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An alternative cover edition for this ISBN can be found hereFourteen year old Alma Singer is trying to find a cure for her mother's loneliness Believing she might discover it in an old bo I need to cut the crap with my preconceptions Although I almost unfailingly launch into a new novel with great enthusiasm like a kid on Christmas morning anxious to discover what hidden treasure awaits for some reason I held out little hope for Mrs Foer’s book about a book about love Maybe it’s because books about books about love aren’t usually my thing? Maybe it’s because I read her husband’s bestseller last year and was less than impressed? Maybe it’s because I had heard somewhere that they wrote their books together oh how a dorable bouncing ideas off one another and giving each other high fives so naturally I assumed that if Mr Foer’s book was gimmicky which it is then The History of Love would surely be a major eye roller as well right?WrongWhatever the reason I was clearly out of line and for that I owe Nicole a huge apology In this book she weaves three intersecting storylines all under a cloud of intriguing ambiguity so even though it is understood that the stories are related it isn’t exactly clear how until about two thirds of the way through And as the stories of Leopold Gursky Alma Singer and Zvi Litvinoff are told to us they leave an imprint on us even before we learn for sure who they are The History of Love is a gorgeous novel with gorgeous characters who do what characters do best they love and they lose they struggle and they fail and if lucky they learn how to pick up the pieces and survive For them survival is not a destination but a journey There’s no magic cure and there’s no end all But taken one day at a time it is possible to live a life worth living Krauss reminds us that all we really want is to remain visible—to be known to be loved and to be remembered by those who knew and loved usI won a copy of this book through World Book Night a program begun in the UK last year to spread the love of reading That program has now arrived in the US and even though I technically shouldn’t have ualified for receiving a copy of this—WBN books are supposed to have been given only to “light” readers in the hopes that they become “moderate” readers—I will make sure that it will have been worth their while by spreading my love for this book about a book about love

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The History of LoveOk her mother is lovingly translating she sets out in search of its author Across New York an old man called Leo Gursky is trying to survive a little bit longer He spends his days dreamin Original Comments Pre ReviewI would like to review this novel formally in the near future but to do so I'll have to flick through it and refresh my memoryMy reaction at the time was that it was one of the best novels I had ever readNicole Krauss understands people and love and feelings and she writes about them in a word perfect wayAs a reader I am prepared to go wherever she wants to take me I will trust her judgementI have recently watched a few of her videos and interviews on Youtube and she's also someone who I enjoy listening to when she speaks about her craft and her choice of subject matterThis probably sounds very gushy and naive but I promise to write something consideredReview September 26 2011Warning about SpoilersI have tried to minimise and identify plot spoilersHowever this is an emotional response to the novel and might reveal significance that you might want to enjoy by way of your own detectionI hope that my review doesn't spoil anything for you or if it does that you uickly forget itLives Lived and Measured by the Deli CounterNicole Krauss’ “The History of Love” is one of my favourite novels of all timeI read it once pre Good Reads and have just re read it so that I could review it And I will read it again OftenThat doesn’t count the numerous times I have fingered through the book seeking out passages and expressions and meanings and significances that stimulated or appealed to meIt’s an exuisitely crafted tale of love loss longing hope defiance resilience and it has to be said delusionI love its Jewish wisdom and concern with the family I love its Yiddish rhythms and expressions and humour and playfulness I love the window it offers into the millennia of Jewish culture and enrichment of the worldWhen I open the pages of this book I feel like I am walking into the best delicatessen or pastry shop in the worldEverything is there on display everything is on offer we can eat in or take awayIt’s all been made with consummate skill and affection it’s designed to satiate our appetite to enrich our livesI look at it all knowing it will feed us it will sustain us it will revive our energy It’s food for thought it’s food for lifeI'm sure it will help us live our own lives and tell our own tales it will euip each of us to tell our own History of LoveI am wearing my Second Avenue Deli t shirt as I think and type thisLegend“The History of Love” is written from four different perspectives each of which is represented by a different symbol at the beginning of the chapterLeo Gursky a heartAlma Singer a compassOmniscient Narrator an open bookBird Alma’s brother an arkOnce Upon a TimeOnce upon a time there was a Polish boy named Leo Gursky who loved a girl across the field named Alma Mereminski “Her laughter was a uestion he wanted to spend his whole life answering”He asked her to marry him when they were both still only ten “He promised her he would never love another girl as long as he lived What if I die? She asked Even then he said”He carved “AL” in the bark of a tree and had someone take a photo of the two of them in front of that tree He writes three books for her all in their native Yiddish the last being “The History of Love”Book 1 this one was about Slonim Alma says “she liked it better when I made things up”Book 2 he made up everything for this one Alma says “maybe I shouldn’t make up everything because that made it hard to believe anything”Book 3 “The History of Love” Leo says I didn’t write about real things and I didn’t write about imaginary things I wrote about the only things I knew”In July 1941 that boy who was now a man of 21 avoided murder by the German Einsatzgruppen because he was lying on his back in the woods thinking about the girl “You could say it was his love for her that saved his life”Alma’s father had already saved her by sending her to AmericaUnbeknown to either of them Alma was pregnant with their son Isaac when she leftOblivious to the birth of his son Leo lives in hiding surrounded by Nazi atrocitiesLetters back and forth fail to reach their destinationHe even