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The Vampire Lestat Mobi ´ 606 pages À Mbjuk ↠ Lestat de Lioncourt Er ist schön wie ein gefallener Engel und wenn er lacht bersten die Spiegel doch seine Tränen sind bitter und sein Lebenselixier ist – Blut Ruhelos durchstreift der Gentleman Vampir die Welt bis er schließlich in New Orleans in einen todesgleichen Schlaf Schließlich in New Orleans in einen todesgleichen Schlaf fällt aus dem er erst in unserer Zeit wieder erwacht A very original take on the vampire tale complete with a sweeping history and rich locales This was Rice at the top of her game

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?nen sind bitter und sein Lebenselixier ist – Blut Ruhelos durchstreift der Gentleman Vampir die Welt bis er The year is 1984 and Lestat is the famous lead singer of the group The Vampire Lestat He stumbles upon a simple little book Interview with the Vampire starring Louis his ersatz lover of sorts because vampires don't exactly have lovers the same way humans do So Lestat sets the record straight and tells the tale of his life as a vampireWhen people say this is better than Interview with the Vampire they are not kidding This book is light years better than Interview I almost wish this book never ended it was so good I already have book 3 lined up to read and normally I would give myself a break just so I didn't burn outWhat makes The Vampire Lestat so good? Just about everything from characters to setting to writing to mythos About the only thing I can critiue is that at one point not long after Gabrielle is turned and we meet Armand the story kinda stalls and gets a bit dull Oh and when Marius is telling his story I kinda got confused and thought we went back to Lestat's POV But honestly those are nitpicks I enjoyed myself thoroughly with this bookLestat is a WAY better protagonist than Louis He's not so whiny so pathetic so useless He's a master of his own life sure he contemplates whether he is evil and tends to choose victims who are evil those women Louis says Lestat seduces? They are prostitutes that cheat sailors and probably kill them He is a passionate being he cares enormously for Nikola and Louis some of the sweetest interactions in the book and his mother though his love for her gets a bit creepy in the I don't think we should be kissing our MOM this way He is a curious being he searches all over the Mediterranean for Marius and the source of answers He is a powerful being his powers attract the attention of Armand and Marius and when others can't stand being a vampire he is able to press onThe rest of the cast is beautifully done as well Gabrielle Nikola Marius Armand and even Louis all get dimension They are real people with real desires Gabrielle to be set loose to live alone Nikola to balance his wicked pursuit of the theater with his religious beliefs And so on And so forthThe story was engaging and exciting I was enthralled with the depths of the mythos a perfect balance of complex and yet simple not a list of rules sloppily tacked together when the author needs to add a new challenge to her characters but actual rules that make sense in the world and seem to originate naturally from the circumstances And the addition of Akasha and her brother I can't tell you how deliciously creeped out I was I loved itAt this point I'm just gushing Honestly I really loved this book and am SO GLAD I didn't give up on this series If you like your vampires wicked and blood thirsty you definitely need to check out this series

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The Vampire LestatLestat de Lioncourt Er ist schön wie ein gefallener Engel und wenn er lacht bersten die Spiegel doch seine Tr? Dear Anne RiceNOT WORTHYSigned All Fictional Vampires Who Are Not LestatThis was a re read for me but in all honesty I don't think I was ready for this book the first time I read it Or at least I didn't appreciate it for the sheer masterpiece of storytelling that it is and it's not just the mood and the world and the mythology and the fast moving plot than anything it's the characters Lestat of course Rice's 'brat prince' arrogant and compassionate and impossible all at the same time he'd be enough to carry any book imo but the secondary characters are just as layered and bewitching probably because we see them through Lestat's eyes Nicki and his endless internal darkness; Armand who manages to be both tragic and terrifying; Gabrielle who seems like a force of nature; and even Louis the whiny unreliable narrator from Interview comes off as beautiful and mysterious the star crossed love of Lestat's afterlife I swooned through the last chapterI didn't care for the places Rice took this series after ueen of the Damned but for me Lestat continues to define the vampire as anti hero genre No other blood sucker comes close