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Confessions of a Teenage Leper summary Æ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Æ Abby Furlowe has plans Big plans She's hot she's popular she's a cheerleader and she's going to break out of her small Texas town and make it big Fame and fortune adoration and accolades It'll all be hers But then she notices some spots on her skiBling down If she can't even wear high heels any what is the point of living Cheerleading is out the window and she might not even make it to prom PROMBut it's during this recovery that Abby has to learn to live with something even difficult than Hansen's Disease She's becoming aware of who she really was before and what her behavior was doing to others; now she's on the other side of the fence looking in and she doesn't like what she sees. I was about to crumble My best friends in the whole world had abandoned me when I needed them most I had always thought that it would be a boy who broke my heart But I was wrongWow I am impressed I don't know what I was expecting in this book but I ended it feeling great and pleased with what I just read So in Confessions of a Teenage Leper We follow Abby's story who's been diagnosed with you guessed it leprosy now known as Hansen's Disease She's your typical pretty blonde high school cheerleader and I'm not gonna lie she was insufferable in the beginning But obviously once you get diagnosed with a life changing disease your life changes Her story was filled with high school drama and a uniue sibling dynamic between her and her brother This book was an enjoyable read with some great lines that pack a punch What threw me off at first was that it wasn't in chapters but the writing in short segments worked will with this story and it fit as it told different segments of her life The biggest win in this book is how Abby's character development was handled She was a totally different person by the end but she didn't just magically transform; we got to experience the process with her and see the changes come one by oneI love how this book had a lot of focus on how important language and word choice is Obviously leper has two thousand of years stigma attached to it so the use of Hansen's disease patient was emphasized over leper Abby after adamantly calling herself a leper for so much of the book eventually gets this I swear on my life he said I won't tell anyone you're a leperHansen's disease patient I saidSame thingNo it's notIt wasn't the same thing I realized It wasn't the same at allAbby's voice was just so authentic throughout the book too She had so many emotions throughout this journey and the writing really conveyed the her feelings Honestly I was so invested in this that I just flew through the book and enjoyed the rollercoaster of feelingsI do have a few issues but minor compared to how much I loved the overall story My issues are mostly just things Abby says when she's still a shallow person near the beginning of the story At one point the word anorexic is just thrown out there as an adjective to describe her friends eating habits Then the other issue is her biphobia when she finds out about her brother's sexuality She expresses frustration that he can't even make up his mind about who he wants to sleep withSo these two issues here I'm torn because yeah these are shitty things but they're also tied in to how Abby was as a character in the beginning of the book Because she was shitty But she does grow Dean's bisexuality isn't discussed later so I don't know how her thoughts on that improve but with her overall development I'd like to think she outgrow these thoughts too Then lastly the issues with Dean aren't fleshed out nearly as much as they could've been and seem to be of a uick way to add drama into the story but don't give much depth It was interesting and really uniue and definitely provided a compicated sibling dynamic but the issues could've been either thoroughly dealt with or his issues could've been simplified Overall still an enjoyably side plot thoughSo yeah I really liked this book It's a moving informative read and you really learn a lot about Hansen's disease I'll be honest and say other than the classic biblical stories I really didn't know anything else about it or even the fact that it was still a thing I feel like I came out of this book knowing a lot while also having experienced a really good book So yeah I'd recommend this book Thanks to the publisher for sending me an arc of this book in exchange for an honest reviewReview can also be found on my blog

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Olls around she's tried every cream and medication the doctors have thrown at her but nothing works When she falls doing a routine cheerleading stunt and slips into a coma her mystery illness goes into overdrive and finally gets diagnosed Hansen's Disease aka leprosy Abby is sent to a facility to recover and deal with this new reality Her many misdiagnoses mean that some permanent damage has been done and all of her plans suddenly come tum. The plot device of Hansen's disease aka leprosy is definitely a uniue one There was uite a bit of interesting information on it which was really what I enjoyed The rest of the story fell flat with me though I do appreciate the overall arc of the main character This review is based on a copy provided by the publisher in exchange for honest feedback

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Confessions of a Teenage LeperAbby Furlowe has plans Big plans She's hot she's popular she's a cheerleader and she's going to break out of her small Texas town and make it big Fame and fortune adoration and accolades It'll all be hers But then she notices some spots on her skin She writes them off as a rash but things only get worse She's tired all the time her hands and feet are numb and her face starts to look like day old pizza By the time her seventeenth birthday r. Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for an ARC of this book I wish I could say that I liked this book but I didn't I don't know what I expected from this novel but it is definitely than what I got from it A totally superficial and cold hearted mean girl goes from hot popular and a cheerleader to a person with a rare disease leprosy I couldn't relate to her at all All she did was whine and complain about how her life had been perfect before her diagnosis The story was unbelievable and unrealistic The thing that happened with her newly gay brother was stupid and completely took away from the story of having Hansen's disease I feel like the author just used the main character's brother as a plot device I mean him doing webcamming then running away with a weird stranger was just totally cliche and probably hardly ever happens in real life I also couldn't relate to any of the other characters at all either Her best friend and her crush where she goes after she gets diagnosed are just underdeveloped and a sorry excuse for characters because they have no substance I feel like these two characters were just plot devices to move the story along They also seemed like they were stock characters