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Download The Rule of One The Rule of One #1 ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Æ In their world telling the truth has become the most dangerous crime of allIn the near future United States a one child policy is ruthlessly enforced Everyone follows the Rule of One But Ava Goodwin daughter of the head of the Texas FaOther died to keep and her father has helped to hide for her entire lifeShe has an identical twin sister MiraFor eighteen years Ava and Mira have lived as one trading places day after day maintaining an interchangeable existence down to the most telling detail But when their char. First the good the writing was okay and the sisters' bond was emotional I liked that there was no romantic subplot especially not two sisters fighting over one boy and some of the action was okayNow the copious bad This is a ripoff of a bunch of far better written and conceived dystopian fiction The authors clearly read a bunch and decided to try their hands at it but they needed way editing and time to actually consider their story Things are rushed and scattered and some of the drama is pretty contrived made so by the mediocre dialogue Neither twin is particularly interesting; these are just your standard dystopian heroinesThe premise made virtually no sense It's as if the authors did no research and made no attempts to follow the logic of their own imaginings Apparently the one child policy makes no allowances for twins whichI can't follow the logic of that from a policy standpoint but sure I'll loosely accept it But then grand claims are made about how enforced family planning is the root of all evil and the scourge of Freedom capital F Which is really kind of creepy as a message There's a lot of talk about global politics but the authors really are out of their depth and nothing they say really makes sense on close examination They want to make grand claims about the surveillance state and global warming but they just don't know much about either This story only really works on the surface level of action and uest narrative Don't try to find any deeper meaning in it it's not any kind of sophisticated takedown of current affairs It's beach fluff

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In their world telling the truth has become the most dangerous crime of allIn the near future United States a one child policy is ruthlessly enforced Everyone follows the Rule of One But Ava Goodwin daughter of the head of the Texas Family Planning Division has a secret one her m. The Rule of One by Ashley Saunders and Leslie Saunders is the first book in the young adult science fiction dystopian series by the same name The story is told by alternating the point of view between the two twin main characters and is set in the not so far off future of the USDue to the shortage of food and supplies in the United States the government began enforcing the Rule of One that no family shall have than one child to curb the population Everyone has followed that rule for decades with the exception of the head of the Texas Family Planning DivisionOne of the most powerful men in Texas and in charge of enforcing the Rule of One has held a secret in his own household one that his wife died for Eighteen years ago Ava and Mira were born in secret and have shared their life switching back and forth to avoid detection but the twins live in fear of discoveryThe Rule of One by Ashley Saunders and Leslie Saunders is a fast paced dystopian that takes off right away and doesn’t slow down If anything I thought the majority of the story was well done in this dystopian tale but I did leave with a few uestions that could have been answered with a bit deeper world building However that aside Ava and Mira’s predicament certainly grabbed my attention and made me want to know what would happen nextI received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalleyFor reviews please visit

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The Rule of One The Rule of One #1Ade is exposed their worst nightmare begins Now they must leave behind the father they love and fight for their livesBranded as traitors hunted as fugitives and pushed to discover just how far they’ll go in order to stay alive Ava and Mira rush headlong into a terrifying unknow. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own and are not influenced by the publisherI was immediately intrigued by the concept of this book identical twin sisters written by identical twin sisters Ava and Mira are closer than most twins are though not entirely by choice The one child rule in this dystopian near future America means that they take turns going out into the world each day and their struggle to maintain the facade of being a single person reuires that they keep each other informed about every detail of their livesThe lack of an ability to obtain a sense of individuality takes a toll on each of them and the mixture of love and resentment between the sisters was a highlight of the novel What must it be like when the person you love the most is also the reason you're unable to live a full live the reason you're in constant danger The Saunders sisters explore that ambivalence in this novel On a similar note I loved that this was a YA dystopian novel with no romance or God forbid a love triangle shoe horned in for no discernible reason The primary relationship in this book was between two sisters which I found really refreshingThat being said some of the plot twists felt a bit too predictable though maybe this is a product of reading a young adult novel as an adult A lot of YA novels feel like they have the ability to appeal to a broader audience but this one felt very YA Teenagers will probably find this super compelling; older readers who have read than a few dystopian novels will recognize the tropes and perhaps wish for something a bit originalThe Rule of One was good for what it was a novel that will hold a lot of appeal for teens It was fast paced with just enough twists to keep the reader engaged I loved the concept of identical twins living as one person by necessity and the emotional conseuences of that The parts of the novel that addressed this issue were very strong but I do wish there was time devoted to it Although it looks like there will be a book two; perhaps there will be time to reflect on this in the second installmentYou can read all of my reviews at my blog Jenna BookishFacebook | Instagram | Tumblr