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Miraculously spared the struggle is just beginning as men and women of all backgrounds join together to confront the darknes UPDATED below in honor of a GR reading groupA satisfying account of a community surviving a nuclear Holocaust in isolation from the rest of the world It was written in 1959 so it set a precedent for all the apocalypse literature that followed Instead of the perhaps plausible temporary survival of human society in Nevil Chute's On the Beach this tale of a rural central Florida community blessed with favorable winds on the day the missiles fly makes the story one of a successful long term survival Special skills and resources of individuals in the community are all brought nicely to play in contributing to group survival An idea of humankind is a hero The hero's planning and leadership skills are needed and what he learned as a soldier becomes important This man miraculously has skills learned while farming hunting fishing and doing engineering which the community needs for food and shelter challenges In the time since Armageddon the forces of evolution have been intense and these winners at survival are the cream of the human crop Community teamwork assumes a promising form in some senses a utopia of collaboration Problems are being solved and these descendents of survivors look pretty good at it Key tasks of civilization include keeping transportation operational for the doctor power for a shortwave radio and library operations for entertainmenteducation Finding a source of salt and new sources of food such as armadillos are successful innovations Defense against mauraders is a minor but important part of the tale course there is a love story behind the scenes By the time the remnant government in Colorado contacts the community they feel confident of continuing on This isn't great literature but a worthwhile part of the body of science fiction on human response to apocalypseUpdateSo what happened to Frank? Why was he a one hit wonder? On the 50th anniversary of Alas Babylon's publication in 2009 the year I read and wrote the review a nice story came out profiling the gifts of Frank His early demise at 57 had contributions from excessive alcohol intake His background included work as reporter in FLorida then as a war correspondent who also did intelligence tasks for the CIA precursor OSS He is depicted as victim of his own success and perpetrator of his decline from too much of the high life A uote from his brother is forgiving “He was bigger than life” says his daughter Perry Frank “bigger than the problems he had” Florida Times Union storySo how does this early post apocalyptic tale fare in the lineup of outstanding books in this genre that I have happened to be noursished by Of the 29 I read Alas Babylon on my pleasure meter was in the middle Good bedfellows at 4 stars was The Windup Girl and On the Beach So what moved me to 5 stars?Since you asked they were Engine Summer 1983 and a bunch recent efforts why did I not even think to list 1952's When Worlds Collide Oryx and Crake Ship Breaker Blindness Cloud Atlas Railsea and Railsea So Alas Babylon has some lasting value for me but there has been a lot of creative juices at work in this genre since 1959 I'm sure you have some other favorites Apocalyptic means zombies these days but I missed a lot of those World War Z did not appeal and The Passage untried

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Alas BabylonAlas Babylon Those fateful words heralded the end When a nuclear holocaust ravages the United States a thousand years of civ ”And the kings of the earth who have committed fornicationand lived deliciously with her shall bewail her and lament forher when they shall see the smoke of her burningStanding afar off for the fear of her torment sayingAlas alas that great city Babylon that mighty city for in onehour is thy judgment come “ Revelations The cover art of the American First Edition from 1959Randy Bragg comes from a long line of prestigious individuals He unfortunately has never found a way to live up to the family name He has some ambition He isn’t a wastrel He just isn’t sure what he is supposed to do with his life He served in Korea and came back with his uniform weighed down with medals He recently ran for a political position but was soundly trounced His family name would have won it for him but his honesty about his liberal politics in a conservative Central Florida district made him easy pickings for his opponent He is floundering And then he receives a telegram from his brother Mark who is currently assigned to a strategic air base in Omaha Alas BabylonThe code word they’d used since they were young lads to indicate that something was seriously wrong Mark sends his family to be with Randy Like a bone reader or a truth sayer Mark has assembled the pieces of information he has collected from conversations field reports and radio freuency chatter A war is coming ”Within the pillar and the cloud fantastic colors played Red changed to orange glowed white became red again Green and purple ropes twisted upward through the pillar and spread tentacles through the cloud The gaudy mushroom enlarged with incredible speed angry poisonous malignant It grew until the mushroom’s rim looked like the leading edge of an approaching weather front black purple orange green a cancerous man created line suall” The Soviet Union and the United States have done the unthinkable Cities wink out one by one as both sides hit the other with everything they have In Fort Repose it becomes very real after the electricity goes out ”In four months” Randy said “we’ve regressed four thousand years More maybe Four thousand years ago the Egyptians and Chinese were civilized”There is a run on the bank Merchants have vaults full of cash after they sell all their merchandise but you can’t eat money It has about the same value as Confederate script or a year old newspaper Everyone tries to think about what they will need Food of courseWaterGasolineBut do you think of tires or coffee or medicine?Fort Repose as it turns out is strategically located far enough away from the big cities that received these megaton explosions They were also lucky the wind blew in the right direction They have fruit and nut groves so nature will provide them with a source of food There are fish in the river and crabs if you know where to find them Did you think about salt? If you are a doctor who can you save? People who need medicine to survive are uickly winnowed out of the population People who can’t cope are committing suicide Instead of having babies women are having miscarriages Nature is making some decisions ”It is said that nature is cruel I don’t think so Nature is just and even merciful By natural selection nature will attempt to undo what man has done”Carpe Diem Seize the Day as the recently departed Robin Williams extorted his students to embrace in Dead Poets Society There is a dark side to this concept and that would be those people who live for today and don’t worry about tomorrow They have to seize everyday by stealing from those that have planned for a future killing those that oppose them and for entertainment raping those they desire This works for a while but fortunately most people prefer a civilization where they can plan for a future and can exist in a reasonable modicum of safety Randy Bragg finds himself in the leadership position he tried to win through the ballot box He forms a vigilante group and starts to win back control of a future for all by taking it away from the few willing to use violence to intimidate Pat Frank looking very studiousThis was a hugely influential book when it was published in 1959 It continues to be listed as one of the best science fiction books of all time The fifties spawned a lot of great apocalyptic novels because the threat of our imminent demise from those “crazy” Russians was on everyone’s mind There are moments of violence but for the most part Fort Repose feels like a small town that has been cut off from everything rather than a town in the midst of a terrifying post apocalyptic situation In 1959 I’m sure it was very unnerving to read but for me in 2015 it felt like a jaunt in Winesburg Ohio I do think that Pat Frank had a tiger by the tail and he brought it home put it in a cage started feeding it and turned that tiger into a house cat There was the potential for a truly great novel that transcends the genre but everything wraps up with a wiffle rather than a bang If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at

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eBook · ePub Alas Babylon ã 9780060741877 Free è Alas Babylon Those fateful words heralded the end When a nuclear holocaust ravages the United States a thousand years of civilization are stripped away overnight and tens of millions of people are killed instantly But for one small town in Florida miraculously spared the strIlization are stripped away overnight and tens of millions of people are killed instantly But for one small town in Florida another great survival book this one was surprising because it didn't feel dated at all even though it was written in 1959 i wish there were maybe 200 pages particularly about rita who is how i would want to be in the aftermath shotgun high heels stockpiles i love the image but the reality is that i would likely be holed up in the library probably rereading this book for tips meta to sum it up in a few words armadillos glasses honey kaboom and two things i learned to continue my lists do not pick up jewelry after the blast and buy extra glasses helpful review?? nope they never arecome to my blog