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The Penis Book Free download î 9 ´ What's the weirdest thing you've ever wanted to know about the penis but were afraid to ask Dr Aaron Spitz has that answer and many Let Dr Spitz clinical professor at UC Irvine's Department of Urology and a regularly featured guest on The Doctors become your best friend as he fearlessly guides you through the hairFearlessly guides you through the hairiest and the scariest uestions in The Penis Book An unflinching comprehensive guide to everything from sexually transmitted infections to the science of blood flow The Penis Book prominently features an easy to follow holistic five step. As the single mother of a son I wanted to be able to aptly answer his take mom off guard uestions about his anatomy and biology I thought I'd start with something scientific so that I can understand the inner workings This book is written by a urologist and it's like the biology of the penis for dummies with a few chapters that delve into the psychology of it all I still am no expert but I do have a better understanding of how it works and how to help my son understand his own physiology Warning it had A LOT of corny puns and tongue in cheek writing to the point of annoying at certain points But once you get passed the author's uirky sense of humor and his attempt at making the reader comfortable with the topic I get it I found it to be an interesting read He should make something pre teen and teen friendly I think he would do a good job of that

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What's the weirdest thing you've ever wanted to know about the penis but were afraid to ask Dr Aaron Spitz has that answer and many Let Dr Spitz clinical professor at UC Irvine's Department of Urology and a regularly featured guest on The Doctors become your best friend as he. Okay since Jenna is curious about my review for this one I'll indulge in it I read this book for two reasons 1 Penis Health to keep it functioning properly and efficiently 2 Refer back to reason 1I should say this is one of the best books I've read on sexuality This should be reuired reading for every man Penis Health runs in tandem with other health factors like blood pressure obesity diabetes and a lot of stuff If your blood pressure goes up it narrows the blood vessels and suddenly your penis which depends on blood vessels to get hard can't get up when you need to get down Other lifestyle choices like smoking drinking seem to correlate with less erections and poor blood flow Blood flow is the most essential thing If you keep your vessels healthy your flag will never fail to rise If you clog them with fat booze and other stuff your flag will be at half mast or zero mastMy takeaway for your penis health 1 Exercise regularly 2 Eat a vegan diet or something close to it But always eat fruits and vegetables because they contain the nitrogen oxide which is a vital component in keeping the blood flowing 3 Avoid alcohol or cigarettes if you don't want the flag to wither faster than it should 4 Use your penis regularly to keep it making sperm and testosterone which keeps you healthy One fun fact that may help reduce depression in men the doc at some point mentions low levels of testosterone lead to higher levels of depression so you need to keep your testis manufacturing that juice for you to have a healthy body and a healthy mind This book is at once very informative and very funny Dr Aaron Spitz can't resist the double entendres They are literally on every page He had me laughing out loud when I'm reading serious material Great book I'll probably visit it again in future when the flag starts sliding down the mast

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The Penis BookPlan for optimum penis health including plant based eating recommendations information on some penis healthy foods and suggested exercises for penis wellbeing Useful to men and women alike The Penis Book is a one stop shop for the care and maintenance of the penis in your lif. The Penis Book although repetitive grossly pun engorged and plagued by poorly formulated paragraphs indecipherable diagrams for laypeople and some obvious biases and conflicts of interest nonetheless includes a good sized package of useful and interesting information It is not the reference book I was hoping for but it is a pretty good reference for many things having to do with the penis from size to function to health ailments and even sexuality Many men won't find too much new or surprising in here but even if you think you know your organ well you will probably find some things in The Penis Book worth considering or comparing to other information Anyone who hasn't bothered to learn that much about their wang or who has gleaned most of their information from random internet posts and porn will greatly benefit from reading this book Spitz's '5 Step Plan for Maximum Penis Health is summarized1 Diet Eat mostly plants especially green leafy vegetables basically vegan; multi coloured veggies stimulate NO Nitric Oxide production which keeps the penis in good shape; limit oils; limit sugar; limit phosphates this was news to me Some red wine and dark chocolate is OK2 Exercise Get a good amount of cardiovascular and strength based exercise Watch out for bicycle seat numbness I think he's a bit 'hard' on cyclists Do your Kegels every day3 uit Porn Porn breeds messed up sex drives and levels of desire; guys as young as teenagers are reportingshowing and erectile dysfunction problems lack of desire for real women lack of ability to engage in romantic love and it's all correlated to increased porn consumption4 uit Drugs Drugs are Bad Some drugs such as cocaine may produce temporary hyper horniness but if you abuse them they blunt and deaden your sex drive of course nobody should do coke Marijuana on the other hand has mixed results It is bad for sexuality in some ways with chronic users seeming to often have reduced libido etc but it can also stimulate sex and sexuality used in moderation5 Sleep Sleep among other positive benefits boosts testosterone and circulates blood in the penis Poor andor interrupted sleep uickly leads to problems in the bedroom This book is oriented toward adults rather than teenagers but if there isn't anything better available it would be very useful and instructive for dispelling the various myths and fears teens may get due to porn saturation and peer pressures as well as perhaps curing the porn saturation itself 36 Stars Notes Spoilersview spoiler 13 Viagra and Cialis etc increase Nitric Oxide NO or its effect on the body which increases and prolongs erections 17 Serotonin inhibits erections and most anti depressants work by boosting serotoninChap 4 'Growers' have elastin and less collagen in their penis as compared to 'showers' Both types are capable of erections of various sizes and both are totally normal Too bad teenagers in locker rooms don't tend to know thisReal Penis Pills 49 52 Not enough or consistent enough information in this section Bias Korean Ginseng and Maca Ginger Revactin Spitz promotes this branded pill conflict of interest Cialis Viagra etc Penis piercing screw that Pg 185 Claims phosphates which go by various names including phosphoric acid in cola are really bad and can calcify your arteries Check labels and eat whole foods Is he exaggerating Interesting Pro chapter on male circumcision The author presents the benefits as outweighing the risks especially if done when a baby Chapter 9 Very depressing Basically talks about getting older and losing and penis functionality plus prostate sigh etc Chapter 15 Whole f