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Learning to Breathe Free download ´ 104 Ý Sixteen year old Indy struggles to conceal her pregnancy while searching for a place to belong in this stunning debut novel that’s perfect for fans of Amber Smith and Sara ZarrIndira Ferguson has done her best to live by her Grammy’s rules—to study hard in school be respectful and to never let Ge of her But it hasn’t always been easy especially while living in her mother’s shadowWhen Indy is sent to live with distant relatives in Nassau trouble follows her Now she must hide an unwanted pregnancy from her aunt who would rather throw Indy out onto the street than see the truthCompletely broke with only. It took me a while to get into the flow of this one but about mid way through all I wanted was a happy ending for Indy Her happy ending whichever way that would go This is a hard read about family secrets and assault

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A hand me down pregnancy book as a resource Indy desperately looks for a safe space to call home After stumbling upon a yoga retreat she wonders if perhaps she’s found the place But Indy is about to discover that home is much bigger than just four walls and a roof it’s about the people she chooses to share it wi. See of my reviews on The YA Kitten My copy was an ARC I got from the publisher via EdelweissContent warnings graphic rape sexual violence against a child harassment abuse AND assault emotional abuse alcoholism misogynoirJust so you don’t go into this book with any misconceptions it’s set in the Bahamas and it’s about sixteen year old Indy who is pregnant from one of the many many times her cousin raped her She’s unable to tell her aunt uncle and other cousin because she’s terrified they’ll call her a liar and cast her out of their home so she has to her pregnancy hidden while reckoning with impending motherhood and reflecting on how her own grandmother and deeply troubled mother were as mothers to Indy Her only guide an annotated pregnancy book from her grandmotherYou wouldn’t have gathered all that from the jacket copy right This is a dark book with a lot of painful subject matter but it’s over a brilliant book about finding your own family learning to cope with your trauma and breaking generations long cycles of abuseIndira “Indy” Ferguson has been raised by her grandmother for almost all of her life since her mother is occupied with doing drugs and acuiring bad boyfriends Going to live in Nassau with her aunt and uncle was supposed to be a good thing She’d be able to get a better education than she could on her home island and make something of herself but then she met Gary her male cousin and he proceeded to rape and sexually abuse her so regularly that she’s developed a horrific acceptance of what he does Then he goes without a condom one night and that’s enough to get her pregnant with her rapist’s spawnAs the novel unfolds it turns out suffering at the hands of men who can’t keep their hands off little Black girls runs in the family Indy’s own mother Sharice was sexually abused and assaulted as a teen too leading to Indy’s conception and birth Her reliance on alcohol and a string of bad boyfriends is how she self medicates and tries to provide for her daughter when all she’s ever known is men who use and abuse her In her own way she tries her best to protect Indy; when one man shows interest in her Sharice redirects his attention back to herself Though Indy’s grandmother Eunice never suffered the same way she’s been kicking herself for decades because she missed the signs of what was happening to ShariceLearning to Breathe tears into misogynoir with razor sharp teeth showing readers how Black girls suffer because of it They’re fetishized and mistreated by those around them called “fast” just because they’re growing into their bodies and treated as sex objects in a way no white woman will never understand because they don’t experience the historical trauma of racism like Black women do When nothing changes the cycle of abuse will continue and history will repeat itself As Sharice became a teenage mother because of a rapist so will IndyBut Indy has something her mother didn’t seem to at the time her family Her uncle aunt and Gary don’t count because they’ve proven they aren’t Indy’s family by hurting her one way or another Her other cousin Smiley just don’t know what’s going on The family Indy finds is at a yoga retreat on the island–owner Joe her son Dion Maya and Susan–and with her old friend Churchy who is in Nassau for school just like Indy is Though Churchy has a crush on her ther

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Learning to BreatheSixteen year old Indy struggles to conceal her pregnancy while searching for a place to belong in this stunning debut novel that’s perfect for fans of Amber Smith and Sara ZarrIndira Ferguson has done her best to live by her Grammy’s rules to study hard in school be respectful and to never let a boy take advanta. When you know a storm's coming you can batten down and hide away or you can try to outrun the rain Or there's option three stand your ground face the weather and hope your roots keep you in place How refreshing it is to dive into a book directed at Teens and YA that isn't a dystopian a fairy retelling andor a teen romance where someone is going to die Don't get me wrong I lap those types of books up like they're chocolate but every once and awhile I like something that is not any of the above Leave it to me to seek out a challenging topic TW Sexual Violence Learning to Breathe isn't an easy novel to read This is as the book synopsis reads a teenage girl who finds herself pregnant after being assaulted IndiraIndy finds herself so alone apart from the grandmother that always protected her and living with a relative that perceives Indy to be a bad seed I absolutely loved Indy and felt anger towards many of the adults around her that seemed so blind to her situation Especially that guidance counselor at school what an idiot But I find myself reluctant to haul out the big stars on this one First the ending was rather rushed to conclusion and fit a perfect scenario of what we all hope would happen when anyone reports a sexual assault Second Indy makes a particular choice that impacts the rest of her life yet apart from a very brief conversation with her physician there isn't much explored on that situation Third the writing was a bit rough around the edges and I felt the characters were a bit stereotypical and one dimensional Still thinking on this one for a bit Thanks to NetGalley for an advanced ebook in exchange for an honest review