks she knows she is pretty She did not wait for her prince charming to show up and save the day She plots her own escape She makes her own rules and abides by it I loved how despite of everything she did not loose herself those problems only seemed to make her stronger stubborner and wiser I just couldn’t get enough of her– OMG Plot TwistsIn than I could count on places it made me think OMFG What just happened There are countless twists and turns to keep the readers engaged The badboy scene veges scene several PSS attack scenes Though there were several places which made me spit my coffee out but my personal favorite is the lowland scene ❤ Oh And I love FIZZY masssterrr 😛 – It have a very small but enough of a PreuelIt has just enough of a filler sized preuel There are a lot of uestionconfusions could arise while reading “The Heir of Ashes” like who is Roxanne why her own people hate her etc etc If you read this preuel “The Curse” you will understand everything “The Curse” can be read before or after “Heir of Ashes” Its totally up to you If you want to keep the suspense to the maximum you can read “The Curse” after Or if you like to know and understand your characters better like me you can read it before reading “HoA” Any way you read it its just a small book approx 94 pages with max impactYou have already read my verdict I LOVED THIS BOOKA huge burning 45 starsCan’t wait for the next book Its a TRILOGY