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Is it her destiny to save them or destroy themNow that Tori finally understands who she is and what’s expected of her she’s in full on freak out mode How will she save the galaxy from General Arantu’s clutches when she can’t even control her powers Add that to the lack of retaliation by enemy alien forces and everyone is on edge Especially when they uncover evidence of a strange alie. The Lost Savior the first book in the Alinthia series failed to wow me in the way I had hoped and if the comments on my review are any indication I sent the wrong message when trying to explain why I wasn’t blown away by the story I was unsure as to whether I would give the second book The Secret Heir a read but in the end my curiosity won out With a little bit of luck I’ll do better explaining why I’ve yet to be blown away by this seriesIn truth my feelings towards The Secret Heir were extremely mixed I’m a big Siobhan Davis fan have enjoyed all her work adored most of it yet The Secret Heir is the first time where I was a bit disappointed by a story The Secret Heir managed to pull an array of emotions from me yet it wasn’t in the way Siobhan Davis books usually pull emotions from meWhen I started The Secret Heir I was feeling uite happy with the story In fact I started this book believing it would be the four star rating The Lost Savior failed to pull out of me I was into the events and the characters than I had been in the first book and I believed this was because I finally had an understanding of them At this point I was plenty willing to dig deeper into the storyAs things progressed my feelings started to change somewhat I was overjoyed when the things I’d been hoping for of in the first book appeared yet I soon found myself disappointed when they were not taken to the extreme I had hoped they would be You see the main thing I wanted of was the worldbuilding I adored the Saven series and I was hoping for a repeat of the wonderful worldbuilding we had seen in that series When this one took us away from Earth I was than ready for the universe to open up to me Unfortunately the worldbuilding in this one uickly hit a dead end In many ways rather than being shown the wonderful universe hovering in the distance we were told about it We get lots of discussion without experiencing the universe Even the nod to the Saven series if you’ve yet to read it you should it’s one of my all time favourite young adult science fiction series wasn’t taken as far as it could have been To me with this one everything seemed to sit just out of reach Hence why I felt disappointed about the worldbuildingWhen we returned to Earth a part of me had hoped Siobhan Davis would start to throw in her usual twists and turns that I would be shocked by the information being given For around the second half of the book however I wasn’t blown away In fact there were points where my rating dropped to a two star rating something that has never happened with Siobhan Davis before I find there is almost always one book from a favourite author that you do not enjoy in the way you usually enjoy their books and for me that Siobhan Davis book is The Secret HeirYou see I found all the things that took place in the second half of the book far too predictable Nothing shocked me leaving me mentally rolling my eyes at the predictability This is why I was disappointed with The Secret Heir Siobhan Davis always throws in twists and turns and whilst there have been some predictable ones in the past nothing has ever been as obvious as the second half of this book With how many things were thrown in with how many new elements were introduced and past aspects were twisted this one should have caught me off guard with at least one thing It didn’t and such a thing sadden me The usual Siobhan Davis shock was missing with this one and I found it difficult to enjoy the things being introduced when I’d worked them all out Even the ending the usual Siobhan Davis cliff hanger failed to grab me Usually the endings leave me desperate for the next book to see how things come together but I’d worked it out and simply gave an ‘okay’ before picking up my next read – which was not book three The Warrior PrincessIn many ways I believe the Saven series has ruined me for future young adult science fiction series The Saven series set the bar so high and I cannot help but consider how much the Alinthia series pales in comparison With The Lost Savior I thought it may have been a case of personal preference but with The Secret Heir I think it is safe to say this series simply isn’t winning me overYou see I enjoyed the reverse harem element a lot in this second book Reverse harem is not my go to when it comes to reading I feel as though I gave the impression I hated it in my review of The Lost Savior yet such is not the case I’m simply extremely picky with my reverse harem and due to this very rarely read it When I pick up the right book or series though I’m than happy to keep reading My big issue usually is that authors do not give all the characters the attention they deserve Multiple characters are introduced and in no time at all we know which character is the author’s favourite The others fade into the background until it comes to the steamy scenes at which point everyone returns so the author can play out certain scenarios It gets boring when such a thing plays out and I’ve seen it happen far too oftenWith The Secret Heir however I did come to appreciate all of the boys I do believe there is a tiny bit of favouritism to be seen but as a whole things are a lot eual than in many of the other books I have read in the genre Due to this I believe Siobhan Davis may be one of the authors where I will willing read her other reverse harem releases The thing that has me less willing to read such stories was done well here and I’m willing to take the dive into other such stories by the author This is why I opted for the three star rating in the end despite my mixed feelings towards the book I do wish to say however that I finally understand some of the reviews I have read on other Siobhan Davis books in the past In the second half of the book when I wasn’t as sucked in as I usually was I understood the negative comments some people have made about the slut shaming that occurs in a few of the author’s books When I’m sucked in deep I find myself overlooking it – it is a part of the story that I understand and accept However when I wasn’t sucked in deep it did seem a bit excessive I now understand those reviews I have once raised an eyebrow to In part I think a big reason why I noticed it so much in this one was because of the age of the characters This series started as young adult but has uickly become new adult With the way characters behave and certain