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DOWNLOAD I Know You Know î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ From author Gilly Macmillan comes this original chilling and twisty mystery about two shocking murder cases twenty years apart and the threads that bind themTwenty years ago eleven year olds Charlie Paige and Scott Ashby were murdered in the city of Bristol their bodies duEspecially Charlie’s mother Jess who decides to take matters into her own handsWhen a long dead body is found in the same location the boys were left decades before the disturbing discovery launches another murder investigation Now Detective John Fletcher the investigator on the original case must reopen his dusty files and decide if the two murders are linked With his career at risk the clock is ticking and lives are in jeopard. I received an advance reader’s edition of this book as a Goodreads Giveaway Expected publication is in September 2018“I Know You Know” tells the story of the murder of two 11 year old boys revisited 20 years later after the man convicted of the crime Sidney Noyce kills himself in prison and a man’s body is uncovered near the original murder site Scott Ashby and Charlie Paige were best friends along with Cody Swift Cody was being punished the night the boys were killed which is the reason he wasn’t with them As an adult Cody begins recording and airing a podcast and starts dredging up details based on an article by a reporter who covered the original trial and doesn’t believe that the right man was convicted Interesting premise not so interesting executionThe first few chapters hooked me pretty well I wanted to find out how the murders 20 years ago tied to the discovery of the body in the present day Throughout the book we meet many characters who are developed well – the detectives on the original case Charlie’s mother and her current family her former “boyfriend” Felix and a variety of other characters who seem incidental to the story The exception in character development is Cody Swift and he’s the one we should know the most about He felt to me like a faceless public radio personality His voice in my imagination was very humdrum and uiet almost like he was introducing “the soothing sounds of smooth jazz” or something – not at all like a true crimedetective recording which is what he was portraying And every chapter that was an episode of the podcast had the lines “My name is Cody Swift I’m a filmmaker and your host of ‘It’s Time to Tell’ a Dishlicker Podcast Production” By the end of the book I had had enough of Cody’s introductions and his podcasts were excruciatingly boring I’m not a listener of podcasts but if they all play dialog like this I’m not missing anything“Annette hello Is that really you”“You’re all grown up Cody Swift Look at you”“You recognized me right away”“You’ve still got that up to no good look about you”“Really I’m not sure that’s a good thing”Spoilers aheadI felt like there were a lot of things wrong with the plotlinesFirst you have a detective who is portrayed as really caring about putting away the person who killed the two boys but he destroys evidence covers up for pimp turned PR guy Felix helps frame the lead investigator on the case to get him pulled off the case convinces witnesses to fit their statements and testimony to his story and pries a false confession out of the mentally handicapped Sidney ignoring all other leadsSecond when the new body is uncovered near where the boys were killed the reader almost has to believe that the murders are unrelated and years apart because how could the man’s body not be discovered at the same time as the boys Through the course of the book however we learn that the boys were killed because they saw the other crime taking place Why would the killer hide one body and leave the other two out in the open And supposedly the killer hid the body so well that it wasn’t found for 20 years And the man who was killed was reported missing two days later and no one uestioned whether there was a connection There’s also the fact that Charlie was found alive and muttered the word “ghost” before he died in the detective’s arms The author tries to bring that reference full circle at the end of the book and it’s completely irrelevant in my opinion But you’re telling me that no one investigated that 20 years beforeThird we find out that Cody actually knew all along what happened to his friends kept uiet all of these years and only came forward when the article came out because he wanted a publicity stunt to start a new businessusing the pimpPR guy as his PR guyFinally the actual killer is already dead and doesn’t even get his comeuppance What a letdownI just didn’t enjoy this at all And the book title should have just been “It’s Time to Tell” That’s the name of Cody’s podcast and it just seems fitting I didn’t find a reference to “I Know You Know” anywhereMy opinionskip this one

