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PDF ✓ BOOK August and Everything After FREE ☆ JENNIFER SALVATO DOKTORSKI ó Summer on the New Jersey shore offers uinn a new start at life and love but only if she can come to terms with her past Graduation can't come soon enough Desperate for a fresh start uinn is eager to escape to her au's house on the New Jersey shore for the summeraway from teenage drama and having to answer everyone's uestions about what comes next after high schooluinn can't bear to focus on the future She doesn't even think she Not your typical summer romance at all I definitely enjoyed it but I still think it ended a little bit less well than I wanted It’s realistic but I think sometimes I want happy endings Oh well Still a pretty great book

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Deserves one not after her best friend died in a car accident that uinn feels responsible for But when uinn meets Malcolm a musician who has been trying to escape his own demons she starts to believe in second chances ♡ Well I suppose I was bound to read a disappointment some time this year Unfortunately I found August and Everything After uite problematic with a toxic relationship and unremarkable characters As soon as we're introduced to the two main characters it's clear that both are dealing with their own struggles guilt grief and addiction to name a few I hoped this novel would be a sincere story about two individuals who help one another come to terms with or alleviate some of these challenges Instead I was met with something else entirely and not for the better ♡ The rushed and toxic romance was absolutely awful I'll cut to the chase and express why this relationship did not work for me The leading male character Malcolm has been recovering from an opioid addiction that was spurred several months prior to the events in the novel Two of his fellow band members were killed in a car accident and Malcom has been dealing with grief ever since He confides in uinn about this and although the romance starts out sweet albeit VERY rushed it uickly evolves into a relationship formed on nothing but force and manipulation Malcolm pressures uinn into doing a few things she doesn't feel comfortable it then proceeds to snap at her when she carries out his wishes Not to mention he uses both physical force and emotional manipulation to execute power of her ♡ I also didn't find the writing style or humor uniue This is a shame since I did enjoy Doktorski's other novel How My Summer Went Up in Flames Unlike that one I wasn't able to become fully invested in the lives of the characters nor the story line I admired uinn's development by the end as well as the overall conclusion of the novel I honestly felt as though the last 5% of the book was the most realistic part ♡ The relationship between uinn and her aunt is executed well It felt realistic and I liked how it wasn't picture perfect so to say They had their ups and downs as did uinn's relationship with her mother for that matter but every argument that arose was over sensible issues This was refreshing to see since many YA novels don't pay heed to the worries and concerns adult figures have about the lives of the teenagers ♡ Personally I don't believe the few silver linings of this novel outweigh its issues Even if the romance didn't emit disrespect and sheer rudeness on Malcom's part the writing and story don't offer much interest Perhaps this story simply wasn't Doktorski's niche The novel I had read by her before is very amusing and far closer to the light hearted carefree side of the contemporary spectrum If I were to recommend any of her works it would certainly be that one and not August and Everything AfterBlog | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | Bloglovin

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August and Everything After Summer on the New Jersey shore offers uinn a new start at life and love but only if she can come to terms with her past Graduation can't come soon enough Desperate for a fresh start uinn is eager to escape to her aunt When I first read the synopsis I had a very different picture of the book in mind versus the book I just read I couldn't connect to the characters at all The romance felt rushed it all happened too fastI find that instead of focusing on the issues the characters are facing the story focused on uinn falling in love with Malcolm Which I didn't really sign up for It wasn't the fluffy kind of romance I like but it wasn't the angst y type of book I like either It just fell flat to me Which is kinda sad since I was looking forward to it ARC provided by publisher from Netgalley in exchange for honest review