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Read ✓ The Punk Factor This Beats Perfect #3 Æ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Õ 'THE PUNK FACTOR is a kick ass story that will grab your heart in a fierce punk rock grip and not let go I loved it'Jennifer Mathieu author of MOXIE Seventeen year old Frankie is obsessed witArts to care less about what he thinks and about how much she loves making very loud music She finally feels a glimpse of who she can be independent of anyone elseThen one day Doc decides he is going to win her back Punk is nothing without the freedom to be exactly who you want But what if you're not sure who that is yet Can you make your own noise when everyone else seems so much louder than yo. I received this book from the publisher via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review This was so so The ending did improve it slightly hence me giving it 25 stars but the start was hard to get into This is largely due to the fact that Frankie is a selfish lazy entitled little moron She is not an endearing main character At all Her only saving grace is how good a friend she is to Ru when she tries She is otherwise useless And as much as she “loves” punk she clearly doesn’t really know what it’s about Ru however is lovely and needs approximately a billion hugs I really felt for her And her storyline for me needed focus and a little support She goes through something horrific and there’s not really much fall out shown from it other than a sudden personality change an accident and running away a bit I feel that I wanted her to get the support she clearly needed She deals with massive abuse and just getting away from it isn’t the answer The punk music storyline was meh in places but fun in others I love music and punk so I did like feeling like I was at a gig somewhere listening to good music in a little sweat box of a venue But it’s hard to convey that whole kick ass girls rock I punk vibe with Frankie in the lead She’s just so entitled even not really having any reason to be She gets so much for free from basically having the gift of the gab Even though later on she is actually shown to be working on her playing or dedicating herself to the band in various ways so much of what she gets is on the coattails of others and she rarely seems to acknowledge that Overall it’s not a terrible book it’s not also not a great one It’s a relatively easy read and if you can get over Frankie in the first third you can probably handle the rest

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'THE PUNK FACTOR is a kick ass story that will grab your heart in a fierce punk rock grip and not let go I loved it'Jennifer Mathieu author of MOXIE Seventeen year old Frankie is obsessed with what everyone else is thinking She can keep up with the chat from feminism to boys with tattoos but when it comes to her own ideas it's not so easy to hide her lack of confidenceWith the help of her best f. Full Disclosure I'm Interning at the literary agency who reps Rebecca so i received this copy because I asked nicely for it This was my first Denton book and I loved it It was fresh and funny and very original As I read a lot perk of the job I can usually see where a plot is going but instead I got caught by surprise repeatedly Even though it was bit rough at times a perfectly acceptable amount overall it was an really positive and uplifting story feminist in the best way and it fucking rocks hard

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The Punk Factor This Beats Perfect #3Riend Haruna Frankie forms a punk rock girl band to attract the attention of Doc her spiky haired joint smoking ex boyfriend She's got it all sorted; the Instagram page is live the handmade posters are everywhere and the band even has a first gig lined up even if they are playing to a handful of retired bingo fans But in her efforts to make the band a success and get Doc to notice her Frankie st. ♡ wordpress ♡ tumblr ♡ instagram ♡ twitter ♡15 ⭐ 'I used to be all snobbish about music but then I realised everyone's just trying to do shit and putting yourself out there in any way at all should be applauded' I had so many issues with this book's plot and main character that I couldn't bring myself to enjoy reading it unfortunately I think it idealizes damaging notions for the sake of the story this book focuses on punk as it's main theme but I think you can be 'punk' without the glamorizing of certain immoral life choicesPlus I don't think Frankie comes across as very punk I think she comes across as a spoilt brat to be blunt A spoilt brat that's angry she has to put effort into her own life and taking that anger out on everybody else except her ex boyfriend I mean sure have an attitude but her pushy aggression was a bit over the top to look like anything except nasty and selfish I have so many issues with Frankie the main character that I can't even comprehend why the author created her in the first place For example at one point she is literally stalking her ex boyfriend I mean physically stood outside his building staring up at his bedroom and taking notes That is not okay Oh she knew that technically she was stalking him but since he had no idea and no one was really being hurt she preferred to call it stalking lite Or a kind of semi detailed staring Really she was just looking at his house With notes If roles were reversed and it was a boy stalking a girl it would be intimidating not 'edgy' and semi detailed staring Really With notes Really Don't glamorize and dismiss stalking like it's a normal and 'punk' thing to do Not only that but at one point she goes on a date with her ex boyfriend who by the way is a heroin addict and narrates about taking an 'e' incredibly casually then hypes up the buzz and states she would do it again What was the author thinking I understand that there are drugs in the music industry but please don't romanticize them in a book for Young Adult's I mean maybe I could be accused at mollycoddling YA's here but the frustrating thing is that this book could have been so much better I think that Haruna was ten times interesting I wish she was the protagonist of this book instead; a conservative girl with oppressive parents and a heroic boyfriend she's not allowed to be with rebelling and starting up an all girl punk band would have been a hell of a lot interesting and really embodied punk Rather than the main character being a spoilt girl who gets everything handed to her by being intimidating and arrogant and calls it 'hustling' starting up a punk band because she's stalking her ex boyfriend who is also in a band and she thinks that starting up her own band is the best way to get his attention So tackyI feel like I'm ranting a lot about Frankie but honestly everything she stands for repulses me She is a horrible character given 'swagger' that is supposed to endear the reader instead of making me want to burn my kindle in exasperation The main character and lackadaisical plot ruined this book for me but the side characters are intriguing and their backstory's were a lot compelling to me than what the book actually provided Thank you to Net Galley for providing an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review