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Ter than to never speak with Paz again but when he is tapped to help with her interrogation the two of them begin to reconcile their differences which don’t run nearly as deep as they expectedIn Sophia as Clover lear. Okay excuse my delayI’ve been studying and reading has been pushed to the side unfortunately but I’m starting to make time no matter what Because I miss the happiness it brings meThis book thoSo one thing that’s irritating to me is when I read a really good book then years later the second book comes out And I kind of forget what the first book was even about Upon reading it started to come back to me And this book was a lot stronger than the first My heart was fully in this book I love how this author made the settings and religion or government persay so real feeling Clive is trying to figure out what his true meaning in life is and where his future should go Clover is convinced there father is still alive Gemma is missing abducted by the Wehsa Paz is not to be trusted but when the world is im turmoil And nobody really knows the definition of true religion and leadership who is good Who is bad What if things aren’t what they seemThis book has a lot of growth and self discovery I can’t wait to see where it goes

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Slow Burn Anchor Sophia #2Ns and about the city and its enigmatic director Zeno his faith in his mission begins to waverAnd Gemma embarks on a journey of self discovery and spiritual expansion that will open her eyesif it doesn't kill her first. So firstly I have to say that I love Tommy Wallach and his writing This is the third book I've read by him We All Looked Up and Strange Fire being the other culprits and he has yet to not provoke some new thought in me from each work My favorite thing about this book was definitely Gemma's character development except ugh if you know you know It really reminded me of my own upbringing within a religious sector and then blossoming into myself as I moved onto college and into the world It was well written Usually when there are two or perspectives I get confused on the time lines or with the general what the hell is going on but again this great man has exceeded my expectations Mr Wallach is definitely an inspiration and I will sorta patiently wait for the third book in this series Would recommend

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Slow Burn Anchor Sophia #2 Free read æ 104 ñ After their devastating journey from the Anchor to Sophia Clive and Clover Hamill Gemma Poplin and Paz Dedios have all been separated—not only in space but in their convictionsIn the Anchor Clive would like nothing better than to never speak with Paz again but when he is tapped to help with hAfter their devastating journey from the Anchor to Sophia Clive and Clover Hamill Gemma Poplin and Paz Dedios have all been separated not only in space but in their convictionsIn the Anchor Clive would like nothing bet. “You’d be amazed what you can live with Clive Hamill I know that better than anybodyThis book was one of my most top five anticipated releases And it didn’t fail my expectations at all I of course always love anything Tommy Wallach writes This book is the second installment in the Sophia and Anchor series taking us deeper into a wild world with wild beliefsThis series is based off a battle between two opposing cities These cities are grounded in their beliefs and cultures one being incredibly religious the followers of the Daughter and the other city being run by atheists or people who believe in something but not the Daughter Tommy Wallach does such a great job mixing fantasy with real world issues and he truly shows the power and craziness that some people with religious beliefs have It’s a big call out for Extremists and I love this series because it brings to light that everyone is their own individual with their own walk of lifeNow in this book there is a lot of different points of views We go through Paz Clive Clover and Gemma’s roles All of them are living such different lives than they were in book one and I completely was here for it The tensions are heating between the two cities as families are being torn apart Do they serve the Daughter of God and the church’s beliefs or do they rally with the opposition I love that this book makes you uestion it makes you think a lot Another reason why Tommy Wallach is my favorite authorIn this we explore the toxicness of Organized Religions and how brutal just some people can be when it comes to religious views As someone who believes in God I love reading books where it teaches people to respect other’s beliefs I don’t think a lot of people of faith are taught that or really not a lot of people are taught that in generalI had one issue thoughThere is a big section in this book involving sexuality and how it ties into religion There is a group of people in this book who are meant to resemble ian Women this clan of people is known as the Wesah One of the main characters just so happens to be taken by them and starts to come to terms with their sexuality and luckily enough to be in a group of people who do not judge and they come to be themselves But really this is where the Bury Your Gay trope just gets old I feel like having this character discover and come to terms with their self and then just making their death a “shock” factor is a big noOverall though this series is just so good and I wish people would read it Tommy Wallach is a master of words and makes you think highly on life This is a series I recommend to everyone and I hope starts to gain popularity as books get publishedThanks for reading Sol