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Download Ç PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook º Simon James Green Rry Meanwhile Noah's paired up with a girl who outrageously is German not even FrenchBut that's not all Noah's being followed By mysterious strangers in a black carIs it becauseA Noah's dad and secret half brother have stolen gran's fake di. Maybe 25This is a fairly critical review With that in mind I would just like to say that I am always happy to see well written YA LGBT fiction and that this book despite its issues is exactly that I genuinely think that the writer is talented and that this book will probably make many people happy NiceNoah Could Never is playful funny and surely well intentioned but than that it feels unconfident in itself to the point that Noah and Harry's relationship the thing that returning readers probably most came back for plays second fiddle to an over inflated ludicrous mystery adventure that although ambitious is filled to the brim with tired sitcom stereotypes and unexciting twists Noah the protagonist is frustrating and often unlikable going out of his way to be an absolute asshat to the people around him boyfriend included And once he said Oh phooey in total sincerity This is an unforgivable crime I think he said it specifically to upset me Harry on the other hand is a total sweetheart He is guilty of nothing but laying his affections on his selfish pompous undeserving best friend I love you Harry Forgive me for trashing your bae I know you won't It's okI'm optimistic that Noah could develop into a likeable rounded person in the future maybe And that's what I would hope to see in a follow up to this a boy who gets his act together and relaxes a little bit and who treats other people nicely However actions speak louder than words this is a theme that recurs throughout the book and through Noah's actions it is projected that he does not intend to change at all and that we are here only to watch a paranoid brat alienate those around him one by one some spoilers up aheadI want to analyse the climax now to better explain what I mean Harry is rightfully avoiding Noah after multiple angsty blowouts Rock star Gran don't ask just read tells Noah that he needs to make some big grand gesture Moreover we know that Harry has both suggested and stated that actions are important to him than words A gesture of some kind probably would make things better But some public announcement of love is not what he needs nor does it make him comfortable when it starts to happen This is a guy who reads body language fluently who sees through Noah's lies who gets upset not at what Noah says to him even if it's rude but at what he does He doesn't want words He wants a gesture An action Not a grand one either Something real Something that truly speaks Despite all of this he is eventually won over by Noah admitting to his faults in an admittedly nice little speech in private This feelsodd I mean isn't there something in between a public declaration of love and a private apology that could have been offered Some action that would speak louder than any off the cuff apology could Well yes Yes there is It just so happens that it comes from Harry See even though Harry was incredibly upset and angry at his boyfriend he went ahead and dug out the spoiler from the bin that Noah was so desperately seeking Even though this very thing represented what Harry was so upset about one of the main things detracting Noah's attention from their relationship Harry rooted around through garbage to get it for the one he loves even though the one he loves was definitely mistreating him And that says it all doesn't it Harry is a hero He shows how he feels not by what he says but by what he does This is also what he expects and needs in return However it is something that Noah seems unable to effectively do; something which we the readers were made to expect that he would work on And this actions words is a really good theme not just for young people but for everyone I wouldn't be analysing the climax like this it there was nothing worthwhile in it But the execution is bungled Noah got lucky Harry isn't taking him back because Noah has developed He is taking him back because Harry is a smitten sweetheart who desperately believes in Noah despite evidence that he perhaps shouldn't Spoilers overAnyway The pacing is uick I was glad for this as I often wanted scenes to hurry up and be over so that I could get to a interesting one The best scenes were the ones closely involving Harry and Noah They were naturally in short supply well written as they wereThematically there is a lot of focus on self worth and acceptance and about what you can and should get from your romantic relationships These are good themes important particularly for young people to engage in But they're focused through a character who only seems to develop in circles like a confused driver spiralling endlessly around a round a bout instead of turning off and making headway in a positive direction By the way We are given Harry and Noah's ship name Hoah in the book as if the author expects us to all shoot off to FFnet to write up romantic scenes about them that we felt were missing from the story with his blessing And maybe we should There is after all this sense of something being missing And I don't just mean the payoff to the 'will they or won't they do it' subplot These two characters even Noah genuinely just deserve some better cracks at romance Ones without geese and french cheese on barbeues and pyramid schemes The fanfiction community will probably be happy to obligeAs for me I'm going to wait for the seuel hoping that it will settle down and magnify 'Hoah' a little and develop Noah a lot better One thing As far as this being a comedy goesI did laugh Out loud More then once But there are just as many misses as there are hits At some point it just started to get tiring I guess Ah well Until next time Simon James Green

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Noah Could Never Noah Cant Even #2 Summary á 104 õ Noah and Harry have gone from friends to boyfriends but is Noah ready for the differenceIt doesn't help that a group of French exchange students have descended on Little Fobbing including sexy Pierre Victoire who seems to have his eye on Harry Meanwhile Noah's paired up with a girl AmondsB His PE teacher is getting suspicious cash infusions from Russia C A drag ueen is hiding out at Noah's house after a bare knuckled drag feud D Noah's made some uestionable life choices involving protein powderE Or NONE ALL OF THE ABO. I think this might be one of my favourite I LOVED the first volume and I think this was even better Noah is an amazing character; he is funny and cute clueless and crazy This book made me smile and laugh so many times I couldn't even count Moreover compared with the first one I think Noah Could Never had a bigger conflict Pierre I hated Pierre since he first made an appearance and I was SURE something wrong was going on with him view spoilerWhen he kissed Noah I wanted to throw the book on the window I really dislike this type of people hide spoiler

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Noah Could Never Noah Cant Even #2Noah and Harry have gone from friends to boyfriends but is Noah ready for the differenceIt doesn't help that a group of French exchange students have descended on Little Fobbing including sexy Pierre Victoire who seems to have his eye on Ha. While many of Noah's escapades in this second book were very funny there was just something about him that I found it hard to actually 'like' I loved Harry who was non stop awesome but this second story was a bit too over the top at times with so many irons in the fire that it felt a bit unfocused and began to frustrate meI would have preferred if a few of the book's many many sub plots had been eliminated and focused on the actual relationship between Noah and HarryI do admit that I did enjoy the story much once the road trip to London happened plus I did really like the endingI'd rate this one at around 325 stars overall mostly due to the comedic aspects taking center stage and feeling a bit too in your face for my likingThink a YA version of TJ Klune's Tell Me It's Real on steroids See All My Latest Reads Review uick Links