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The Vampire Lestat Free download ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free µ Lestat de Lioncourt Er ist schön wie ein gefallener Engel und wenn er lacht bersten die Spiegel doch seine Tränen sind bitter und sein Lebenselixier ist – Blut Ruhelos durchstreift der Gentleman Vampir die Welt bis er schließlich in New OrleansSchließlich in New Orleans in einen todesgleichen Schlaf fällt aus dem er erst in unserer Zeit wieder erwacht. It is my suggestion that if you want to sample Anne Rice and have never read any of her other works this may be the book you want to read instead of her most famous novel Interview with a Vampire let me explainThe Vampire Lestat is uite a different novel from the first in the series because we are dealing with an entirely different vampire than the depressed and vulnerable Louis from Rice's first book Don't get me wrong Lestat was the antagonist in Interview but towards the end of the novel you start to think maybe that's not the case That single thought pushed me to read his story to find out why Lestat was the way he wasI LOVED learning about where Lestat came from and also finding out about ALL of the ancient vampires all the way back to the very FIRST vampire In Lestat's story the reader goes throughout the centuries as he meets other vampire's who tell their tales This book feels like a world tour that goes back to Ancient Egyptian times to classical Rome to pagan Europe to the times of the French Revolution to an old decaying slightly creepy I might add Parisian cemetery and back up to the present time It was FUN to follow Lestats journey to find the truththe same truth that Louis was always searching for but never found The entire story is fascinating and spans centuries as Lestat grows from a fledgling vampire into the emotional lonely angry and finally carefree vampire he is upon setting foot on a San Francisco stage to perform his first rock concert in front of 15000 screaming fans Yes Lestat is a Rock star in the 1980's in this book My first thought to that was Whatever But then it made senseLestat now gets a chance to tell his OWN story and it makes us the reader realize that he has suffered even than Louis and shows that he is not a villain; he is the tragic hero of sorts He is actually far aware than Louis something else that Louis doesn't see either He is a gentle innocent thoughtful young man who has suffered so much in his life and then he is forced into becoming one of the living dead who now must kill to survive It is explained to us why Lestat is the way he is and why he does the things he does which is truly interestingWhen you read Interview with a Vampire you don't know then that Lestat is misunderstood by Louis and therefore misunderstood by the reader whom is seeing the story through Louis' eyes The glimpses of Lestat we have in Interview with the Vampire of his relationship with his father of the way he acts of his charm that Louis finds both attractive and repulsive of his love of bright artificial light and his desire to live luxuriously of his friendship with a young musician of his doting upon Claudia and showering her with gifts of his fear to lose Louis of him emotionally distraught and pleading with Louis to come back to him in Paris which I didn't understand at the time and finally of the frail broken and pitiful shadow of a man he has become by the end of Louis's story where Louis finds him again in New Orleans All of these things are hints at the depth and complexity of the character of Lestat In The Vampire Lestat you will finally see the entire picture and see the masterpiece of a character that Lestat is The depth and the multi dimensionality and the humanity of Lestat If you liked Louis before you will still like him But you will like Lestat even because you will see how completely misunderstood he is and learn the story of the pain and sorrow he kept hidden in his heart hidden underneath that charming facade that Louis encountered on his plantation in 1791 You will start to understand HOW Lestat could act the way he did towards Louis and Claudia which was the answer to the uestions I was seeking in this book so I closed the covers of this book satisfied

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?nen sind bitter und sein Lebenselixier ist – Blut Ruhelos durchstreift der Gentleman Vampir die Welt bis er. Interview With the Vampire is a tough book to beat That being said I think I actually enjoyed this book than Interview And that’s saying a lot Rice has such a beautifully poetic way of writing it’s just so rich and you can’t help but be hypnotized by the story I think Lestat is probably my favourite fictional vampire to date there’s just something special about him as a character and I adore it For me this book was utterly flawless I loved every single word of it

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The Vampire LestatLestat de Lioncourt Er ist schön wie ein gefallener Engel und wenn er lacht bersten die Spiegel doch seine Tr?. The Vampire Lestat is the second book in The Vampire Chronicles series by Anne Rice I adored the first book Interview With A Vampire which was told in Louis' perspective a vampire that Lestat made who clung desperately to his humanity The Vampire Lestat is Lestat's story told in his perspective Although I viewed Lestat as somewhat of a villian in the first book the reader gets a glimpse of Lestat when he was human and first made vampire His story is long and tours the globe even with a history lesson of vampire history The present day setting of the book is in the 1980's and I loved Lestat's view on the 20th century along with his view on humanity good versus evil life and death and his fellow vampires I was pleasantly surprised to see this side of Lestat Anne Rice's writing remains beautiful lyrical and generous with detail I plan to continue the seriesMy favorite uote “None of us really changes over time We only become fully what we are” Anne Rice The Vampire Lestat The Vampire Chronicles #2