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Read & download ´ Analee In Real Life ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ Ever since her mom died three years ago Analee Echevarria has had trouble saying out loud the weird thoughts that sit in her head With a best friend who hates her and a dad who’s marrying a yogi she can’t stand Analee spends most of hKe his ex jealous Analee agrees Sure Seb seems kind of obnoxious but Analee could use some practice connecting with people in real life In fact it’d maybe even help her with HarrisBut the Seb tries to coax Analee out of her comfort zone the she starts to wonder if her anxious invisible self is even ready for the real world Can Analee figure it all out without losing herself in the proce. TW scene of sexual assault forcedunwanted kissingWhat I LikedAnalee – There was so much about Analee that I found relatable She’s an introvert who finds it easier to share her feelings in a journal than out loud She’s still dealing with the loss of her mother and how that loss reshaped so many of her other relationships She has social anxiety and is not comfortable being the center of attention Analee never refers to herself as fat which might leave something to be desired when it comes to fat rep but she calls herself chubby and has self esteem issues but I loved her entire journey throughout the novel which focuses on self loveAnalee and Seb – These two are very different from one another but I loved their dynamic all throughout the novel I loved that Milanes shows them becoming friends first before exploring anything romantic between the twoFamilial relationships – I always love when contemporaries have such a family focused story and Analee in Real Life is so good at navigating the MC’s relationship with her father his fiancée and her soon to be stepsister Avery I loved that none of these relationships remain stagnant but grow as a result of the MC’s growthPositive stepmother stepdaughter relationship – Analee’s evolving relationship with her soon to be stepmother Harlow was my favorite to read about Harlow is the complete opposite of Analee’s mother and has changed her dad as a result And Analee can’t help but resent her for it For example Analee can’t help compare Harlow’s vegan meals to her mother’s Cuban cuisines In the end the two come to understand each other Realistic romantic arcs – The fake dating trope is one of my favorites and although it can be predictable I just love the tension that seems to underscore these relationships I don’t want to give too much away but I love that Milanes writes both Analee and Seb in such a way that they feel flawed and real They make mistakes and hold themselves back The ending of the novel felt truly empowering from Analee’s POV because it prioritized where she was in her journey and not necessarily where they were in their relationshipWhat I Didn't LikeSeb in the beginning – While I ended up really enjoying Seb as a character the beginning made me pause I was immediately put off by his dynamic with his ex girlfriend where he didn’t seem to get the message that she wanted spaceAnalee and Lily – One of the reasons Analee agrees to fake date Seb is her desire to win back her ex best friend Lily I was disappointed that there were not scenes between the two of themFinal VerdictJanelle Milanes’s Analee in Real Life will delight fans of the fake dating trope but shines brightest with the MC’s personal arc that’s rooted in self love bravery and personal growth

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Erything real life Analee cannot her bravery her strength her inner warrior The one thing both Kiri and Analee can’t do though is work up the nerve to confess her romantic feelings for Kiri’s partner in crime Xolkar aka a teen boy named Harris whom Analee has never actually met in personSo when high school heartthrob Seb Matias asks Analee to pose as his girlfriend in an attempt to ma. I really liked the premise of this especially with the aspect of online personalities I liked Analee She’s loving and loyal and a lot stronger than she thinks she is I did struggle with her in the beginning but she had a lot of growth through the story and I uickly found myself rooting for her There are several other characters but I loved Elliott the most and could have had a million pages with himPlot wise it was a bit longer than felt necessary and some of the scenes seemed repetitive And while I hate open ended endings I found this one to be fairly satisfying It was hopeful and maybe a little heartbreaking and really worked for the story Overall it was great story about finding yourself in the face of loss and new beginnings and grabbing some happiness Huge thanks to Simon Pulse for providing the arc free of charge

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Analee In Real LifeEver since her mom died three years ago Analee Echevarria has had trouble saying out loud the weird thoughts that sit in her head With a best friend who hates her and a dad who’s marrying a yogi she can’t stand Analee spends most of her time avoiding reality and role playing as Kiri the night elf hunter at the center of her favorite online gameThrough Kiri Analee is able to express ev. “There are no rules for happiness You’ll be happy then you’ll be sad then you’ll be happy again Enjoy the happiness when you have it When you don’t have it remember It will come again You just have to be open to it” Analee In Real Life is a feel good story about family finding your confidence and growing up Analee Echevarria is most comfortable in an online world as the fierce Kiri in an online game and is secretly crushing on her long distance best friend Harris When she’s paired with popular jock Seb in biology he suggest they pretend to date to make others jealous And so many fantastically tropey things follow that I was just sucked inThe chapters were so uick I was pulled into the story and I flew through it It was so easy to read and there were so many fantastic tropes that I eat up It was like this book was a compilation of cliches and plot points designed to make me happy Analee and Harris’ banter and generally interactions were so great and made me love their relationship And seeing the buildup for the friends to lovers potential was great And the fake dating between Seb and Analee I mean what’s not to love Seb and Analee had so many cute moments from encouraging each other to cute faux dates I just liked them a lot And I really appreciated seeing Analee and Harlow’s relationship develop through the story Harlow started as just Analee’s stepmom but we really get to know her as a person and see their relationship grow And I really liked seeing Analee’s Cuban culture highlighted and how important it was to her and her mom’s memory While I liked so many parts of this story some things just didn’t work for me I thought that all of the romantic moments that happen after about the halfway point felt really unsatisfying after the buildup of both relationships And that was disappointing to me because I was invested in both of them for different reasons I don’t mind that romance wasn’t the focus of the story but the resolutions felt unfinished I also thought that the resolution to Analee’s Dad and Harlow’s fight was so distractingly stupid It was just out of left field weird and made no sense Analee In Real Life was an entertaining read that’s perfect to read when you just want to relax and enjoy reading And even though there’s a lot of things to love the story doesn’t lack in heart or well developed relationships particularly with Analee and her father Like The Victoria in my Head Analee In Real Life showcases relatable characters growing into themselves and learning to love and accept who they are I received a copy of the book from Simon Pulse via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review