SuperMoonOw is that the girl is assigned to infect Uma with a plague that a rogue faction of Earthen scientists hope will wipe out Moon soldiers Will Uma be the cause of a pandemic Whom can she trust and over whom does she lov. I'm always in for sci fi with a moon colony And this future has not only a moon colony but also some very interesting issues that have popped up on earththus necessitating the moon colony that Uma lives on There's tension because Uma is an earthling on the moon versus those who have been born there into families who have lived there longer Sothat's a bit of immigrant issues There's also Uma coming to terms with her attraction to girls and her wish to go to earth Of course she has to go to earth to give us the full picture of the world I wasn't nearly as taken with the end as with the beginning but I will admit that it really did wrap up nicely maybe too nicely for my taste That said the whole book provided a fairly deep dive into this potential future world which covered a lot of really all too possible issues


Moon Their families emigrated from Earth to build better lives; but life on the Moon is far from perfect as Uma learns on the eve of SolUma meets an Earthen girl who becomes a fast friend and much What Uma doesn't kn. Aight This one was just kind of goofy and amateurish and blah I honestly don't know if I can scrounge up the energy for a real review– There are some really good lines and descriptions– ExploroBot subplot is actually pretty metal holy shit– The sheer dedication to the brainless terminology– The brainless terminology– Similar voices in all three POV characters– Castor offers nothing as a POV character– Annoying protagonists– Annoying antagonists– Info dumps galore– Seriously the characters literally always explaining everything– I N S T A L O V E– Plot relies on coincidence– Title is a throwaway reference to a single moment with no bearing on plotI wouldn't call SuperMoon a trainwreck it's not offensively bad It's like an earnest craft project gone awry It's almost cute in a brainless sort of wayFirstly the narration issues I know first person is easier to write in but in the case of fantasy and sci fi it rarely suits the story It's excellent for contemporary works which focus on emotionpersonal growthromance But in SFF there's simply too much world building involved and the antagonistic force is often another personentity necessary to keep tabs on in order to build suspense Following a character in third person doesn't mean they have a character arc but it does in first personSuperMoon is told in first person alternating points of view between Uma Talitha and Castor But Castor does not have a character arc He's just motivation for Talitha His chapters only exist to cue readers into the antagonist's plans uite frankly it's just a lot dumbass monologing on the villain's partSo there's Uma Talitha and Castor as POV characters And they all sound the goddamn same The voices are identical I could almost excuse this for the twins Except the twins are varied in personality than Uma and Talitha are Uma and Talitha are dangerously close to being the same goddamn person Half the time if they weren't specifically referencing something specific I forgot who the hell I was reading aboutThe plot relies heavily on coincidence Uma's told her flight is cancelled but someone conveniently forgot to cancel her spot on the shuttle down to earth so she can still board Uma and Talitha just happen to run into each other Someone just conveniently arrives at the right moment The list goes on and on and on It's boring as hell She also spends much too much time on unnecessary set up details my brain kept skimming overThe thing is the author's writing would be rather readable if it wasn't full of info dumping unnecessary conversations and the characters explaining everything To death All the goddamned timeAnd they're not particularly enjoyable characters to read about They've all got a sort of got that overexcitable generic vibe protagonist written by a well meaning but inexperienced authors have They're poorly defined especially the girls who are basically interchangeable and in trying to make them generically likeable they wind up annoying and without a reason to root for them They're impossible to connect to And it absolutely does not help that Talitha and Uma fall in Instalove Uuuuugh They've known each other less than five days before they're willing to sacrifice shit for each other Most of that time isn't even the sort of high stakes situations necessary to build the immediate sort of trust necessary for something approaching that sort of relationship ie think Katniss and that dude's reliance on each other in THG They're just hanging outThe most annoying character was RayNay She monologued out her plans for the characters She did a crazy villain laugh She's even annoying when she's not antagonizingIn one easy movement she pushes out of the pool and walks over to a single crystalline bottle of D’Cart VitaJuv Lapis Lazuli Gem Water perfectly positioned on a poolside table “Aaaaah Can you taste that cool refreshing water” she asks her followers “Feel