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Favorite book with over 454 readers online her This book and series are truly AMAZING I highly recommend anyone to read this series

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Smoke and Ruin The Siren Chronicles Book 3 Amazing Kindle Smoke and Ruin The Siren Chroni Halen lost part of her goodness because of sacrifices she had to make to save others She has to find a way to get rid of the darkness inside her She's also resisting her connection to Tarius the evil that keeps wanting her to surrender and become his The battle she has to fight has been going on for a while and Halen has lost so many allies and loved ones already She's been separated from her twin sister Natalie once and in that same moment she also lost sight of the man she has a complicated relationship with Asair Will she be able to find them again before it's too late?Halen has to deal with an unconscious Dax They're still united in a way she isn't comfortable with She has to find a way out of this situation but how? Halen's mother has left her some last clues to help her with her mission will she be able to get to the bottom of them or are her enemies uick enough to prevent her from figuring out what she really meant? When darkness finally gets his hands on Halen will she be able to resist its call? Can she win the battle or will everyone she loves be lost because of a connection she's made in a past life?Smoke and Ruin is another action packed story by Tiffany Daune Halen is confident and brave she knows what needs to be done and she doesn't hesitate any longer when she has to put herself in danger She's become a true warrior and that's what's needed to have a chance in the battle against Tarius the evil she never wants to be reunited with However Tarius is a magnificent opponent and Halen and her those who are on her side are having a hard time fighting him I was anxious to find out how their conflict with one another would endTiffany Daune has a captivating descriptive writing style I admire her vivid imagination which makes her worlds come to life incredibly well There's so much going on in Halen's life and I enjoyed finding out about secrets ancient promises and complex alliances I enjoyed the roller coaster of events the amazing sense of adventure and the fantastic gripping scenes in this book It also has an impressive finale that I liked a lot I absolutely loved reading this mesmerizing unusual series

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Smoke and Ruin kindle Þ 171 pages Download Í Tiffany Daune ´ Amazing Kindle, Smoke and Ruin (The Siren Chronicles Book 3) By Tiffany Daune This is the best favorite book with over 454 readers online here.Cles Book 3 By Tiffany Daune This is the best After reading through the first two books which I generally found decent it didn't feel right leaving the last book unread even after the slight disappointment the second book left me What I didn't expect was the amount of times this book made me want to dnf I didn't remember having trouble with this in the first book or the second which I don't really remember oops probably due to my change in preference and my dwindling enthusiasm for anything based on mermaids but the conversations between the characters read cliche and jarring Characters sounded the same and phrases they used were just clicheRelationships in the story also felt unnatural I felt nothing for these people and their feelings for one another Natalie's in particular Her romance with Emil was corny and told to the reader through Natalie's words It had me uestioning if his feelings were even genuine and reciprocatedAs with the ending what the heck? There were bound to be people dying in conflict but the deaths here felt random and were not very impactful There were some characters we had just met a few chapters back who had died and I felt no connection to them It was like they were just killed off for convenience and shock factorAnd then was the very short epilogue It gave many uestions than answers to the already amounting uestions from the end of the battle like it’s building up again for a seuel It just felt super rushed like story ideas were still being added onOn a brighter note I enjoyed the world Duane had created and the uniueness of her mermaids and sirens There was also Halen's reluctance and frustration with trusting the hunters after what she had been through They felt believable and well meant than the typical dismissing reactions you would get from ya heroine's in similar situationsAaand I suppose that is all I can think of from the top of my head I will likely not be reading this again or the newly published version coming out but it does feel bittersweet coming to the end of this interesting trilogy