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The Future Will Be BS Free Free read Õ 105 Ê In this terrifyingly timely tale for fans of The Eye of Minds a teen and his group of friends find themselves on the run after using a genius lie detector contraption to expose their corrupt governmentIn a Putin esue near future America the gifted and talented high school has just been eliminatIn this terrifyingly timely tale for fans of The Eye of Minds a teen and his group of friends find themselves on the run after using a genius lie detector contraption to expose their corrupt governmentIn a Putin esue near future America the gifted and talented high school has just been eliminated and Sam and his friends have been using their unexpected free time to work on a tiny undetectable utterly reliable lie detector They're all in it for the money except Theo their visionary For Theo it's about creating a better world A B. I read this crazy early It doesn’t come out until July but seeing as I really liked Burning Midnight I was psyched when I got approved for this on NetgalleyIt starts out sort of like a Phineas and Ferb episodeOnly sometime in the future where there is a dystopian like society and government A female has taken over the Presidency done away with term limits controls the media and even food products and merchandise tax free if you buy her brandA group of friends have developed a fool proof lie detector test that can be worn as a ring The story is told from Sam’s POV whose mother is a disabled war vet in a wheelchair She used to have bionic legs but the military stopped spending money to maintain the replacement parts so everyone who had the titanium super soldier arms legs and eyes are suddenly disabled againThere are hardly any jobs in this world and homeless people everywhere but the wealthy live behind walled communitiesWithout giving too much away let’s just say dangerous people want the gang’s invention so they go on the run trying to get their device out on the streets which they hope will change the worldThere’s a little bit of teen romance and awkward moments that I think make the characters legitimate They are brilliant and decent but have their own secretsliesflaws that are uncovered and may be slightly controversial to someOne of the best highlights in my view was when the gang employed disabled veterans with replaced parts as bodyguards There is a big “rag tag” vibe which I love They are truly a group of misfits and unlikely heroesI thought this was loads of fun to read This is the second book of this author’s I have read and enjoyed It also is relevant in a world where everything is caught on video or captured by cell phones andor sharing every detail of their lives on social media or youtube There are some political and social undertones but also humor It was just a uick easy read and had adventure science fiction fantasy a perfect mix for me Thank you Netgalley and publisher for providing a digital copy to read and review

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S free world where no one can lie and the honest will thriveJust when they finish the prototype and turn down an offer to sell their brainchild to a huge corporation Theo is found dead Greedy companies corrupt privatized police and even the president herself will stop at nothing to steal the Truth App Sam sets his sights on exposing all lies and holding everyone accountableBut he and his friends uickly realize the costs of a BS free world the lives of loved ones and political and economic stability They now face a difficult ues. Ahoy there me mateys  I received this young adult sci fi eARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review  So here be me honest musings I have loved this author's work ever since I read love minus eighty and have now gobbled up seven of his novelsSide note Get me hands on unbreakable and watchdog and all four novellasWhile I liked this one in parts it was overall just an okay read  As usual the concepts are very cool  The basic premise of this one is there is a group of teens who invent a truth telling machine  But someone wants to stop the technology from getting out there  As for the teens they don't really understand the ramifications of nothing but the truth until it is too lateSo I have to admit that I like being honest  I think lying is usually a waste of time and resources and I try not to do it  But what if for example someone asks if their outfit looks okay and ye think it doesn't  But they think they look hot  So of course ye say that they look awesome because what ye think doesn't matter and ye don't want to hurt feelings  Well with the truth rings that would be impossible  Me friends wouldn't care but an acuaintance   It could get uglyNow the author raises a lot of difficult issues but doesn't address them in any satisfactory way  Topics touched on eating disorders suicides when someone thinks they be telling the truth but are mistaken voyeurism anxiety cerebral palsy vigilantism greed etc  Most are used as plot points either as exposed secrets or unintended conseuences for the teens to feel bad about  But feeling bad about them was about as far as it went  It didn't really seem to make the characters act any differentlyIn fact pretty much all of the characters are extremely selfish and self centered  In the beginning most of them just wanted money  I could sympathize  But their idealism never really seemed to turn into true realism  Plus unfortunately the plot has some extreme plot holes and the ending was too convenient  So the teens really didn't need to grow or change much based on those circumstancesOne of the good elements is that there were caring parents and teachers  The teens do actually ask the parents for help  That was a nice change for YA  The bad parts were that almost all the adults that were involved were ex military with PTSD or other issuesAlso the romance issues in this book were not to me taste  The main narrator Sam has a crush that is so ridiculous it almost seems cringe worthy  The teens all seem to pair off with each other  The dialogue and tension around the teen lust was angsty and felt like 5th graders then almost 18 year olds  But perhaps I am just too much of a curmudgeon in me old age and can't sympathize with teenage hormones  I was a very abnormal teen in that respect so me experience was not the mainstream oneThis book was a fast read and I did want to know how it ended  I loved the concepts and will be pondering the ramifications for some time to come  This is certainly not me favourite of his but I will continue to read anything he writesSo lastly Thank you Random House Children's Delacorte PressCheck out me other reviews at

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The Future Will Be BS FreeTion Is the world capable of operating without lies or are lies what hold it togetherPraise for Will McIntosh's Burning MidnightIn an impressive YA debut adult SF author McIntosh spins an action packed adventureAn engaging cast and thought provoking premise help fuel this thriller Publishers WeeklyWith a fascinating premise and likable underdog protagonists this is a winner BooklistAn exciting fast paced adventure from start to finish The Horn Book MagazineAn adventure fantasy thriller with an unpredictable twist TheGuardiancom. If you’re going to read The Future will be BS Free it’s important to remember that our main character is a sexually frustrated teenage boy He’s poor His mother is disabled The girl he loves his best friend doesn’t love him back And the future seems to hold exactly nothing for him You won’t always like the things Sam does some of them are just awful but you’ll eventually like him just fineWill McIntosh brings us a mix of near future SF and a coming of age story that resonates Sam and his friends create something that will change the world And to be truthful while some of Sam’s friends are thinking about the good of humanity Sam is thinking about money Money so they have heat and regular food Money so they can live in place where the police won’t steal his money and bully him for being out after curfew Money to get his mom new legs and maybe change their lives completelyTheir invention does change the world but in ways maybe horrible than wonderful And suddenly the conseuences of their invention are deadlyMcIntosh forces the reader to confront their own secrets and to ask if truth is freeing or devastating And the answer isn’t easyAs for Sam he finally grows up but faces a lot of horrors doing so and he faces up to his past behavior I liked the book but I’m not uite ready to confess all my secrets to the worldyetARC Provided via Net Galley