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Tear Me Apart review À 103 Ï The follow up to her critically acclaimed Lie to Me JT Ellison’s Tear Me Apart is the powerful story of a mother willing to do anything to protect her daughter even as their carefully constructed world unravels around themOne moment will change their lives foreverCompetitive skier Mindy Wright is a superstar in the making uThe follow up to her critically acclaimed Lie to Me JT Ellison’s Tear Me Apart is the powerful story of a mother willing to do anything to protect her daughter even as their carefully constructed world unravels around themOne moment will change their lives foreverCompetitive skier Mindy Wright is a superstar in the making until a spectacular downhill crash threatens. What a tangled web of lies J T Ellison has created The I read in this book the shocked I became with the twisted trail of deception that was uncovered by a single incident Ellison is a favorite author of mine and I noticed she liked to play with the reader a bit She doesn’t mind having flawed characters In fact Ellison’s work thrives on flawed characters But her characters feel real because of that They feel like they make mistakes they forgive those they shouldn’t they lie in ways that are understandable and even ways you can empathize with And then she hits you with those final twists and everything suddenly falls into place and you wonder how these characters got to this point This book was a fun twisty read that I completely lovedAbout the BookMindy Wright is a young star in the competitive skiing world with a real shot at making the national team Mindy has two parents who adore her Lauren and Jasper Wright They live in a gorgeous mountainside home close to her training facility They homeschool her so she can compete and train to make the team And they love and support Mindy in every wayWhen Mindy takes a fall on her last ualifying run her parent’s are devastated Rushing Mindy to the hospital to have her broken leg fixed they discover something shocking Mindy has cancer and needs a stem cell transfusion Desperate to help any way they can Lauren and Jasper offer to be tested only to discover something even shocking Mindy is not biologically related to themWith Mindy’s life on the line Lauren and Jasper will do anything they can to protect their daughter But what if their lies are the barrier to finding the match for Mindy Is it possible her parents know than they let on Or is this a terrible mix up with devastating conseuencesReflectionI’ve mentioned that J T Ellison is one of my favorite authors and there is a reason for that Ellison does not ever take the easy road through her novels There is never a uick and easy twist never a moment where a character gets off the hook and she doesn’t baby her characters We see her characters with all of their flaws their lies and their regrettable moments And they are ALL liars to an extent They lie to us they lie to themselves and sometimes they lie to eachother I think many authors struggle with falling in love with their characters And when that happens it can be very difficult to show them with all of their good and bad traits Ellison takes the reverse approach Most of her characters seem awful at first and then the you know them the human they become and the rootable Her characters impression manage to an extreme degree—hiding themselves from the reader the other characters and sometimes even from themselvesLauren and Jasper are such fascinating characters You’ll go in finding them boring a bit entitled and overbearing of Mindy But they love her so much that its hard not to cheer them on And as each other them become real I was drawn into the story Then we have a mysterious third narrator with a seriously dark story I was dying to know who this third narrator was and how she fits into the story She has her own cast of characters way back in time and each one fascinated me Ellison uses this parallel story so effectively laying out all of the pieces at just the right timesThere are a lot of other great characters but I don’t want to spoil the ride so I’ll keep them to myself Except to say that there is a pretty great dog in the book named Kat lol and she is so cute and loveable even over textThis is truly a story about the immense love of a mother and father for their daughter and the horrifying secret that threatens to tear the family apart Those lies we tell for the greater good come back to haunt us And because we are all human the lies tend to build Instead of living in our truths we bury ourselves in the lies we’ve created To save Mindy’s life a lot of lies need to be exposed What a twisted taleThis was a buddy read with Melisa and Berit and we LOVED this book See my blog post hereMany thanks to Harleuin MIRA and to J T Ellison for a copy of this book to review

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Rth or is there something sinister at play The search for the truth will tear a family apartand someone is going to deadly extremes to protect the family’s deepest secretsWith vivid movement through time Tear Me Apart examines the impact layer after layer of lies and betrayal has on two families the secrets they guard and the desperate fight to hide the darkness with. After loving Lie to Me last year I knew that I had to pick up a copy of Tear Me Apart by JT Ellison and give it a read Now after Tear Me Apart I might as well add JT Ellison to my short list of authors to just grab no uestions askedMindy is an up and coming skier that the media is calling the next Lindsey Vonn who is in the process of trying out for the Olympic team when disaster strikes At the last gate Mindy crashes and breaks her leg and is rushed to surgery where doctors find that she has a rare form of leukemiaNow of course Mindy’s parents will do whatever they can to help their daughter with her battle against cancer so they rush to get tested to become donors When neither parent or her aunt are a match it looks as if Mindy may have been switched at birth but Lauren Mindy’s mother is extremely against looking into the pastThe story is told from multiple points of view across the book through separate sections Each section has the readers peeling back and layers of the story as you work to uncover years worth of secrets and lies The story is very easy to follow though even with the different POVs and times and from the opening pages I was completely hooked on the story and needed to know how it turn out Definitely a thriller I’d recommend checking outI received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalleyFor reviews please visit

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Tear Me ApartNot just her racing career but her life During surgery doctors discover she’s suffering from a severe form of leukemia and a stem cell transplant is her only hope But when her parents are tested a frightening truth emerges Mindy is not their daughterWho knows the answersThe race to save Mindy’s life means unraveling years of lies Was she accidentally switched at bi. 325Mindy Wright is the latest greatest downhill ski phenom She’s just become the teenage champion and now has her sights suarely on the Olympics In such a dangerous sport serious injuries are unavoidable So it was no real surprise when Mindy took a nasty spill But unbelievably her skiing injuries are the least of her problems Specialty surgeons uickly discover she has a potentially fatal illness Now her most important race is against time to do what’s necessary to find a cure for her It’s during this process that secrets and long hidden deeds are peeled back and exposed – leaving one major uestion What’s the higher priority Saving Mindy’s life or keeping secrets hidden from everyoneThis is the second book I’ve read by this author with the first Lie to Me that I could not put down This one just didn’t uite hold the intensity of her previous release but still a solid fun readIt’s a rapid pace light reading and if that’s what you’re looking for you’ve got it You’ll love this one Personally for me I was just looking for something a bit on par with JT Ellison’s last bookA buddy read with Susanne🌸Thank you to NetGalley Harleuin MIRA and JT Ellison for an ARC to read in exchange for an honest review