elements that play out I believe this series would have done much better being new adult from the start Therefore I’m labelling this under the ‘this is what Sarah J Maas has done to young adult books’ category I have going on in my head I’m not going to go into what side of the debate I fall on when it comes to Sarah J Maas books I’m simply pointing out young adult books seem to have become much explicit and it seemed to start around the time everyone started to pick up Sarah J Maas With the Alinthia series I think I would have been much happier had it been solidly in the new adult genre from the start – this kind of story just doesn’t feel right to me with young adult characters Even though we are drifting firmly into the new adult category my initial response was young adult and my brain is stuck in that young adult mindsetOverall as you can see my feelings towards this series continue to be mixed I’m now stuck with the debate as to whether I wish to continue reading the series or whether I am going to call it uits On the one hand my mind is begging for me to continue – this is Siobhan Davis she usually wins you over and you’re obsessed On the other hand my mind is reminding me of all the other books I have to read – including other Siobhan Davis books I’m sure to enjoy Maybe I will continue maybe I won’t I guess we’re going to have to wait and see – with how strong my Siobhan Davis addiction is I fear it may be the former but I have no wish to say just yet

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The Secret HeirN symbol with possible links to humans and the mystery deepens But that’s not the only thing keeping Tori awake at nightConfused over the horrific vision she experienced the night of the Herassan attack Tori is terrified of revealing details of her protectors’ supposed fate so she says nothing Keeping stuff hidden never ends well and as evil forces conspire against Tori and her four prot. The Secret Heir starts off right where The Lost Savior ends and continues on with this great plot line Again this series is a paranormalsci fi reverse harem and if you have never read anything within this genre reverse harem you are definitely missing out on some great storiesTori is coming to grips with her identity and her powers As she is training with Maddox she is trying to learn about everything from Dane but ends up butting heads with him than anything On top of that she is trying to help Coop with his jealousy and pull Becket out of his shyness Tori is attracted to each of them individually and their own reactions to Tori is what helps push this story forward They all play an intricate role in what is to comeI won't give away any plot points as this is a book series that the reader needs to experience everything first hand by themselves Siobhan takes us on a journey that is not only entertaining but intriguing You find yourself wanting to get to know these characters as we learn about them and how things came to be Siobhan's writing style immerses you into the world she has created There is no slow down with the twists action and suspense she brings There's a lot that goes on but not once do you feel lost you just see the bigger picture being put together slowly And in true Siobhan style she leaves us reeling with a cliffy that has us begging for the next book NOW

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The Secret Heir free read á 6 ¾ Is it her destiny to save them or destroy themNow that Tori finally understands who she is and what’s expected of her she’s in full on freak out mode How will she save the galaxy from General Arantu’s clutches when she can’t even control her powers Add that to the lack of retaliation by enemy alien forces and evEctors secrets and lies threaten to destroy everything they hope to achieve While Tori grows closer to Coop Maddox and Beck Dane remains distant creating tension and jeopardizing their bondThen an unexpected newcomer arrives casting suspicion over everything they believe they knowWhen Tori finally figures out what’s going on will she have time to warn the guys Or is their fate already seal. Tori knows who she is Alinthia knows her history alien princess and knows what she is supposed to accomplish save the world The problem is she has no idea what to do She can't control her powers she's worried about her visions and dreams she has doubts she has guilt she has regrets She's keeping secrets Her bonds with Coop Maddox and Beck are deepening but Dane is keeping his distance He doesn't trust Tori and has his secrets too This is threatening the bond And while the enemy aliens haven't attacked yet they all know it's just a matter of time If they can't work as a team they will fall When an unexpected newcomer arrives secrets are revealed weaknesses exposed By the time Tori figures out the truth it may be too late She may lose her guys The fight may be lost before the battle even begins The Secret Heir is fantastic even better than book one The suspense increases the tension rises the danger escalates Tori is a mess One minute she's strong and assured the next a bundle of self doubt This is perfect Sure she is supposed to be the Savior but it's only been two months This is overwhelming and she has been raised as a human I love that she isn't automatically perfect I love that she is worried that she could be the destroyer not the savior I wish she could trust the guys enough to confide in them but I understand her fears I also love how her relationship with each guy is progressing and is so uniue to that particular guy Coop's jealousy Beck's shyness and insecurity Both are such contradictions to the other areas of their lives Dane's reserved behavior his distrust his coldness frustrate me Each time I sympathize with him and understand his motives he takes it too far And my favorite Maddox I love this guy; protective accepting supporting loving I enjoyed the time with Tori's classmates and friends as well Kylie Zara and Jensen are important They helped make Tori into the woman she is today Without that foundation Alinthia wouldn't stand a chance becoming who she needs to be This book is signature Siobhan Davis It's impossible not to become completely immersed in this story and its characters It's non stop; non stop action small twists and turns huge surprises major shocks There are shopping trips and trips to alien worlds There are physical fights and emotional ones; confessions and revelations; introductions reunions and good byes New characters and the return of missing characters There are pretend betrayals and bone jarring soul destroying betrayals It delivers action and romance It also ends with a signature Siobhan cliffhanger that will leave you gasping and possibly cursing You will definitely be worrying and anticipating the next book