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Catching StarsEir paths collide Jayin and Maddix must put aside their prejudices and forge an uneasy alliance that could crumble at any moment But if they want to survive in Aestos a brutal kingdom where magic and corruption lie hand in hand and enemies lurk around every corner they must first survive each oth. You can find this review and like it on my blog Ink IllusionI had to think about writing this review How did I want to handle it because this is – for the first time since I decided to approach my reviews differently – a book that I feel no love for And so it meant I had to ask some uestions of myself; mainly did I want to carry through and write the review anyways Or did I want to DNF the book and stow it away never to think of it againThe book answered that uestion for me about a third of the way through It was one of those accidents you just can’t look away from waiting to see how bad it would be I had to see how it all wrapped up how much worse it could get I’m a strong believer of DNF’ing books I’m not enjoying But it was also the lack of discussion surrounding the issues I found that drove me to finish the book and write a reviewHEADS UPThis review is going to discuss content that may be triggering specifically about a group of nationalists and supremacists that seek to kill an entire population Catching Stars is being praised pretty highly and I’d already been looking forward to it before Owlcrate included it in its Fight Like a Girl boxIt promises an exciting story about enemies working together in a world rich with magic and conflict And while YA fantasy as a genre is no stranger to stories of magic users eyed with a certain degree of suspicion none have gone uite as far as this We’re promised conflict with the witches but what we get is a group of supremacists looking to wipe out all magic users in the kingdomThis isn’t an exaggeration It’s the main subplot and hardly challenged – and the challenge that is made is the male MC falling in love with a witch and suddenly realizing that she’s human too But just her; he still hates the rest of the witches for wielding magicWitches and many other magic users hated for their abilities isn’t a bad plot point on its own And I may not have looked twice at it if the hatred hadn’t been so pronounced so violent In a lot of ways the setup was similar to Shadow and Bone magic users as the kingdom’s main force with a high place in society under their leader enjoying finer things as the kingdom around them deteriorates But this is where it diverges into uestionable territory; the non magic users especially those under the King’s employ vehemently hate the witches interchangeably called the sahir and want to see their magic either stripped or see them destroyed outright In one moment we go from seeing a disparity between magic users and the general populace causing tension to an explicit desire to see them all killedTHE SETUPMaddix is the male POV character a guard possessed in the very beginning of the book and used to commit murders that he is later caught for and found guilty of Locked away in the Pit a dark prison hole meant for the worst criminals his hatred for the witches turns into full blown fanaticism He becomes bent on finding the witchhunters a group that wishes to find witches and kill them And not long after his escape he finds them and joins their cause – blindly following orders in the hope to track down the witch who possessed him kill him and then continue doing the same to other magic usersSeeking revenge on the witch who ruined your life used you to commit crimes from which you’ll never be able to escape Alright I can go with that Wanting to wipe out an entire population because one man wronged you That’s disgusting and I’m fairly certain straight out of a white supremacist handbook What should have garnered sympathy for Maddix turns him terrifying and what I’m hopeful Keenan intended as a message to accept those different from you is notBecause not only is Jayin the female POV character whom Maddix eventually falls in love with a witch but also a woman of color A descendant of immigrants who were chased from their homeland as it slowly dies Because of course it would seem all witches originally came from an area known only as the Oldlands and fled to the kingdom in order to survive Woman of color magic user hated by an entire group of supremacists and the majority of the kingdom preaching how they want to return the kingdom to its people use only “pure Aestosi” treat witches as less than human and call their language “savage” All of this written by a white womanSay it with me this is not a white woman’s story to tellSTILTED STORYTELLINGWhile the main story is supposed to be Maddix and Jayin’s hunt for the witch who possessed him every other page is filled with a reminder for how much they hate each other Maddix is constantly thinking about how much he hates magic and by extension all witches but how incredible Jayin is and how different she is from the rest How he can’t “reconcile his hatred” with the girl traveling with him – a direct uote For the fanaticism of the witchhunters being an underlying theme but not the main conflict it influences every little thought of both Maddix and Jayin The entire story is them hating each otherThis isn’t just an enemies to lovers trope of uestionable origin it’s also unbelievable The whole book feels like it lacks solid structure and focus with no development of its worldbuilding elements or plot points Rules are barely introduced to the reader though Maddix is treated as ignorant for not knowing how magic works It almost feels like pieces from popular YA fantasy were plucked and then arranged with the hope that they would fit together on their own It makes for an awkward reading experienceThe haphazard plotting was also strewn with unnecessary minor plots Twists information and conflict that added nothing to the story; remove them and the overall story remained the same They seemed to exist solely for shock factor such as a scene where Jayin is kidnapped by another witch who would sell her for a bounty Why witches would turn against their own turn them