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eBook Ø Along the Indigo Ü Hardcover Read à mbjuk ↠ The town of Glory is famous for two things businesses that front for seedy if not illegal enterprises and the suicides that happen along the Indigo River Marsden is desperate to escape the “bed and breakfast” where her mother works as a prostitute—and Jude who has secrets of his own and whose brother’s suicide may be linked to Mars’s own sordid family history As they grow closer the two unearth secrets that could allow them to move forward    or chain them to the Indigo forever Excellent plot twist I wanted

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A prostitute and where her own fate has been decided and she wants to give her little sister a better life But escape means money which leads Mars to skimming the bodies that show up along the Indigo River It’s there that she runs into Technically 25 starsI received this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewI hate leaving bad reviews and this review is not necessarily bad it’s just not good either I loved Elsie Chapman’s previous novels Dualed and Divided so I was a little upset that I did not enjoy Along the Indigo I tried I really did but it was just not working And the thing is I feel like it was not because the story was bad or there was no character development because there was I feel like it’s due to me not being the right audience for the novel That may sound like I’m trying to avoid writing a bad review which I’m not but that’s the truth Along the Indigo is a contemporary and if anyone knows me they know I rarely like contemporary I want action romance adventure magic etc My go to genre is fantasy so I was honestly not surprised that I could not finish Along the Indigo I should have known better than to read a contemporary but I wanted to give this story a shotThe overall plot was interesting Dead bodies showing up along the Indigo river and the main character skimming those bodies for cash Then a dead boy’s brother comes to the covert looking for answers about his brother’s death which starts to unravel the mystery behind his death and the death behind Marsden’s father It was overall interestingexcept I was not really hooked There were times where I had to force myself to get through a chapter because I did not feel any type of connection with the characters or the plot or the scenery But then again I may not have been the right audienceFrom what I read in Along the Indigo there was some character development Marsden was learning to open up and to not be afraid to make friends in a place you plan on leaving Jude was learning to let go and to not hold on to the past Unfortunately my issue was that I had a hard time finding any connection with the characters And when I can’t find a connection it’s difficult for me to remember those charactersOverall this was not the book for me but it definitely has potential For those who want to read Along the Indigo please be aware that there are mature themes such as suicide and prostitution

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Along the IndigoThe town of Glory is famous for two things businesses that front for seedy if not illegal enterprises and the suicides that happen along the Indigo River Marsden is desperate to escape the “bed and breakfast” where her mother works as Marsden wants nothing than to escape the small town of Glory with all its ghosts and dead end future Until she meets the brother of a suicide victim and starts to ask the right uestionsI received a free copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewI was initially drawn to this because the main character is a girl called Marsden something I've never come across before; and because it sounded intriguingI think I was expecting a mystery with teenage kids solving murders etcAnd it did kinda involve that but mainly it was a deeply moving coming of age story for Marsden who works as a cook and cleaner in the brothel where her mother worksIt's about her devotion to her innocent little sister Wynn and how far she will go to protect herIt's about being shackled to the cursed land her family inherited where it is rumoured that people can cleanse their souls by touching the dirt on the land before committing suicideMostly it was weird But the weird kinda workedIt's set in the 80's and it follows Marsden as she turns sixteen and the pressure is suddenly on She needs to make enough money to get herself and her sister as far away as possible before Nina the brothel owner forces her into prostitutionNina is a cold conniving woman and thinks nothing of selling the body of the girl she has practically been a surrogate mother to and watched grow upWhen Marsden's father died he left them with a lot of debt which Nina has stepped in to shoulder In return Marsden and her mother work for her Nina goes on to reduce Marsden's wages in the name of paying the debt off trying to coax her into the financially rewarding job of being one of her girlsFortunately Marsden has a side job The covert the cursed family land is a major lure for those that feel there is no other way and people travel from all over the country to commit suicide on the land Marsden has got into the habit of checking the covert every morning so she can report the bodies to the local police At the same time she skims them for any money they might be carrying taking it for her escape fundSo yeah not your conventional coming of age storyIt does focus a lot on prostitution and suicide but they are written in a way that makes them feel normal and humdrum for Marsden at least At no point does it trivialise these themes I found the book very respectful throughoutThe story starts off slowly and even after she meets Jude in the covert he's looking for answers about why his brother committed suicide and they become friends it still keeps ticking along at the same paceIt was only about two thirds of the way in I realised how connected I was to these characters and how I wanted to find out the mysteries that have been discreetly building