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Free download ò You Are The Everything Ë PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Can you want something—or someone—so badly that you change your destiny Elyse Schmidt never would have believed it until it happened to her When Elyse and her not so secret crush Josh Harris are the solJosh Harris are the sole survivors of a plane crash tragedy binds them together It’s as if their love story is meant to be Everything is perfect or as perfect as it can be when. Elyse Schmidt has had a crush on Josh Harris since the 4th grade On their way back from Paris after a high school band competition she has the luck to be sitting beside him on the last row on the plane Elyse and her friend Kath had a fight and Kath gave her seat to Josh Harris so she would not sit with Elyse on the plane Josh is fast asleep but it does not stop Elyse to fantasize about how it would be if they were dating She is drawing all kinds of life events where she and Josh are a couple Suddenly turbulence starts the plane tilts and soon everything is chaos and panic Elyse realises that they are about to crash Soon after impact she is hurt and she knows that she must escape if she wants to survive She escapes the plane and rolls down a hill hurting all over She eventually stops against someone and she knows that it is Josh Harris He is breathing The plane explodes and Elyse realises that they are the only two survivorsAfter months of rehab Elyse and Josh are now in love and move with their family to Wyoming to get away from all the publicity surrounding them The story follows Elyse’s life as she struggles with memory issues loving Josh and coming to terms with the loss of her best friend Kath Elyse struggles and she has memory gaps which bring doubt to what is real and what is notThis book is a big surprise It is beautifully written and moving🙋🏼‍♀️ Thank you Thomas Allen and Son for sending me a final copy of this emotional book You are the Everything by Karen Rivers will be available at your favourite bookstore on October 29 2019#poodles #poodlestagram #poodlesofinstagram #furbabies #dogsofinstagram #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #book #books #booklover #bookish #bookaholic #reading #readersofinstagram #instaread #ilovebooks #bookishcanadians #canadianbookstagram #bookreviewer #bookcommunity #bibliophile #bookphotography #youaretheeverything #karenrivers #bookreview #YAfiction

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Can you want something or someone so badly that you change your destiny Elyse Schmidt never would have believed it until it happened to her When Elyse and her not so secret crush. book #4 for summerathon under the challenge of drink your favorite summertime drink while reading ✓3 mugs of tea later and here we are y'all i was NOT ready for that ending the book is written entirely in second person narration and it definitely took some time to get used to but I think it did well to set the tone of the unstableunreliable narrator i wasnt a huge fan of the romance it was very much obsessive and I KNOW its used to express how eylse was unhinged and dealing with trauma from the beginning but still but her referring her bf JOSH HARRIS by his entire name every time was really annoying ngl you really have to read this book for the ending bc its really shocking and the part portion of the book had my heart pounding and my anxiety flying EVEN THOUGH I KNOW ITS FICTION AND USUALLY BOOKS DON’T EFFECT ME SO SERIOUSLY but I got to give it to this book the ending was crazy and confusing In hindsight the little details the author wove throughout the entire story is absolute genius and you really get to appreciate how dedicated and precise her writing had to be to pull it off But honestly the majority of the book is very repetitive and FOCUSED on the co dependent romance which I wasn’t a fan of view spoiler which felt really unhealthy to me BUT I KNOW WHY NOW – bc it wasn’t real the entire romance was built on the tiny facts she knew about him and not his ACTUAL personality and that’s why he’s just ‘perfect’ in her brain hide spoiler

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You Are The EverythingYou’ve literally fallen out of the sky and landed hard on the side of a mountain until suddenly it isn’t And when the pieces of Elyse’s life stop fitting together what is le. Thank you algonuinyr for sending me an advance reading copy of You Are the Everything by Karen Rivers Release date is October 30This YA book is about Elyse a 16 year old lost in her head who best communicates her thoughts by drawing graphic stories She’s returning from a band event in Paris and sitting on the plane back to California next to her dreamy crush Josh Harris The beginning of the novel felt very juvenile and middle grade However the narrative perspective was so unusual I had to Google it The book is told in first person by Elyse but she refers to herself in the third person So apparently this is something that narcissists do And it’s also a coping mechanism for those with anxiety or stress I read that it’s a way to remove yourself from the situation and view it from afar so that you’re better able to cope Ok now I was intrigued That’s all I can share without providing any spoilers Bottom line stick with it until the end