writes his own obituary when he is in the depths of illness and despairBy the time Leo finally escapes to New York himself five years later he has become an invisible man in the face of deathHe traces Alma only to learn that she has had their child and that believing he was dead she has married another manHe is ecstatic that “our sum had come to eual a child” ALIHe asks her once to “come with me” she can’t and he does the hardest thing he’s ever done in his life he picked up his hat and walked awayHe has little involvement with Alma or Isaac after that except as an occasional remote observerAnd yet He continues to love Alma though he now has another uest to determine whether Isaac who becomes a famous writer in his own right ever knew about his father and that he wrote “The History of Love”Once Upon Another TimelineOnce upon another time it is the year 2000 when Leo is 80 and believes he is approaching death a precocious 15 year old girl goes by the name Alma SingerHer mother Charlotte a literary translator who specialises in Spanish literature named her after every girl in a book Alma’s father David gave her mother called “The History of Love”It is written in Spanish and the author is Zvi Litvinoff a friend of Leo’s who after Leo left Poland escaped to Chile carrying with him the original Yiddish manuscript of “The History of Love” for safekeepingAlma’s father died when she was sevenLike Leo Charlotte has continued to love him “my mother never fell out of love with my father” and has never felt the need or desire to love another manWhen Charlotte disposes of some of his possessions Alma rescues an old sweater and decides to wear it for the rest of her lifeShe manages to wear it for 42 days straightAlma is on her own uest to know her own father better to help her younger brother Bird to know him too to find a lover for her mother and to learn about her namesake in “The History of Love”In the midst of this assortment of delicacies Charlotte receives a letter asking her to translate “The History of Love” from Spanish to EnglishFamily PlotI have included the above plot details despite my normal reluctance to summarise plots in reviewsPlease don’t construe any of the details as spoilers Most of them are revealed in the first forty pages only not necessarily in that orderAnd I have left out a lot of the back story so that I could set up this context that family is fundamental to the plot to “The History of Love” not to mention history itselfThe Paleontological DetectiveEvery crime needs its own detective and every detective needs their own methodology even a child detectiveNicole Krauss twice mentions the task of paleontologists “Bird asked what a paleontologist was and Mom said that if he took a complete illustrated guide to the Metropolitan Museum of Art shred it into a hundred pieces cast them into the wind from the museum’s steps let a few weeks pass went back and scoured Fifth Avenue and Central Park for as many surviving scraps as he could find then tried to reconstruct the history of painting including schools styles genres and names of painters from his scraps that would be like a paleontologist “The only difference is that paleontologists study fossils in order to figure out the origin and evolution of life “Every fourteen year old should know something about where she comes from my mother said It wouldn’t do to go around without the faintest clue of how it all began”Here the historical uest the puzzle depends on your perspective And there are two the young and the old the present and the past joining together to construct the futureFor Alma the young the puzzle is what happened before “The History of Love” found its way into her family?For Leo the old it is what happened after he wrote “The History of Love”?Both have to sit down sometimes patiently sometimes impatiently and work their own methodical way towards a solution of their own puzzleIn a way their problem is the same the problem of familyLeo loses a prospective wife and a son Charlotte loses a husband Alma loses a fatherThey have all lost the story of their family of their loveHere the novel is symbolic of the fate of the Jewish Family in the face of the Holocaust and the Jewish DiasporaThe Jewish Family has been dispersed all over the world family members have been separated the spine of their love and connections and cultures and books and stories has been severedTheir book has

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Download Book Û The History of Love Ç 255 pages ✓ Nicole krauss ☆ An alternative cover edition for this ISBN can be found hereFourteen year old Alma Singer is trying to find a cure for her mother's loneliness Believing she might discover it in an old book her mother is lovingly translating sG of the lost love who sixty years ago in Poland inspired him to write a book And although he doesn't know it yet that book also survived crossing oceans and generations and changing live One of the most beautiful and saddest “experimental” love stories I’ve ever read I’ve had this novel on my TBR since January 2014 a very long time The main reason it stayed there was the author’s ex husband Jonathan Safran Foer I did not enjoy his book Everything is Illuminated and I wrongly presumed that I will not like History of Love either A stupid idea I know but from the description it felt similar Both are Jewish authors writing a book with multiple plot lines and the blurb also reminded me of Foer’s strangeness Glad I finally got the courage to read this beauty I have no idea how to review this book I also have no time at all to think so again it will be a short one There are a two main narrative voices and two episodic one Leo Gurski my favourite character is an old sad man of Polish origin living in NY He once loved a woman named Alma and wrote a book about her which was lost in the war Or was it? Alma is a little girl who lost her father to a disease and her mother to grief still alive but barely She is desperately trying to make her mother feel better One day the mother receives a reuest to translate in English her favourite book which was a gift from her dead husband and which gave Alma her name As you might have already figured out there is a connection between the two characters namely the book called The History of Love I loved the structure of the novel the multiple plot lines the characters the snippets from History of Love inserted in the novel The characters live in the past back when there was no loss which makes them incapable to also live in the present I think the name History is well chosen taking that in consideration History of loss may be an even better title as another reviewer wrote That’s all my sleep deprived brain can come up with Read this novel is beautiful