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DOWNLOAD ↠ P is for Pearl ¶ From the talented author of the celebrated novels In the uiet and Ache comes a poignant and moving book that explores the stories we tell ourselves about our families and what it means to belong Seventeen year old Gwendolyn P Pearson has become very good at not thinking about the awful things that have happened to her family What happened to her family all those years ago And she slowly comes to realise that people aren't as they first appear and that like her everyone has a story to tell'P is for Pearl is a complex authentic exploration of grief friendship mental illness family and love sensitively written by a writer whose voice will resonate with teen readers' BooksPublishi. ‘I worked at the café down on the main surfing beach in town’ Meet Gwendolyn P Pearson Gwen lives in a small coastal town in Tasmania with her father step mother Biddy step brother Tyrone and half sister Evie She remembers her mum a colourful whirlwind of a woman now dead Everyone in the small community knew Gwen’s mum some talk about her others look at Gwen sympathetically and say nothing Gwen tries not to think about losing her mother or the death of her younger brother Keeping busy helps Gwen is now seventeen years old in Year 11 at high school trying to think about her future One evening there’s an incident in the café where Gwen and her best friend Loretta work part time and Gwen’s world is shakenGwen tries to make sense of what happened to her mother and her brother Trying to understand what happened leads Gwen to realise that life is complex than she had realised While Gwen is learning about the deaths of her mother and brother she is coming to terms with the fact that life is complex than she’d thought and that other people also have issues to deal with I read this novel and then almost immediately reread it I didn’t actually miss much on the first read but the second read gave me an opportunity to think about what Gwen was experiencing and her reactions This is a beautifully written novel which explores the meaning of friendship the impact of mental illness as well as different configurations of family and grief None of these issues are trivialised or glossed over The characters came alive for me especially Evie with her wicked sense of humour Loretta and her dislike of sport and Tyrone It’s not just the story Ms Henry Jones tells it’s the characters she peoples it with and the way in which she tells it I’ve been recommending this novel to family and friends UnreservedlyNote My thanks to NetGalley and HarperCollins Australia for providing me with a free electronic copy of this book for review purposesJennifer Cameron Smith

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Le talking about her dead mum Or not talking about her and just looking at Gwen sympathetically And it's easy not to think about awful things when there are wild beaches to run along best friends Loretta and Gordon to hang out with and a stepbrother to take revenge on But following a strange disturbance at the cafe where she works Gwen is forced to confront. RTCI wasn't sure sure I was going to get into this one when I started reading especially due to my difficulty settling on and enjoying books this month but before I knew it I was almost half way through and rushing back to it whenever I had a moment I'm listening to a lot of audiobooks because of the long drives for work but sitting down and focusing is proving hard at the momentIt deals with grief loss mental health issues blended families including both step and half siblings friendship and coming of age Oh yeah and there's a mermaid theme throughout due to Gwen's mum's obsession with themI honestly couldn't put it down Even though there's not a whole lot happening in terms of plot and even though the answers to the mysteries are obvious to readers early on and Gwen only figures them out later it is engaging and doesn't drag or feel boringOccasionally the romance stuff was a little silly with the catalyst for Gwen and Ben getting close being his clumsiness but it didn't get in the way of enjoyment too much

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P is for PearlFrom the talented author of the celebrated novels In the uiet and Ache comes a poignant and moving book that explores the stories we tell ourselves about our families and what it means to belong Seventeen year old Gwendolyn P Pearson has become very good at not thinking about the awful things that have happened to her family She has also become used to peop. ”FROM THE DIARY OF GWENDOLYN P PEARSON“My mum would dress herself up in scarves and nothing else and dance around the backyard Sometimes she’d light a fire Or climb a tree She’d whistle and sing and yell at me to join her until everything inside me hurt with the effort of refusing herShe was a whirlwind A rushing spinning impossibilityShe called me by my middle name and always told me that I was destined for great things and even back then I knew that I’d disappoint her I knew that I was exceptionally ordinary I just didn’t know how to tell her and then uite suddenly it was too late to tell her anything” Gwendolyn P Pearson is a seventeen year old girl living in a small coastal town in Tasmania along with her stepmother a father a stepbrother Tyrone and a half sister named Evie A family if an unconventional one each person struggling in their own way with the fates that brought them togetherWhen a brother and sister move to their town Ben and Amber – twins – Ben befriends Gwen and Amber tries to sabotage this friendship when she senses an attraction beginning to take root Gwen struggles between the awkwardness of this budding friendship attraction and memories of her mother and her younger brother which have begun to inch their way back into her daily thoughts She struggles with her relationship with her father and her relationship with her stepmother They seem to be trying to give her some space to deal with whatever it is they sense she is processing but maybe space is not what she needs For me what Eliza Henry Jones excels in is creating an atmosphere that sets such a calm almost reverent tone while not shying away from small tensions that building slowly You sense Gwen or Pearl as her mother used to call her on a precipice but of what is yet to be sharedThis is a YA novel although the writing is as lovely as her ‘In the uiet’ and ‘Ache’ and much as Rita Sepetys novels ‘Between Shades of Gray’ and ‘Salt to the Sea’ there is little difference in the way this is written except perhaps there is nothing inappropriate The writing may be simply lovely but it is not simple Dealing with topics such as mental illness death grief the conflicted feelings and personalities in blended families and the beauty and pain of memories as well as the healing power of forgiveness Still this never veers too far to the darker side of these life changing topics but shares the promise of finding the joy of life beyond the painI loved how slowly this story was unveiled how naturally it felt as it evolved And I loved this small town and the people in it how connected they felt and how slowly each of their stories came to light I loved how closely we were able to see into Gwen’s thoughts and her heart through her journal entries I loved that through the rhythm of this story the ocean tides I could feel each emotion tumbling through the waves and coming out as if they’d been smoothed polished by the tidesMany thanks to my goodreads friend Bianca whose review prompted me to read this story Please check out Bianca's review