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From author Gilly Macmillan comes this original chilling and twisty mystery about two shocking murder cases twenty years apart and the threads that bind themTwenty years ago eleven year olds Charlie Paige and Scott Ashby were murdered in the city of Bristol their bodies dumped near a dog racing track A man was convicted of the brutal crime but decades later uestions still lingerFor his whole life filmmaker Cody Swift has been haun. Gilly Macmillan's standalone thriller is smart beautifully written and so very well constructed with a narrative that revolves around a true crime podcast that goes back and forth in time In 1996 two friends 11 year old Scott Ashby and 10 year old Charlie Paige were brutally murdered in Bristol Charlie died in the arms of police officer John Fletcher The gentle giant Sidney Noyce a 24 year old learning disabled man with a mental age of a 10 year old is arrested convicted and imprisoned for their murder Sidney has always claimed his innocence throughout the years and goes on to commit suicide in prison and a newspaper article uestions his guilty conviction for the heinous crimes Close friend of Scott and Charlie Cody Swift was traumatised by the tragedy and haunted by it ever since never able to forget it He is now a film maker and having doubts as to the Noyce's guilt he and his girlfriend Maya begin a podcast to find out what really happened twenty years ago in the search for justiceIn the present at a construction site near the site of where the boys were found all those years ago human remains are found is there any connection with what happened to the boys DI John Fletcher now finds himself with a new case that has him opening the can of worms that was the original police inuiry The dead man turns out to be Pete Dale a local con man who disappeared around the same time as the killing of the boys With a story relayed through multiple perspectives the podcast revisits the major players from the past documenting what is uncovered Unsurprisingly not everyone is happy to have the past reopened with its festering emotional wounds One of these is Jess Paige Charlie's mother who has moved on into a new life and she wants to keep buried her disastrous earlier life and her negligent parenting style Will Cody's podcast reawaken the dangers of the past for him and othersMacmillan writes a tense multilayered and complex character driven story of corruption ambition betrayal deceit the nature of children and the world they inhabit a troubling police investigation blackmail where everyone has secrets and where no one can be taken at face value The author particularly excels in the characters she creates they have such depth and in how she develops them as the reader is hit by shock surprises and twists This is an exciting and emotionally intense rollercoaster of a read which left me eagerly awaiting Macmillan's next novel Many thanks to Little Brown for an ARC

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I Know You KnowTed by the deaths of his childhood best friends The loose ends of the police investigation consume him so much that he decides to return to Bristol in search of answers Hoping to uncover new evidence and to encourage those who may be keeping long buried secrets to speak up Cody starts a podcast to record his findings But there are many people who don’t want the case along with old wounds reopened so many years after the tragedy. Favorite uotes If you can control where an interview takes place you are part of the way to controlling the interview itself Location matters Fletcher’s wife announced she was leaving him when they were in the Costco car park He didn’t see it coming He remembers acutely the humiliation of loading bags into the boot of the car while she explained across the laden shopping trolley that their marriage was over “Well why are we buying in bulk then” was all he could think to askIt’s a resting place for cold cases and Fletcher thinks of it as an archive of failure For every high profile solve there’s an unsolved crime shelved here In each tidily filed box Fletcher thinks there are not just papers photographs and other case materials but other things invisible things There are traces of the open emotional wounds an unsolved crime leaves on the families and detectives affected by it There is also the shadow of something rotten the person who got away with it Like a nodding dog ornament on a dashboard she moves her head laboriously to look at Danny Everything she does is so slow it makes Fletcher’s joints feel as if they’re liuefying under the strain of being patientI said you’re a prat John Fletcher Always have been always will be I’m fed up of you strutting about like you own the place when you passed your sell by date years ago The only time I’ll look forward to seeing you will be at your retirement partyI did a bit of unscientific research on the subject—by which I mean to say that I looked it up on the internetMy Review I was unprepared for the twists and turns of the diabolically clever Gilly Macmillan Her fascinating yet despicable characters were as compelling as the well crafted storylines they inhabited They sueezed then broke my heart while holding me captive to my Kindle as I hissed and huffed my distress No one was innocent except for the condemned patsy and no one was as they had initially appeared it was brilliant Gilly Macmillan has strong word voodoo Cunningly woven into this adroitly written book were the gut churning savagery of children blackmail police coercion nefarious manipulations greed ambition corruption and desperation The writing was exuisitely nuanced the wily characters were deeply damaged and irreparably flawed yet keenly described and depicted in a cleverly magnetizing manner It was riveting yet tragic and heartbreaking I was enthralled and even though she turned me inside out I covet her mad skills and greedily want all her words New additions to my Brit Vocab list include tearaways which Mr Google tells me is a wild or reckless person; bung which is a bribe or payoff; and cobblers which apparently has two meanings as it is nonsense to some and testicles to the Cockneys although those two things are pretty much the same thing to me ;