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My Almost Flawless Tokyo Dream Life't exist In an effort to please her new family Elle falls in with the Ex Brats a troupe of uber cool international kids who spend money like it's air But when she starts to crush on a boy named Ryuu who's frozen out by the Brats and despised by her new family her already tenuous living situation just might implodeMy Almost Flawless Tokyo Dream Life is about learning what it is to be a family and finding the inner strength to be yourself even in the most extreme circumstances. So this book wasn’t terrible but let's just say it wasn’t for meThe characters felt very one dimensional I didn’t connect or care for any of them really Her so called family on her father's side were very unlikeable Her father was cold and distant Don’t even get me started on her grandmotherI’ll leave pieces of a conversation here for you “Why is your skin dark”“My mother’s father was part Native American and African American” I explainedMrs Takahara did not try to hide her shock and displeasure “Like black”Mother Kim and Kenji both cried at Mrs Takahara who ignored themMrs Takahara said “You know about the Nigerians in Roppongi They’re bad not honest” Ya’ll I get that they were supposed to be rich and in another country but that doesn’t excuse this I really had problems with her family I received an ARC via NetGalley for an honest reviewuotes were taken from an ARC and are subject to change upon publicationBlog | Instagram | Twitter

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My Almost Flawless Tokyo Dream Life Read å 102 â I'm here to take you to live with your father In Tokyo Japan Happy birthdayIn the Land of the Rising Sun where high culture meets high kitsch and fashion and technology are at the forefront of the First World's future the foreign born teen elite attend ICS the International Collegiate SI'm here to take you to live with your father In Tokyo Japan Happy birthdayIn the Land of the Rising Sun where high culture meets high kitsch and fashion and technology are at the forefront of the First World's future the foreign born teen elite attend ICS the International Collegiate School of Tokyo Their accents are fluid Their homes are ridiculously posh Their sports games often involve a private plane trip to another country They miss school because of jet lag and visa i. I reuested this hoping it would be good and it ended up being amazingThe scenery food culture and of course cats made this a delight to readIt was so much fun and had a lot to it than I expectedNow I really must get back to Japan and actually see than just the airportI really enjoyed this and hope all of you get a chance to check it out tooThank you NetGalley and Disney Book Group for granting my wish

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Ssues When they get in trouble they seek diplomatic immunityEnter foster kid out of water Elle Zoellner who on her sixteenth birthday discovers that her long lost father Kenji Takahari is actually a Japanese hotel mogul and wants her to come live with him Um yes please Elle jets off first class from Washington DC to Tokyo which seems like a dream come true Until she meets her enigmatic father her way too fab aunt and her hyper critical grandmother who seems to wish Elle didn. DNF at 68% Because when I wasn't pissed off I was bored I don't even know where to start with this I guess I'm glad I borrowed the book from the library instead of buying it Which based on GR reviews I figured I'd be better off doing; when everyone says it's like a tourist's guide to Japan than a novel with substance they are not wrongI picked this book up because I was curious Tokyo is home to me I was born there throughout my childhood I spent all of my breaks there I grew up in Misawa a town up north and I return every 2 3 years to visit my family there Honestly I was reading this for the homesickness and the nostalgia factors And I might have felt even a smidgen of that too had it not been for Elle the main character whose point of view we live in through the storyHow can a multiracial half Japanese half Native Americanblackmiscellaneous white European girl in the foster care system come across as so entitled and spoiled and selfish How can her introduction to Japanese culture smack of so much white privilege and savior syndrome Maybe I'm just ultra sensitive to it having grown up as both Japanese and American but seriously her culture shock screamed rude and insensitive borderline racist criticism to the point where I was offended I'm not saying that Japanese culture is perfect and that there aren't things to criticize But come on whining about every last little cultural idiom that differs from white American culture even the benign things No sorry I cannotThis isn't even getting into her treatment of her family which smelled like Bella from Twilight I'm hesitant to rant too much into this because I get a lot of this is because of her brief stint in the foster care system and I'm cognizant enough of my own privilege to recognize that there are some things to this point that I just don't get That's fine Benefit of the doubt given But no points for Elle's cultural insensitivityNow let's talk language Rachel Cohn's research into Japanese culture and Tokyo culture is definitely something to be commended and almost enough to merit a 2 star DNF rating from me as opposed to a 1 star But the languageFirst of all Akemi is NOT pronounced ah kay mee like Elle explains Yes an American would pronounce her name like that But a Japanese person WOULD NOT And Akemi herself would not pronounce her name ah kay mee Otherwise it would be spelled Akeimii So Wrong It's ah ke mi I bet Cohn thinks Ryuu is pronounced ri yuu too Ordinarily I chalk that one up to English speakers lacking the capability to pronounce the ryu syllable correctly buuutAlso the slang for arigato gozaimashita or thank you very much last I checked is not go zai mas Gozaimasu is the very much part of thank you very much and is in fact used in various other contexts than just arigatou To be fair MAYBE in the 2010s that's what the kids in Japan are using I can barely keep up with the Gen Z slang in America and I live here I'm not going to fuss over the euivalent generational slang in Japan because it's not relevant to me when I visit but in the 90s and 00s if you wanted to be casual than just plain arigatou which is actually REALLY casual the slang was sankyuu Again slang changes all the time so maybe it's different now I don't know but it's throwing me off I would say that maybe go zai mas is the ICS Tokyo slang but Elle pointedly mentioned that she read it in the handbook her father's assistant gave her so I'm not awarding that benefit of the doubt eitherThese are the ones that stood out to me I had to dull myself from any possible other offenses before too long And not all of the language things are incorrect; to be fair most are pretty accurate But I have a feeling that while Cohn researched the language she probably didn't even bother to actually study it and it showsAs for the story itself I don't know a lot of reviewers are saying that the plot doesn't kick up until the part where I gave up Maybe it's an accurate assessment But the parts of the book that I did read are seriously a whole lot of nothing and I just couldn't imagine whatever plot exists making up for everything that was pissing me off in the parts I did read so yeah Basically if you're Japanese don't read this If you're a Japanophile don't read this If you're looking for a good YA story don't read this Just don't read this The writing is solidly good the research is mostly great but there is no plot until near the end evidently I didn't stick around long enough to find out and Elle is an infuriating protagonist Again I'm so glad this was a library read and not anything I spent money on