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PDF ¿ BOOK The Law of Inertia ¼ MBJUK Ô When James’s boyfriend died by suicide no one uestioned what happened A foster kid with a checkered past and a history of suicide attempts Ash was just another number in a system that failed him But to James Ash was never just a number and the facts around his death no longer stack up so neatHe is they aren’t talking As James searches for Elliot and uncovers the tangle of lies and false alibis he left in his wake he grows suspicious of what really happened on Ash’s last day After all innocent people don't ru i couldn't get into this at all the plot was glacially slow and i was bored the entire way even through the denouement and i have no idea how i managed it instead of DNFing the main plot twist of what happened to ash seemed very contrived as though the author was trying to make the most original or surprising twist they could think of at the expense of credibility

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When James’s boyfriend died by suicide no one uestioned what happened A foster kid with a checkered past and a history of suicide attempts Ash was just another number in a system that failed him But to James Ash was never j 45 See the thing is happiness is a whore I’ve never met a  disloyal emotion in my life This book You'll either love it or hate itYou'll either get it or you won't I got itI totally did and I loved itWhat's better than reading something you cannot put down and can't wait to get back to? I don't think I've read something in a long time with such trepidationFrom the blurb the reader is well aware of what happens but I certainly wasn't prepared for the writing to be so specialso evocativeYou know when you read something and the characters stay with you long after you've put it down? Even when I was still reading itafter each chapter I just sat and thought about these charactersRead the blurbthere are triggersthis won't be for everyone but if you want a book to make you feelso many damn emotions go on this journeyI'm not going to go into the story at allThe only thing I want to say is don't be scaredthis is a truly beautiful storyif you want details pm meI'm not entirely sure but I think this is a debut novel by this Authorand I'm seriously impressedFavourite uotes “You’re beautiful” he whispered Suddenly I remembered him whispering those same  words to me alone in my bedroom a million years before“I wanna be where you are” he said brushing my cheek  “If you can’t be here I don’t wanna be here either”We were so twisted up in each other our whole lives like different strands making up the same rope And now  it’s all unravelled and I can’t call myself a rope at all any  “For me everything always ends up dark When you come it’s like a little candle  lights up I could go onI think I highlighted half the bookHighly RecommendedOne of my favourite books this year

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The Law of InertiaUst a number and the facts around his death no longer stack up so neatly Now James has plenty of uestions and the one person who might have held the answers Ash’s older brother Elliot has left town And if anyone knows where Hi everyoneFirst up can I just say how incredibly excited and thrilled I am to bring this book to the world It’s uite a personal one for me and ripped a good chunk out of my soul while I wrote it So now I’m sharing that fractured soul piece with you guys First off I’m sure most of you can guess from the description that this book comes with a content warning for some heavy mental health and suicide discussions If you know someone who seems to be acting differently lately please be present Let them know they have you check if they need anything and notice if they need anything For someone struggling sometimes just having someone take charge of the basic things they just can't handle right now can make all the difference in the world If you are struggling with mental health issues please seek help It’s not too late you are wanted and the world is a better place with you in it I promise If you need someone to speak to you can contactNational Suicide Prevention Lifelinehttpssuicidepreventionlifelineorg📞 800 273 TALK 8255 📞 TTY 800 799 4TTY 4889Secondly one thing I feel strongly about is that we need LGBTIA books in publishing Readers need to see themselves represented and preferably with a plethora of books to choose from The great news is that you yes you yourself have the ability to influence this by contributing to demand Buy these books pre order these books ask your librarian to get these books in—the demand the supplyAnother thing I want to note is that while I can speak to many things written in The Law of Inertia there are also elements explored that are not ownvoices Though I made every attempt to write this book with sensitivity and accuracy I am not a guy and so my take on the male perspective is by nature not going to give you the most authentic insight into the worldview of a teenage guy Luckily there are a tonne of books out there that are able to provide this and I would strongly urge you to seek these out if you’re interested in LGBTIA stories starring teenage guys Let’s support these ownvoices books Here's a small list of my personal favs to get you startedShaun David HutchinsonhttpswwwgoodreadscomauthorshowAdam SilverahttpswwwgoodreadscomauthorshowCale DietrichhttpswwwgoodreadscomauthorshowKosoko JacksonhttpswwwgoodreadscomauthorshowAngelo SurmelishttpswwwgoodreadscomauthorshowAnd if you want to support ownvoices LGBTIA books please check out this list You won’t regret it