in to the same people who would see them dead is never built upon But it occurs than once and Jayin seems unsurprisedREAL VS BADLY DONEThere’s been a long lasting discussion about realistic characters having problematic ualities I’m a huge supporter of writing characters with “unlikeable” aspects; trust me some of my favorite personal ones are littered with issues and even toxic sometimes against themselves sometimes against others behaviors I write them how they speak to me But there’s a huge difference between writing realistic characters who have their issues challenged and just writing bad onesIt’s unfortunate because I think a lot of characters here could have provided good commentary Or they could have at least been tolerable But instead we find countless issuesI’ve already discussed Maddix’s many issues ranging from fanaticism and supremacy to white savior syndrome It honestly felt like reading Ember in the Ashes' Helene receive a redemption arc Jayin on the other hand just feels all over the place underneath her tough as nails exterior She’s enjoyable otherwise But the romance between her and Maddix is unbelievable ruining what development she could have had as she faces the conflictBut it’s a personal note that struck me the hardest about a particular characterThere is one character in Catching Stars with on page ueer representation a witch under the employ of the kingdom named Maerta She’s an old acuaintance of Jayin’s and certainly not a friend – that’s fine But the passage where she is introduced as married to a woman she’s also said to be having an affair And after that it’s just a matter of time before she’s shown to be cruel and sadistic bent on destroying Jayin for no reason other than her jealousy And in the end she’s killed violently with her own magicHave we not been the subject of enough tragedies and villains At least Maerta’s ueerness is not the cause for her cruelty but to have the only on page representation be evil and then killed the way that she was – it hurts readers Intent here doesn’t matter; it’s what we’re given to go off of I was annoyed by her cruelty at first but then completely taken aback when I read her murder I am tired how especially in fantasy ueer representation is sacrificed or ignored And this was just the straw that broke the camel’s back for me; the final piece that cemented this book as one of the few I’ve actively disliked while readingEverything about its synopsis seemed promising but Catching Stars was hurtful ignorant of the issues it perpetuated and from a technical standpoint poorly fleshed out But all I’ve seen of this book was positive reviews mostly five stars with no discussion of its numerous issuesBeing a fantasy novel does not give any story a free pass to include whatever element desired In a story which so clearly reflects issues that are a real threat to people these elements still need to be challenged and they need to be dealt with properly Instead we see these issues abused for the purpose of Catching Stars' story and used as shock factors And it’s not okay But it’s not being discussed and that’s another part of a serious problemOTHER CONTENT WARNINGSI wanted to mention other content in the book that might triggering in case anyone does go to look into it including mention of suicide and suicidal thoughtsimpulses mostly by prisoners and the use of phrases like “that’s suicidal” tossed around casually self harm violence and gore and a scene with a vague mention that could be assault or rape of Jayin The scene is never directly referenced again or described in detail but it left me feeling very uncomfortable and I had to take a break after reading it

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N Maddix Kell is on the run After two years in prison for crimes he did not commit Maddix escapes and seeks out a legendary order of witchhunters who are his only chance to find justice But all is not as it seems and Maddix soon finds himself on the run from the people he sought as allies When th. you've tied yourself to the most dangerous sahir in aestos she said and i am now bound to the most wanted criminal we're going to die bloody as one of my favorite booktubers once said i will happily give a book five stars when it brings me out of a reading slumpbefore i picked up catching stars i had no idea what i wanted to read i swear i picked up seven books but put them all down because nothing was catching my attention however this book did from the very beginning i was hooked and needed to know and damn i was not disappointed in this storyi developed a strong attachment to jayin and maddix they go through hell and back but they're so strong and are such fighters i adore them with everything in methe ending to this book SHUT UP WHAT NO HOW WHY words truly do fail meall i have to say is please go pick this book up if you're looking for a story that has badass characters with witchy goodness and an explosive endingthen look no further because i highly recommend you check out catching stars

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FREE DOWNLOAD Â Catching Stars È Witch Betrayal HuntedJayin Ijaad is in hiding A witch with powerful abilities she carves out a life for herself in the slums of Pavaal a city rotting from the inside out When an old acuaintance tracks her down Jayin is dragged back into a world she tried to escape and is determined to escape again Maddix Kell is on thWitch Betrayal HuntedJayin Ijaad is in hiding A witch with powerful abilities she carves out a life for herself in the slums of Pavaal a city rotting from the inside out When an old acuaintance tracks her down Jayin is dragged back into a world she tried to escape and is determined to escape agai. I had hopes for this book but sadly I did not like it at all I often found myself skipping through the pages looking for something that could grabbed my attention but it never happened And I liked the characters just fine but they felt bland and your average fantasy book people That’s something that really hurt the story the lack of characterization None of them or the story itself were really fleshed out It’s sad because it had potential but in the end it wasn’t that good