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Free Questions I Want to Ask You kindle ´ eBook 9780062680235 ↠ Michelle Falkoff Ö Patrick “Pack” Walsh may not know exactly where he’s going in life but he’s happy where he is He’s got a girlfriend who gets him His single dad is his best friend After graduation he has a deskPatrick “Pack” Walsh may not know exactly where he’s going in life but he’s happy where he is He’s got a girlfriend who gets him His single dad is his best friend After graduation he has a desk job lined up at the local crossfit gym maybe he’ll even I liked the premise of this a LOT but the narrator kind of made me eat a brick wall Full review to come buuut two things I want to mention• It has an awful lot of fat shaming that isn't rescinded Pack was a fat kid so now as a teen he's obsessed with working out doing Paleo and basically is super horrified at fatness But there's so many niggling little things? Like working out and being happy with your body GOOD THINGS But at one point he says about his friend oh it's ok that he can eat a donut because look how fit he is ummm Like you can only eat a treat if you're fit enough? So while Pack in the end acknowledges he has an eating disorder it's kind of on the basis that you can have treats buuuut being fat is the worst And I'm just not here for it• One of the secondary characters VERY CLEARLY has autism but it wouldn't even use the word and I'm just mad As an autistic I'm sick of this??? It's like a scapegoat so if the rep is messed up it can be claimed no one said it was autism AND there's nothing wrong with the word With the label And they did such an info dump on this girl's symptoms arghhhh It didn't pertain to the plot AT ALL so it was basically like here is a walking diagnosis but without the label Because we can't say the A word🙄🙄🙄

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Work his way up to trainer He can’t see himself ever leaving the small town of Brooksby MA And he’s fine with thatThen on his eighteenth birthday a letter from Pack’s mother changes everythingPack hits the road searching for a mother he’s never known a DNF at 20%It kills me to have to do this to an ARC but if I see the word 'CrossFit' one time I'm going to throw my phone out the windowSo far everything that I've read looks like something from a fitness junkie's blog Every few lines CrossFit is mentioned the benefits of CrossFit different workouts in CrossFit yadda yadda yadda Oh and don't forget the diet The narrator just won't shut up about Paleo and the stuff he substitutes carbs for I normally wouldn't mind when characters are passionate about the things they do but this took up so much of the story that the actual storyline was lost on me Sorry but if I wanted to learn about fitness I'd scour the internet or get a fitness self help bookThe narration was also painfully boring Sentences were flat and dry And some of them contradict themselves like this one kids got and less creative So what is it? More? Or less???I'm sorry I just couldn't bring myself to continue Other books deserve my timeI was sent an ARC upon reuest via Edelweiss in exchange for a review Special thanks to Edelweiss HarperTeen and Michelle Falkoff This is my honest review

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Questions I Want to Ask You Nd a family he had no idea existed until now His journey unearths uestions about both of his parents that he never saw coming And by the end of the summer Pack has a whole different understanding of his past and most importantly where he wants his future to lea A tiny miniscule part of me keeps saying this is not the worst book I ever read but 2 stars on goodreads means that the book was ok and this book was no okay This book was frustrating and it made me crave junk food just to balance out the psychotic amount of Paleo and CrossFit in this book I'm still not convinced this book wasn't an infomercial and yes I did finish itThe good Part of the second half of this book moved along okay once things started to happen Also the main character did have uite a few revelations and changed some of his outlook on life which I was glad for As he was for the first 23rds of the book you would have had to pay me to sit down and visit with himThe bad So much The extremely long opening where nothing is happening because a teenager can't just talk to his dad The fact that the main character is so absolutely dull that you just don't even like him Being promised a mystery and then going through 100 pages of almost nothing The overdependence of a teenage relationshipThe ugly Where do I even start Let's go with CrossFit So much of the CrossFit wasn't necessary Now I didn't mind the scenes at the gym because it's part of his life But I also didn't need to know about every single one of his workouts There's also a lot of inconsistencies Rants about workouts being nicknamed after women but then casually using those terms throughout the book The constant references back to CrossFit It was the same with Paleo From the moment the author detailed out that his high school girlfriend carried lettuce to the beach so they could eat a burger I was just wondering what I'd done to myself When he started giving said girlfriend a hard time for having a drink because it was against their diet I was pretty done with him But it does provide for some glorious gems such asI haven’t actually eaten Chinese food in years that I didn’t make myself I use liuid aminos instead of soy sauce since soy is a legume and therefore not part of the Paleo planLots of colorful vegetables chicken tofu and brown rice I can skip the tofu and the rice and keep the sauce minimal and it won’t kill me I figureI almost wish it had killed him so I wouldn't have had to read so much about Paleo I desperately crammed Cheez its into my mouth at some point because I just couldn't any I got it The boy's saviors were Paleo and CrossFit I didn't need it every three pages Then there was the whole ending Here we have a mystery working to figure it out Some suspicions Then from suspicions to solved within two pages and the book is basically over The actual evidence and such is so glossed over it was basically non existentThe best thing about this book was finishing it because I never have to read it again