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Download Book ð The Life and Death Parade 247 pages é Mbjuk ´ One year ago Kitty's boyfriend Nikki Bramley visited a psychic who told him he had no future Now he's deadWith the Bramley family grieving in separate corners of their home Kitty sets out to find the psychic who read Nikki his fate Instead she finOne year ago Kitty's boyfriend Nikki Bramley visited a psychic who told him he had no future Now he's deadWith the Bramley family grieving in separate corners of their home Kitty sets out to find the psychic who read Nikki his fate Instead she finds Roan an enigmatic boy posing as a medium who belongs to the Life and Death Parade a group of supposed charlatans that explore and exploit the thin v 35 stars actually The book was a little different from what I expected  While it was set in a current time period so much about it made it seem like it was actually in the past  That messed me up a bit at times  The magic was definitely interesting and there were some very uniue characters  I wanted a bit with Nikki but it was kind of filled in towards the end so that helped  There were lots of clues sprinkled throughout the story as to what really happened and some were good clues some were dead ends in a way because they got you off track for what was really happening or had happened  I don't feel like I can talk too much about the actual story as I don't want to give away anything that actually happened because I feel like you need to read it all in order and let the plot unfold

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Eil between this world and the next A group whose members include the psychic and Kitty's late motherDesperate to learn about the group and their connection to Nikki Kitty convinces Roan to return to the Bramley house with her and secures a position for him within the household Roan uickly ingratiates himself with the Bramleys and soon enough it seems like everyone is ready to move on Kitty howe There's like a TON of ideas going on in this book and it's far too short for all of them to come to their full fruition However 3star ending almost

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The Life and Death Parade Ver increasingly suspects Roan knows about Nikki than he's letting on And when they finally locate the Life and Death Parade and the psychic who made that fateful prophecy to Nikki Kitty uncovers a secret about Roan that changes everythingFrom rising star Eliza Wass comes a sophisticated mesmerizing meditation on the depths of grief and the magic of faith After all it only works if you believe i Full review posted at Among the Authors Two years ago I discovered Eliza Wass through her debut YA novel The Cresswell Plot While the book didn’t necessarily hit one out of the park for me its author did and I became somewhat entranced by Eliza and her story She grew up in a strict religious community and didn’t meet anyone outside of that religion until she interned at Disney at the age of 22 She talks about that part of her background in this article from the Guardian and it’s clear where her inspiration for The Cresswell Plot here titled In the Dark In the Woods came from Her bio claims “she has thousands of friends all of whom either arrive inside dust jackets or post obsessively on Twitter” and following her on Twitter gave me a deeper look into her writing her whimsical personality and her devotion to her late husband Alan Wass of Alan Wass and the TourniuetSo when I spotted the beautiful cover of The Life and Death Parade while I was at PLA I had to snatch it up It became one of my first must read ARCs in a massive book haul and it delivered the type of hauntingly eerie story that I’ve come to expect from Eliza WassWhat I LikedEliza Wass has a beautiful and delicate way of tackling topics like death and grief She has a way with words particularly her rich imagery that paints her settings I longed to know about the characters Nikki especially because he has such a fun persona that steals every sceneAt the beginning of each chapter are featured lines from the author’s late husband which help to set the tragic tone as Kitty searches for answers to what happened to her boyfriend and how the psychic’s prediction of his death came to pass A variety of different relationships are explored each shedding a little light on how each character grieves and I was glad that the romantic elements weren’t your typical sugar coated YA romance tropes The loss of Nikki haunts the entire story and in turn the reader aches along with each of the characters in the familyIt’s a uick enjoyable read that you can finish in just a few short hours but it can be said that the story will end well before you want it to What I Didn’t LikeAbout halfway through I started feeling like I was missing something Specifically I felt as if this book had been over edited and scenes that would have helped me to better connect with the characters and their stories had been cut Looking back at my review of The Cresswell Plot I wasn’t surprised to see that I’d felt similarly about that title The Life and Death Parade is a very short uick read but the fast pacing will have you wishing there were slower moments to help the story build I’m beginning to wonder if this is just Wass’s writing style or if she has an editor that prefers it this way Either way I wish we got to know the characters a little bit better because they seem so uirky uniue and mysterious Overall RatingI was torn on how to rate this book but I ultimately decided on 355 stars The premise has so much potential and the cast of characters were eccentric and wonderful but the plot falls victim to an overly fast pace I still have so many uestions and things that I want to know which makes me wish there were at least another fifty pages or so to tell the full story Eliza Wass continues to be an author to watch for me and I look forward to seeing what comes next from her