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Or her to feel like she’s making a difference and catch the eye of the super cute new boy in school But with Internet fame comes Internet trolls Putting herself out there has some serious drawbacks for Millie including a social media war with the school’s Instagram ueen As Millie becomes and caught up with. Looking for something with depth Don't bother look you won't find it here But instead you'll find some fun easy reading and sometimes comedic story about a teenager and how she dealt with growing up as millenials You feel her Most memorable lineMore people die from taking selfies than are eaten by sharks #FACTS So if you're a teenager and social media empire of Instagram or YouTube or anything that has power to troll you down is making you feel bad ugly and worthless everytime you see your reflection in the mirror have a piece of advice from Millie Potter She'll give you advice on how to do just right from getting through with puberty to surviving social media It's all in there from #BFFing to #BOYS and #Dramaueen Overall score 28🌟🌟

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My Life Uploaded My Life Uploaded #1Her online persona her role as a good friend and daughter falls by the wayside Can Millie learn to balance friendship high school family drama dating and her online lifeThis fresh funny and clean younger YA novel delves into the world of social media with an accessible heroine and a memorable cast of characters. This was kind of a blind buy P I just spotted this one on Twitter and had to have it so I immediately dashed to and well here we are P This was a delightful funny real book about a funny smart girl her vlog her cat her friends about boys weird family and much Our MC Millie is a wonderful girl hilarious as well At times I could relate with her Her anxiety levels are through the roof at times and I can understand the feeling of things just spiralling down Not knowing how to stop thinking those thoughts not knowing how to stop worrying about things The mind is a weird thing and at times you just want to shut it offI also loved that Millie was uite smart she knew a ton of things from just normal school stuff to plants It gave her a bit of maturity This book has a whole lot From a best friend whose parents fight constantly why don't they divorce already a mom who just can't understand her daughter at times but then at other times is really kick ass a dad who tries his best but well still lives with his own dad an aunt who is totally cray cray but in a good way Erin the bitchy popular girl the internet and its comments 2 boys that are interested in her feminism a cat named Dave and it is a girl vlogging how to handle a body that just decides it is cool to flop over Her life is a roller coaster and we aren't getting off until the end of the book The vlogging was really fun and I just adored her vlog Not make up not clothes no instead this girl went for a blog about advice She wants to help people with problems and I really love the way she brought the advices In a fun way but with enough seriousness too The love triangle with Danny and Bradley Eh I never really cared for Danny he was just a bit too flashy for me I was annoyed with him instantly going for Erin instead of having a look around for someone different add to that he suddenly wanted to be with Milly while still with Erin eh bleh Bradley however I just loved that guy from the start He was sweet cute Plus I loved that he loved lifts cosplay and other nerdy things I was shipping him with Millie from the moment we saw him and I could just see the sparks flying Sadly Millie is a tad blind in regards to her feelings and I just wanted to shake her at times Yes girl you can have friendship with boys I had uite a few of them but this clearly isn't a friendship You don't see him as a friend friend and he doesn't see you as a friend friend P I am just disappointed with how the love triangle was eventually solved I didn't expect this ending sighs 05 star for the unnecessary drama nearing the end Lauren went from best friend to OMG Jealousy and stupidity Yes her life isn't fun with her parents but really you could have just told your best friend instead of saying nothing about it getting worse And yes maybe Millie is a bit centred on her own things these days but is that truly that bad She is exploring something new there is also a lot happening in her life at the moment that is new and fairly scary also bullying Also in the end she still cares about you and she is still callingmessagingtalking to you almost all the time She still knows you exist so pulease girl get your drama ueen mode off | lots of love to the title and cover of the bookBut I loved this book I loved the characters well except Erin and Danny The vlogging was so much fun I still want to vlog one day but I am still too shyprivate worried about trolls to do it It had cats It had friendship I laughed so many times while reading this Review first posted at

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characters My Life Uploaded (My Life Uploaded, #1) ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ü Girl Online meets Angus Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging in this younger YA novel about a teen who starts an advice vlog—but needs some advice herselfMillie Porter is sensible She can't help it It's inherited from her mom and iGirl Online meets Angus Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging in this younger YA novel about a teen who starts an advice vlog but needs some advice herselfMillie Porter is sensible She can't help it It's inherited from her mom and it makes her deeply uncool That's why she starts an advice vlog It's the perfect way f. Rating 35 StarsMillie had always had her head on straight but when her mother's clean freak boyfriend drove her to live with her dad she made some decisions which were sort of out of character Her vlog began as an accident but when resident ueen bee and mean girl Erin took endless digs at her Millie decided to seriously vlog But Millie became some obsessed with the vlog views likes and comments that she neglected her off line life I thought this book was really fun and cute Millie was delightful and seemed like an authentic 14 year old which I really liked Millie had a pretty uirky family From the story of how her parents met to the ghost tours they kept me throughly entertained They were odd and a little out there but they loved Millie a lot I especially loved her relationship with her grandfather Grandfather was a little bit old school but he obviously adored Millie and she felt the same way about him He showed his affection in his own way and I sort of fell for the big grumpDave the cat was sort of a scene stealer There were a ton of hilarious moments starring Dave which delighted me because you know if there's anything I associate with my online browsing it's cats I was a los a big Bradley fan Bradley was a classmate and fellow vlogger who Millie enlists to help her with her vlog His love of lifts was a little strange but Bradley was terribly sweet and I sort of loved him Lots of fun lots of follies lots of ideas about not abandoning your real life for a life online and about being real These were all great I was little disappointed in the ending It felt a little rushed and Millie made some choices I found not happy about but since I see there is a seuel in the works I can hope that these things are not permanent ARC provided in exchange for an honest review BLOG | INSTAGRAM |TWITTER | BLOGLOVIN | FRIEND ME ON GOODREADS