the vitamins and minerals coursing through your veins revitalizing your internal organs Mmmmmm Delicious right”YeeeeeahWhen she's not monologuing or laughing at her own jokes or doing that she's having generic exchanges with the protagonists She yammers about her vision they call her crazy rinse and repeat UghOkay The terminology It kills me The author's dedication to it kills me SuperMoon is not clever or genre savvy enough to pull these things off while maintaining a credible story I suint past Kep’s thotz on my Lenz to study Dr FornaxI raise both eyebrows at Kep We are the futureGad help us all for some reason—maybe the dry MUSC air—I’m prone to ear and eye infections so I can’t use an iEye or HearEar “You have any food for him” my brother asksI search my pockets “Just some Mango Bango Oink Oink Jerky I found inside an old SelfServ on Santa Monica Avenue”He shrugs “Nothing special A few days of SimuSkiing on the surface hitting TourEsa casinos with some guys then lying around at a SimuBeach”I look down at my hands and wonder what they’ll be used for once I get my LWA Cleaning space toilets No CleanerBots do thatWhen I was little I’d curl into her lap at night when my parents were down in the mines because they didn’t trust a NanniBot to take care of me but as soon as I near the vestibule of Dr Fornax’s workspace a VirtuVoice connects to my Stream and says Welcome Uma Jemison Dr Fornax is expecting you The AutoWalk diverts me and a door wheeshes open I dab the iEye contact lens into my right eye then insert the HearEar bud into the canal of my ear Next I slip the TouchCuff onto my wristCastor hands me one thing “Behold your Personal Ecosystem Streaming Tech device”“I hate these PESTs”I follow Castor up to the edge of the bush and peek through the branches at the line of AlphaZonian CelebriStreamers snaking from their AutoPods to the Palace portico PESTs swarming around their heads As with all of these events a high intensity viewing ensemble of Wastelanders hired for the day to act like fans adds frenzy to the air The Yoobies strut through the HIVE waving and blowing kisses live streaming every minute of their livesI augment Sueegee Bop with rainbows farting from his butt in rhythm to the music on the Stream In a stroke of luck Lil Cutie Wootie calls out her massively popular catchphrase of the week “Well slap my ass and call me Jimmy I’m happy as poop on a stick”Within seconds the rivulet I created has caught on An InstaMeme is bornFrom the sky glittering glowing D’Cart product holos rain down on the crowd Individually wrapped Strawberry ScrumCrumpets Pappy’s Pineapple Papaya Elixir Lightening Smile Teeth Whitening Wands Diamond Tipped ExfoliLasers Torso Toner Compression T shirts Dragonfly Drones Neat Meat Multi Use Eating ToolsOh god I almost forgot about all the door's wheeshing openingAnnnnd then there's Castor and Talitha's twin languageHe whips around “Or maybe you’re just too cautious rywor tar”“Wolflo em” He grabs my hand and as always I follow him just like he asks“Fine you toidi” I grouseHe is the mirror image of me “It’ll be okay Meprosi”“Latihat kewa pu” Castor whispers in their strange twin languageThankfully they're not together oftenI don't know what to say about representation There are a few characters of colour Uma included but they're not connected to any culture or ethnicity There's Uma and Talitha's relationship but no one says gay or lesbian or ueer or anything ever The closest is when another character calls Talitha a lesbo in one scene The author also seems to have some kind of weird hate on for Millennials the yoobies are some kind of misconceived stand in for but the Yoobies barely seem to notice As long as they continue to receive their universal basic incomes they’ll Stream and party and create endless meaningless memes as trash piles in the streets around themThen there's the ExploroBot program The ExploroBots are repurposed critically wounded earth soldiers They're too wounded to live without extreme technological intervention money most people don't have so it's easier to sell their bodies to MUSC where they're geared up and moon inhabitants connect to their bodies through brainchips to do work on the outside of the colony It's actually really interesting and shows a lot of promise but it's never really explored beyond a general It's bad Fix it maybeAt the end of the day Supermoon just really isn't worth it It's not offensively bad but at no point was it enjoyable either


FREE DOWNLOAD à SuperMoon Õ Sol is the month between June and July on the thirteen month Moon calendar It's the only time teenagers have to themselves between rigorous scientific training and their ultimate lab assignments in their colony on the Moon Their families emigrated from Earth to build better lives; but life on the Moon is far from perfect as UmaSol is the month between June and July on the thirteen month Moon calendar It's the only time teenagers have to themselves between rigorous scientific training and their ultimate lab assignments in their colony on the. sO like I’m only here for HA cause she surprised me with her book “Gifted” and I mean space and shit