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characters The Prodigy ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¹ From award winning sportswriter John Feinstein a YA novel about a teen golfer poised to blaze his way into Masters Tournament history and he'll face secrecy sacrifice and the decision of a lifetime to get thereSeventeen year old Frank Baker is a golfing sensation He's From award winning sportswriter John Feinstein a YA novel about a teen golfer poised to blaze his way into Masters Tournament history and he'll face secrecy sacrifice and the decision of a lifetime to get thereSeventeen year old Frank Baker is a golfing sensation He's set to earn a full ride scholarship to play at the university of his choice but his single dad wants him to skip college and. Purchased copy NB I have never played or even seen golf I know nothing about the terminology the competitions the players or anything I triedFrank is a very good 16 year old golfer after being a runner up in a big amateur tournament the previous year he returns to the circuit and wins another big event under noteworthy circumstances that puts him in the Masters He's up against older competent players and also gets to meet real life golf stars I'm assuming only because Phil Mikelson was familiar from an arthritis medicine ad In the meantime his personal life has drama His mother left years ago and is living happily in Japan with her new family and his father is on track to become the same sort of overbearing parent Tiger Woods' father had the reputation to be Luckily his coach Slugger calls in a reporter friend Keith to try to talk sense into the father It doesn't go well and the father continues to work with a rep Lawrensen whose only interest is in making money Frank to his eternal credit just wants to enjoy the game and get along with his father He also doesn't want to go pro any time soon but wants to attend college Keith despite being a reporter and having a run in or two with the father is very helpful to Frank even working with him on a cheating incident another player not Frank and being the one Frank turns to when his amateur status might be in jeopardy Things work out in the end but not after a lot of suspenseful twists and turnsStrengths My goodness This was a nail biter I loved love loved Frank and his healthy attitude; I loved that Keith was a really good friend to Frank even though there was no reason for him to be and I hated the evil father and rep who were trying to push Frank to go pro This is a fantasy novel very few teen boys are going to make it this far although one of my former students is doing uite well There are so few golf novels and this is just a fantastic one I especially liked the fact that Frank was older but was too busy playing golf to get into inappropriate troubleWeaknesses To me Keith is a teenage name and Frank is an old man name I had a LOT of trouble keeping the characters straight at first because of this Also my complete lack of knowledge about gold put me at a disadvantage What I really think Brilliant choice for any 5 12 student interested in golf NB2 I can't think the word golf without hearing my mother say money than brains in my head which is what she thought of anyone who played gold

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Turn pro golf has taken its toll on the family bank account and his dad is eager to start cashing in on his son's prowess Frank knows he isn't ready for life on the pro tour regardless of the potential riches so his swing coach enlists a professional golfer turned journalist to be Frank's secret adviserPressure mounts when after reaching the final of the US Amateur tournament Frank wins an. The Prodigy is an outstanding read It may be labeled as a young adult novel but I found topics and themes that would be compelling for any reader I would say that someone should have some knowledge of golf yet the author does provide good background info throughout Very fun read with great commentary on the game and the roles parents and others should have in the development of young athletes Highly recommendedFor the full review all my reviews

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The ProdigyAutomatic invite to the Masters And when the prodigy against all odds starts tearing up the course at Augusta National sponsors are lined up to throw money at him and his father But Frank's entry in the Masters hinges on maintaining his standing as an amateur Can he and his secret adviser who has his own conflicts keep Frank's dad at bay long enough to bring home the legendary green jacket. I received this through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review Frank is touted as the next Tiger Woods He is a young golf prodigy and his father hopes to make money to set them up for life However Frank wants to go to college before turning professional He enlists the help of his coach Slugger and Slugger's college friend who is also a professional golf reporter Keith Some very shady things are going on around Frank and Keith is there to keep everyone honest and help Frank stay the good kid he has always beenThere is a select reading group for this book The majority of the book revolves around golf and provides little to no background for it If you do not understand golf you will not understand most of this book The rest of the plot focuses on adult relationships and interactions The connection between Keith and Frank is not as developed as I would have liked why does Keith go above and beyond for Frank