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Villain AUTHOR Michael GraIt’s been four years since the events of GONEThe Perdido Beach dome is down but the horrors within have spread and now all of humanity is in danger The alien virus infested rock that created the FAYZ is creating monsters–monsters that walk the cities and countryside terrorizing all There are tanks in the street and predator drones in the sky d. actual rating 355 stars Ok so i'm not a huge fan of this second book in the seuel but i was happy to see some characters return from the original series Plot This book is has higher stakes and starts of really uickly with so much information thrown at you all in one go I feel like this story has started to slowly go off and start a whole new story and i don't think how much i can invest myself into this story much This story is the most gruesome and stomach churning with how much detail it goes into with so many different things and it made me had to stop a few times because i couldn't stomach it and it usually takes me a bit to feel grossed out but this book did it So i would say be careful before reading this book because it does get a little gross Astrid and Sam both make an appearance in this novel and these two have completely changed from the events of the main series and it goes to show how much the events of being in that dome for so long and how much PTSD these characters have from the eventsThe huge battle towards the end of the book is something i really enjoyed because so much was happened but i was able to keep up with it all Even with so much death i'm glad the group were able to stop Dillion and what he was planning to do However i'm not sure how much you could do with this series because i loved the main series so much i don't want it to make me dislike this series and i really don't want that

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Read & Download Villain AUTHOR Michael Grant ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Þ It’s been four years since the events of GONEThe Perdido Beach dome is down but the horrors within have spread and now all of humanity is in danger The alien virus infested rock that created the FAYZ is creating monsters–monsters thaA superpowered villain are superpowered heroes Dekka Shade Cruz Malik Armo and a new mutant with unmatched powers are all that stand in Dillon’s way But when the lines begin to blur between hero and villain some begin to wonder who’s really the monster The fight will be bloody This isn’t another battle this is the war to save the human race. One of the most gruesome books I've ever read The fact that this is marketed to children is mind boggling That being said such a great story and I could not put it down I appreciate when an author doesn't pussyfoot around and Michael Grant never does This is pure action and carnage from start to finish and I can't sing his praises enough So when does Hero come out now

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Oomed efforts to stop the disintegration of civilization Into this chaos comes a villain with the power to control anyone with just the sound of his voiceDillon Poe wanted to be a comedian once but everyone made fun of him Dillon the loser Dillon the freak Now he’s sending thousands to their death Who’s laughing nowThe only people who can stop. So I wandered into one of my usual bookshops in Dublin City to find sitting on a shelf two copies of Michael Grant’s Villain After reading Monster I was excited to read the follow up and I thought that other people would be too So why were there only two copies out I shrugged my shoulders proceeded to the checkout and bought the bookI went online to check out the reviews That’s when I found out that the book isn’t out yetI don’t know why the book was out on the shop floor maybe it was a mistake but I’m glad it was because I was not disappointed with Monster’s seuel Here’s the deal I’m not going to spoil this story for anyone but if you’re one of these people who likes to know absolutely nothing about a story before you read it well you’ve been warned And anyway if you really are one of these people then you shouldn’t be on Goodreads looking up books that haven’t come out yet Villain“He contemplated an amazing fact he Dillon Poe was uite likely the most powerful person on earth” Michael Grant so aptly named this title Villain and so the book is just about that Villains in general and a villain in particular And man is Dillon Poe sickOne piece of advice they give writers when introducing a villain to a story is to have them do something bad just to show how evil they really are Well Michael Grant decided to dedicate a whole first chapter doing this Like I said no spoilers but what I will say is as a grown man I cringed through the first chapter thinking whoa I don’t know how Dekka Armo Shade Cruz and Malik are going to handle this guy But man I had a lot fun finding out My advice have a light lunch before getting into this oneMarvel VS DC VS Michael GrantPeople often compare Marvel and DC when it comes to the comic bookmovie superhero scene Marvel is often described as fun optimistic and humorous and DC is described as dark and serious Then Michael Grant came along and said “You think DC is dark Well here’s Villain”Michael does not let up on the gory details nor is he short on ideas of how innocent people can be tortured What makes this eerily dark is the fact that Dillon Poe is a wannabe comedian So he tries to find the funny side to the absolute carnage happening around him and it makes for a disturbing yet entertaining read Dekka is back Dekka who was a lot of people’s favourite character from the Gone series is back doing what she does best Leading Fans can also look forward to other Gone favourites such as none other than Sam Temple and Astrid Ellison The scenes with Dekka are what to be expected Her and her unlikely companion Armo make for some intense action movie type scenes Shade Cruz and Malik also get up to some daring stuff Shade’s sharp mind gives the US government exactly what it needs A huge kick up the arseAlso did I mention the cyborgs Yeah there’re cyborgs ConclusionSo if that rush you get when you watch a high impact action movie is what you’re after then Villain is the book for you Monster set up the scenario and introduced you to the characters Since all of that all of that is out of the way watch their stories unfold in this thrilling seuel And explosions There are lots of explosions Note If you liked this review then add and follow me I’ll be getting reviews up in the not so distant future