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Stand Still, Stay Silent Read & Download à 104 Ä An underfunded uestionably selected rag tag team of explorers are assembled and launched into the unknown in a search for information and relics of the Old World hopefully valuable relics Stand Still Stay Silent follows six people and a cat on a journey filled with adventure camaraderieHe Old World hopefully valuable relics Stand Still Stay Silent follows six people and a cat on a journey filled with adventure camaraderie and Nordic. Note I feel compelled to add that the comic has gone seriously downhill since I wrote this review and every good thing I say about it here—particularly concerning the treatment of the female characters and the positive traits of any of the characters—is somehow suandered or backtracked in the next couple of books Still I have to be honest I really did like Book 2The biggest strength of this story is as always the characters—and even though I said plenty about the characters last time turns out I have to say this time so let's get goingThe established characters continue to evolve and we continue to see facets of them as the story progresses Sigrun vaulted her way straight to the top of my favorites list with her ability to keep a cool head and take charge in a crisis and her readiness to protect her crew even at risk to herself and can I just say how refreshing it is to see a scene in which a woman protects a man by bodily throwing herself in front of him and non fatally taking a blow that was meant for him and nobody in universe treats this as a big deal at all because duh she's a seasoned soldier protecting a non immune civilian that's exactly how things are supposed to work Emil with his strong sense of compassion and his need to at least try even if a situation seems hopeless was not far behindSpeaking of which let's talk about Sigrun shall we Time after time now I've wanted to point to Sigrun and say See See This is how you write a strong female character When she says no to a male character who makes a suggestion it's not to beat the audience over the head that she's a Strong Female Character TM who won't take no orders from no man it's because as the expedition leader she has every right to make those calls and because as the person with field experience than anyone else on this team she truly honestly does know better Also aside from an occasional bit of bragging on the part of Sigrun herself and really she's far from the first person in this story to brag her skills as a warrior are assumed rather than constantly over hyped but then the narrative follows through on that premise and shows us what she's capable of in a couple of high stakes situations where the outcome actually matters so that even when she fails in battle later which she does eventually in the third book with some pretty serious conseuences too I honestly believe it was due to overwhelming circumstances rather than because the writer lied to me Perhaps most refreshingly in direct opposition to the usual narrative sellout that tries to trick us into believing we've got a Strong Female Character TM by giving us a character who refuses all help because she's just too independent for that only to need to be bailed out because she tried to do something on her own that she had no business doing on her own and got in over her head cough Blightborn cough Sigrun isn't afraid to ask for help if it's the most expedient way to solve a problem or if she's dealing with something that falls outside of her skillset but then if said help falls through she's still perfectly capable of getting out of trouble completely on her own Other authors need to learn from this comicAs far as the female characters go in general both Sigrun and Tuuri have men that they're close to They have plenty of interactions with their male teammates as well But neither of them is ever defined by her relationship to a man They're not there because they want to help a man or impress a man or live up to a man and the possibility of a male love interest is never even mentioned Each of them is on this team for exactly one reason and that is because she wanted to be there Sigrun lives for the military Tuuri lives to explore That's it They're fulfilling their own desires And it's kind of sad that this stands out so much because it's pretty much the bare minimum reuirement for writing an interesting female characterAs to the characters as a whole I seem to recall Minna Sundberg saying somewhere that she started this comic specifically because she had a group of characters she loved and wanted to give them a story and that shows One complaint I've had about a lot of SFF I've been reading lately is the way some writers use a fantastic setting to cover for the blandness of their leads the same way a mediocre cook uses excessive spices to cover for bad meat Ignore the fact that this guy is a werewolf and he becomes just another abusive asshole Look at this girl when she's not being marooned on an alien planet and she's just another Completely Average Generic Schoolgirl This group though Take away every fantastic element of the story—no magic no monsters no apocalypse—and have them living out perfectly ordinary lives in modern day Scandinavia instead and I would still want to read about them—and that's the single nicest thing I can say about any work when it comes to characterization The Hotakainens are a dysfunctional family with a tragic backstory Emil is a spoiled rich boy with a heart of gold struggling to get along in a world he was never properly taught how to navigate Sigrun is a hyperactive goofball who has real steel beneath that happy go lucky exterior Mikkel is a real life troll with authority issues and a mysterious past Reynir is a sheltered farm kid whose impulsivity lands him in heaps of trouble Whether you have them exploring the ruins of a forgotten world ninety years after a zombie apocalypse or going to school and pursuing careers in a perfectly mundane modern day these characters are interesting in their own right and having interesting characters is a necessary foundation for any good work regardless of how much you spice up the settingThis is the case specifically in Book 2 but if you wish to continue with this series you should probably be aware that the writer chose to ruin a good thing in one of the books that follows

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Mythology Who knows what they might find on their journey and what they might loseContain Chapters 6 to 10 of the ongoing webcomic and bonus content. Eeeeeeee so cute

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Stand Still Stay SilentAn underfunded uestionably selected rag tag team of explorers are assembled and launched into the unknown in a search for information and relics of t. I love this series and it just keeps getting better The only downside is the pace it's just too slow for me to be read as a webcomic It's definitely better read in large chunks either by delaying and then catching up on the comic or by buying the books But it's an amazing story accompanied by gorgeous art and there's nothing else out there like it