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Read Paper Girl doc ´ Paperback õ mbjuk  I haven’t left my house in over a year My doctor says it’s social anxiety but I know the only things that are safe are made of paper My room is paper My world is paper Everything outside is fire All it would take is one spark for me to burst into flames So I stay inside Where nothinBurst into flames So I stay inside Where nothing can touch meThen my mom hires a tutor Jackson This boy I had a crush on before the world became too terrifying to live in Jackson’s life is the complete opposite of mine and I can tell he? Zoe is an adolescent with agoraphobia and social anxiety who loves chess and constructing amazing things with paper She uses an on line chess app where she plays under another name and there she meets a guy who also loves chess and talking to her and in their on line world they can trust each other without judging and bit by bit they open up to each otherThis guy she plays chess with turns out to be Jackson a guy from school who also is gonna began tutoring her and who used to care for her and still doesWe have these two main characters Zoe and Jackson with their lives and their problems They are or less rounded but I didn't end caring particularly for either of them The only character that called my attention was Mae Zoe's sister as she appeared to be full of potential Another one that did show some promise was the psychologist Outside of this trio plus the psychologist the other characters fell somewhat flat and where only there because the story needed parents and friends for the main charactersThe story began strong enough but I got the feeling it lost momentum and while the goals and marks Zoe sets for herself or has asked of herself by her therapist seems like reasonable and a way to keep moving the story forward and so do the plot of Jackson homelessness and his dad's story I didn't end up caring for them

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I haven’t left my house in over a year My doctor says it’s social anxiety but I know the only things that are safe are made of paper My room is paper My world is paper Everything outside is fire All it would take is one spark for me to Find this review and others at Carlene InspiredRogue and BlackKnight have progressed from just playing online chess matches to chatting on a regular basis They hide behind their usernames sharing about themselves than they'd willingly share to friends offline At the same time at just seventeen Zoe battles agoraphobia and a panic disorder leaving her unable to leave her home and incapable of maintaining personal friendships Her older sister's friend Jackson is the one she misses the most He thinks of the uiet smart girl often wondering what has pulled her from school and away from his curious eyes She presents a welcome distraction to his difficult days outside of school spent wandering from location to location as he fights to survive on his own away from his addicted father Tutoring and therapy bring the two together and they discover that the crushes they harbored are not unreuited Together they work together to get Zoe outdoors but Jackson continues to keep his secrets uiet including the one that could change everything about their relationshipPaper Girl isn't your typical young adult romance; Zoe hides behind the paper planets she obsessives over and Jackson attempts to call his homelessness anything but what it really is And each relies on their internet personas for honest human connectionThe story primarily focuses on the difficulties each teen is facing in their lives and the steps they both take to tackle them and to avoid them The pacing is slow but the story is definitely about their personal development rather than the romance they find in one another It's funny sad heartwarming and complicated all at once It's a complex story about the baby steps the leaps the setbacks and the people you need rooting for you along the way Paper Girl is one of the most realistic novels I've read in a while I could picture Zoe's paper projects her nearly obsessive organization and feel her terror seeping from the pages as she struggled to take even just a few steps out of her apartment's elevator Her struggles with anxiety are very accurate and I really appreciated the time Cindy R Wilson gives to Zoe and her therapist and the dialogue they share There's a lot of growth in the novel and there's space for Zoe to challenge herself to set goals and to make them happen It isn't a novel about fixing the illness but rather about facing it and fighting for a life that is filled with experiences Jackson on the other hand deals with a situation that I do not personally relate with but understand is becoming common than we'd like At such a young age he must care for himself left mourning alone as his father chases his demons He's very mature but at the same time his family life has shaped him and he doesn't even realize he must tackle those feelings until he walks alongside Zoe as she faces her ownIs it too much to say I think this is a book that should be reuired reading for every teenager? Cindy R Wilson tackles topics that are difficult to discuss and often portrayed incorrectly in media I do think it could be triggering but at the same time I think that many youth are unaware of the prevalence of mental health issues and the way it shows itself in individuals Just as Paper Girl touches on those who suffer from anxiety and panic disorders are afraid of the judgement they build it up so much in their mind that they never believe another could be there for them Paper Girl made me cry but it also made me feel hope The story is sweet funny and features two characters with so much passion for life that their setbacks can't hold them down I highly recommend Paper Girl and am so glad I had the opportunity to read itARC provided

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Paper Girl ?s got secrets of his own But he makes me feel things Makes me want to try again Makes me want to be brave I can almost taste the outside world But so many things could go wrong and all it takes is one spark for everything I love to disappe I flew through this book so uickly It was such a great read and exactly the kind of book I was needing right now I needed something light and entertaining with some good feels and that's exactly what I got I loved the characters and their struggles that were so realistic and relatable I loved their dynamic and how everything unfolded Such a great read and perfect for if you're in a reading slump and need something to get out of it