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The Summer of Us Read & Download õ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ A swoon worthy story about five best friends on a whirlwind trip through Europe perfect for fans of Jenny Han Stephanie Perkins and Jennifer E SmithAmerican expat Aubrey has only two weeks left in Europe before she leaves for college and she’s nowhere near readOpeless crush on the effortlessly cool Clara How is Rae supposed to admit her feelings to someone so perfect when they’re moving to different sides of the world in just a few weeksAuthor Cecilia Vinesse delivers a romantic European adventure that embraces the magic of warm summer nights the thrill of first kisses and the bittersweet ache of learning to say goodbye to the past while embracing the futu. I filmed a video in which I read this book and 4 other YA travel novels just like this one if you'd like to check it out book is kind of hard for me to review because I really liked some things about it but it was also very lackluster in other aspectsI went into it hoping to get a fun YA contemporary set in Europe and while it is about that the star of the show is actually the different character dynamics and all the drama that ensues I liked most of the characters but my favorites were Rae and Clara I liked how carefree and adventurous they were but they were also very down to earth and not afraid to talk about the real stuff I'm also very happy that we had ff romance in this bookHowever I really didn't like Aubrey Maybe it's because she reminded me of me but she was bratty and selfish She made everything about herself and when people called her out on it she wouldn't listen She was a very frustrating narrator to follow and sometimes I just wanted to skip her chapters However I did really like the romance between her and her love interest This relationship would have been perfect if it hadn't been for Aubrey lol I wish we would have gotten of the traveling and Europe and less of the drama There was so much drama that it felt very overdramatic at times and I wish the author would have concentrated on the different cities that our characters visit than on what happens between them I feel like we only got a little taste of each location and I wanted Overall I'm a little bit disappointed But if you like drama and want some European background this book is great

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Famous museums sip champagne in fancy restaurants and eat as many croissants as possible with their friends Clara Jonah and GabeBut when old secrets come to light Aubrey and Rae’s trip goes from a carefree adventure to a complete disaster For starters there’s Aubrey and Gabe’s unresolved history complicated by the fact that Aubrey is dating Jonah Gabe’s best friend And then there’s Rae’s h. Any book that has a plot even remotely similar to ANY element of the 2011 Selena Gomez movie 'Monte Carlo' I'm going to read no uestion

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The Summer of UsA swoon worthy story about five best friends on a whirlwind trip through Europe perfect for fans of Jenny Han Stephanie Perkins and Jennifer E SmithAmerican expat Aubrey has only two weeks left in Europe before she leaves for college and she’s nowhere near ready Good thing she and her best friend Rae have planned one last group trip across the continent From Paris to Prague they’re going to explore. This book is like a train ride As in you start at the beginning and you’re introduced to these characters and their histories and you’re sort of overwhelmed with everything just how you feel when you’re on a platform getting on the train Then you’re on the journey itself and you see their paths unravel in front of you like you’re watching roadstrees towns pass by in the window And you can’t do anything about the way the train just passes them by so all you can really do is sit back and enjoy the ride And this This was a good train ride it was hard to believe that outside the world was moving as fast as it could But in here—for now at least—they were holding stillI love the characters I think they were all written so well Like they talked like actual teenagers I liked that each of them had their own mannerisms and they all clicked and it was so fun to read from When you go into a summer contemporary talking about romance you kind of expect these milestones of “Girl likes boy Boy likes girl They kiss at some point” Etc but I realized in the middle that this was a book about friendship than anything else And I love books about friends ”Can we stay here” She held on to him as if he were the only thing keeping her in place The only thing that could stop her from falling “I want to stay here a bit longer”It’s about the way you feel these unseen cords connecting you and your friends pulled taut when you’re all leaving each other to college at the end of summer It’s about realizing that you can keep holding onto each other How you can feel different but the same all at the same time I really enjoyed the friendships My one compliant is that the relationship drama got a bit too much sometimes which is fair but it just got repetitive and tiringI’m kind of attached to Aubrey but I think I could’ve 100% loved this if this was just Rae and Clara’s story UGH RAE WAS SO GOOD I loved her and how shy sweet she was with her love and I love gay girls so much oh my god They deserve ALL the love in the world But I think Aubrey is a nice balance to have and she’s not annoying despite the whole love triangle stuff so that was good She lowered her head and saw Clara leaning against a wall by the Eurostar check in And that’s when Rae’s heart—and her lungs and probably everything else inside her—started to collapse For a moment the station uieter Even the air in her chest went stillI also wish we got of Europe There was a lot descriptions of the places in Paris I think In Prague they mention one location and it’s mostly description of the photos Rae is taking I just want of Europe okay I don’t mean like travel journal but still They went to Rome and it just felt like a backdrop for them to hang out rather than oh my god it’s ROME You know Yeah I might be biased because I just really love Europe I definitely think this is the best European travel summer book I’ve read so far The friendships were sweet and funny and heartwarming and it’s just a good book When Aubrey thought about the trip she imagined her whole life expanding She imagined moving beyond the walls of her tiny room in London and beyond high school and beyond everything that had seemed so important when she was a kid She saw herself on a train watching the world become a rush of color outside her window Feeling like everything she’d been waiting for was about to begin But that didn’t mean she was ready